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Plan The Ultimate Hen Party! Comments Off on Plan The Ultimate Hen Party!

Posted on May 29, 2014 by Fancy Dress Ball

With the start of wedding season comes the start of hen party season! If you’re stuck for ideas, don’t worry; Fancy Dress Ball is here to help! If there’s one thing we know about, it’s parties!


These days a lot of brides-to-be decide to make their hen do more than just a night out at the local pub. Many choose for a weekend away, or even a week-long holiday with their pals!

Hen Party Destinations

  Barcelona is one of the hottest destinations for a hen party at the moment. It has everything: city break, fantastic night life, and of course the fabulous Spanish sun and a gorgeous beach. There are so many options once you’re there: from a banana boat ride to a city tour, salsa classes to belly dancing lessons. Barcelona really does have it all; you can go as tacky or as classy as you like!

London hen weekend

If you’re happy staying the UK, there is a growing trend for hen parties to head to city destinations for a weekend of treats and fun. London is the obvious choice, but places like Bournemouth, Newcastle and Edinburgh also offer excellent packages!

hen party glamping

  If you’re a more budget-conscious hen,  why not organise a glamping weekend away? Glamping is the latest big thing, and for good reason; gone are the welly boots, torches and cold, damp tents! Welcome to large, comfortable and often luxurious tents, many with lighting and even composting toilets. Glamping converts report that they don’t feel like they’re camping at all! There are lots of sites all over the country and the continent as well; it can often work out as a much more budget-friendly option!


1950s housewife training hen idea

When it comes to activities for your hen party, these days the only limit is your imagination! We love this idea of 1950s housewife training for a good giggle.

Hen party activity/gift

This is a great idea, not just for an activity but as a keepsake of the bride’s special day. Each guest makes a lipstick print on a piece of paper and writes their own message around it. This can be framed as it is, or used as the cover of a scrapbook of the hen party.



hen party makeup game


This is a great idea for a party game: hens pair up and “beautify” each other. The team who look the worst win!

There are lots of drinking games you can play at a hen party; the best one we’ve seen includes a long list of “drink if” instructions, such as “drink if you’re wearing lipstick” or “drink if you’re wearing a necklace” – a surefireway to make this next game a lot of fun!


hen party banana game

This is possibly the most ridiculous game in the world, and probably not to be attempted sober. Tie a banana on a piece of string around the hen’s waist, put an orange on the floor, and challenge her to use the banana to push the orange across the floor, into a hula hoop.  Is this the best hen party game in the world?

The Classy Approach

If the idea of drinking games and L plates doesn’t appeal, fret not! Classy hen parties are on the rise, and there are plenty of options to choose from!


hen party spa pamper

Why not book a spa pampering weekend? Lots of places now offer a package deal for hen parties which includes champagne and a set number of treatments. A lovely way to bond with your friends, without ending up disgracing yourselves!

If that idea’s a bit too girly for you, how about this one:

hen party paintball

We love this fantastic alternative hen party idea: ugly bridesmaid dress paintball! A fantastic day of running around shooting at each other in an ugly dress. What could be more fun?


These days lots of hens are opting for less traditional celebrations. There are burlesque classes, Breakfast at Tiffany’s themes and vintage tea parties. It’s all about what you enjoy and how inspired you feel!

Planning the perfect hen party Comments Off on Planning the perfect hen party

Posted on April 10, 2013 by admin

Whether you’re a bridesmaid or blushing bride yourself, a wedding calls for a fantastic party – and what better way to enjoy your last day as an unmarried woman than by getting the girls together, getting dressed up and painting the town red?

Regardless of your age, a hen do is the perfect opportunity to be silly. Whether you’re looking for flirty, fun outfits or want to go for a more sophisticated look, we’ve got you covered.


It’s your special night, so it’s time to get glam. Put on your finest glad rags and hen party accessories with some great bride-to-be gear.

If you’ve already got a great outfit picked out, let everyone know who you are with a sash. It’s not too intrusive on your look and with a choice of pink or black, it will look great with any outfit.

Every bride needs a veil. They’re easy to either clip into your hair or pop on with a headband and you don’t need to mess up your meticulously coiffured hairstyle.

If you’re going for something low-key, a simple veil can really complement an outfit. Or maybe go all out with the razzle dazzle with a huge fake diamond?


The bride might be taken but that’s no reason for you not to get your flirt on! Stock up on some sassy, fun accessories to make this a night she’ll remember for the rest of her life.

If you’re going to have a drink or two, keep things close at hand with a shot glass necklace, or an outrageous shot glass ring.

Get hold of the standard hen night essentials such as learner plates, dare cards and something overwhelmingly pink and get partying!


If you’re the mother-of-the-bride or mother-of-the-groom, there’s no reason for you to not join in with the fun! If you don’t feel comfortable wearing the costumes and jewellery, there are still plenty of ways for you to get involved!

Try out a sash with your role written on in gorgeous glittery writing so everyone knows who you are!

After all, fancy dress makes everything better, so be sure to make this hen night one to remember!

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