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Group Fancy Dress Ideas Comments Off on Group Fancy Dress Ideas

Posted on March 14, 2016 by Fancy Dress Ball


Fancy dress is much more fun in a group, don’t you think? There’s safety in numbers and if you feel a bit self conscious in your costume it’s always reassuring when there are a group of friends who all look just as daft as you!

Here are our top five ideas for group fancy dres…


1. Oompa Loompas
Willy Wonka didn’t just have the one oompa loompa dancing around his factory singing, you know! Look; there were loads of them…

2. Crayons!
How often do you see just one crayon on its own? Hardly ever. These things travel in packs, ya know! (see what we did there…)

3. Ghostbusters
Who ya gonna call! With the remake on its way this is a great idea for groups. You can draw straws for who will be Slimer!

4. The Smurfs!
This is great for a group of people because realistically, who remembers any of the smurfs any way? Well, there was Pappa Smurf, and the girl one, but the rest? Just little blue dudes with white hats. Perfect.

5. The Village People
Well, do you really need an explanation for this one?


We’d love to see some photos of your group fancy dress outfits. Share your favourites on our Facebook page!

Fancy Festivals: Top 5 of the best dressed on Pinterest Comments Off on Fancy Festivals: Top 5 of the best dressed on Pinterest

Posted on July 05, 2013 by admin

We love to see festival-goers being firmly committed to fancy dress at a festival – after all, what better place is there to express yourself than at a festival?!

Whilst wearing a tutu, fairy wings or funny fake beards can turn any drab outfit into a fab outfit, some people really do go the extra mile. If you’re looking for inspiration for your next festival this summer, why not take a leaf out of these merry-maker’s books and go all out?


This costume is nothing short of stunning and shows some real commitment to the fancy dress cause! We hate to think how long it took to take that blue paint off in a tent, but it was certainly worth the effort!


This is nothing short of creepy…we love it! Whilst it may be a little warm for a festival in the peak of summer, the effect is amazing and the makeup is simple yet completely effective.


This mother and daughter duo take some inspiration from the seventies for these adorable costumes! Retro and fun, they look very comfortable for a day in a field and great for anything the weather can throw out them. Perfect!


Is it a flock of birds? Have we walked onto an airfield? No, it’s a group of supermen ready to save the day and help humanity party hard! Individually these would have been simplistic, but as a group these supermen show they know that a real friend doesn’t let another friend fancy dress alone!


Ah, the morphsuit, a classic festival fancy dress costume. Very effective, you can wear your colours loud and proud in a really comfortable morphsuit, which is surprisingly wearable in any weather. This group have really committed to the cause with matching colours!

If you have any top festival fancy dress snaps, please share them with us on our Facebook page!

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