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fancy dress party ideas

Jazz Up a Dinner Party with Fancy Dress Comments Off on Jazz Up a Dinner Party with Fancy Dress

Posted on January 07, 2011 by admin

You may love hosting dinner parties. Such events are a great way to sit down to some lovely food, lively conversation and tasty tipples. And of course, you also get to catch up with friends and family and showcase your culinary prowess.

However, if you have a long tradition of such catering, you may find that the events become a little samey, and you might long for an injection of something new and exciting.

Well, one way of achieving this is to get your guests to don fancy dress for the meals.

This may sound a little outlandish at first but when you think about it, it is just a bit of fun, and fancy dress outfits can help people to relax.

Also, you can theme the clothing around the food you prepare. For example, you could combine 70s costumes with classic dishes from the era, such as prawn cocktails and trifle.

Hippy Chick Costume

By encouraging your guests to get involved in such fun and games, you will ensure you create a night to remember.

Of course, the clothing is not the only thing you should focus on. The food and drink are still the most important things, so it is vital you pay enough attention to them.

Also, you could add decorations to your table and elsewhere around your house that match the theme of the dress code. This will mean you create even more of an impact with your unusual dinner parties.

In order to make such events a success, you must also give the people you invite plenty of notice so they have time to source their clothes, otherwise you may find you are the only one wearing fancy dress.

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