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Fancy Dress Ball

2015: A Look Ahead… Part 2! Comments Off on 2015: A Look Ahead… Part 2!

Posted on January 07, 2015 by Fancy Dress Ball

2015- A Look Ahead (1)

Welcome to the second part of our look ahead to 2015, where we share all of the fantastic fancy dress opportunities going on…


July 1st is Canada Day, Canada’s national day. Dress as a mountie, or another famous Canadian… like… er… Avril Lavigne! The second is World UFO Day, so there is plenty of scope for alien costumes, and then it’s International Tiger Day on the 29th. Rawr!


August is a great month for fancy dress: the 8th is International Cat Day, and if you want to go a little more hardcore, the 10th is World Lion Day! If cats aren’t your thing, the 26th is Dog Day too! If you’re not into dressing as an animal, dust off the Christmas costumes and celebrate Be An Angel Day on the 22nd.


September is Chicken Month! It’s possibly not practical to dress as a chicken all month… but for part of it? If you’re not really feeling the love for the chicken costumes, what about waiting for Teddy Bear Day on the 9th? The 13th is Roald Dahl Day, which is definitely something to look forward to. Of course, everyone knows the 19th is Talk Like a Pirate Day – obviously, you’ll already have that one marked on your calendar. And then, we round off the month of fancy dress fun on the 26th with Lumberjack Day!


As the weather turns colder, the fancy dress outfits become more fun, right? October has plenty of opportunities for bonkers fancy dress outfits, with World Farm Animals Day on the 2nd, and World Animal Day on the 4th. Then we have Mad Hatter Day on the 6th, World Octopus Day on the 8th and a definite favourite: Punk for a Day Day on the 25th! Of course, October is also the fancy dress high-point of the year, with Halloween on the 31st! We always look forward to this one!


November is fairly quiet for fancy dress, aside from the obvious Guy Fawkes Night. The 3rd is Jellyfish Day – that would be a fun costume to put together! And the 10th is Sesame Street Day; which character will you dress as?


December is a fantastic month for fancy dress. Aside from all the festive fancy dress opportunities, there is World Wildlife Conservation Day on the 4th – why not dress as a panda? International Day of the Ninja is on the 5th; the 14th is Monkey Day, and the 21st is International Dalek Remembrance Day. Imagine the fun you could have getting a costume together for that one!


And there we have it: 2015 in a nutshell. We hope you’ll stick around and see what else is going on through the course of the year!




Fancy Dress ideas – Donkey Troop Comments Off on Fancy Dress ideas – Donkey Troop

Posted on November 23, 2009 by admin
Ningunos burros permitieron!  And for those of you, like me, who don’t speak spanish – no donkeys allowed!  I’m sure there was a sign on the entrance saying no donkeys not even guide donkeys for the blind!  However I was given assurances these these mexican donkeys had come through the proper quarantine channels and were safe to be grazing round the event!
Donkey Fancy Dress

Donkey Fancy Dress

These fancy dress costumes are inflatable with a small fan placed in the bag of the costume which keeps a constant air flow into the costume.  This means that you don’t need to spend an hour blowing up your costume before you wear it – possibly making yourself light headed in the process!  As you can see the costume wearers legs are the back legs of the donkey and the costume forms the wearers front legs.  Can you remember Bernie Clifton?  If you can then you get the general idea.
The total group of donkey fancy dress costumes amounted to about 10 people and the sight of these people parading themselves on the dancefloor got a really good response from the crowd.  I know many people went home with a ‘mexican on a donkey’ picture.
Other items used to enhance this costume were the mexican sombrero and the mexican moustache.  Personally I would also have added a poncho, a couple of toys guns and a big fat fake cigar which would really have finished the look for me.  I would maybe even have taken taken a carrot to feed the donkey, got to keep its energy levels up after all!

Butlins Weekender Comments Off on Butlins Weekender

Posted on August 24, 2009 by admin
Butlins 70's weekender

Butlins 70's weekender

Fancy dress costumes have been a passion for the whole team here at fancy dress ball for several years now.  The beginning for all this dressing up and having fun was when we all attended our first Butlins Weekender together.  Now many have weekends have passed since then, most of them at Butlins Skegness but also at Butlins Minehead.

As I’m sure you are all aware each Butlins adult weekend has a theme – including 60’s, 70’s80’s and disco inferno to name a few.  Our first weekend together was a 70’s weekend in 2006.  Our fancy dress costumes came from a mixture of previously owned items and some items bought prior to the event.  I think we even topped up our costumes with some items from Skegness town centre!  Butlins also sell some good top up items like wigs, shades and other accessories for those last minute additions.  We quickly noticed the look of fun and enjoyment on other peoples faces as we pranced around the big tent with our Mother-of-all-afro wigs on and our brightly coloured pimp outfits.  Look at the picture – I am the one with the genuine moustache by the way – very proud of that tash I am!

Feeling a genuine part of someone elses fun and enjoyment is a feeling that you don’t come across very often.  After that night we new what we had to do – keep coming to Butlins, keep enjoying ourselves and keep sharing the fun with everyone!  The fancydressball.co.uk team had given themselves a challenge – can we look better at the next event!  Stay tuned in to this Blog for our progress.

Ladies 60’s Fancy Dress Comments Off on Ladies 60’s Fancy Dress

Posted on August 20, 2009 by admin
Ladies 60's Fancy Dress

Ladies 60's Fancy Dress

The line between 60’s fancy dress and 70’s fancy dress is quite blurred as the flower power and hippie era did cross both decades.  But wether your going to a 60’s fancy dress or 70’s fancy dress event you’ll be sure to find yourself a costume solution at fancydressball.co.uk This theme really allows you to go for a complete head to toe look with every item of your costume having multiple options making your choice of costume combination unique amongst your fellow party goers.  It’s almost a certainty that you will be able to add to your costumes with items from your own wardrobe, but if you don’t tell anyone then I won’t!

Knee high boots are a minimum with people often opting for the sexier thigh high boot option.  Moving on you’ve got to get yourself some good hosiery  or brightly coloured socks – remember during these two decades no two colours clash and anything goes.  A flowery or brightly coloured dress holds the look together.  Hair bands are a common addition and I think rose tinted shades are a must.  Have a look at the rest of our great accessories and see what else you would like to add to your costume.

So come along to fancydressball.co.uk and find all that you need to make a successful costume.  Remember to take some photographs of your costumes and send them back to show us how much of a good time you all had and we’ll share them with the rest of the world!

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