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Unique 80’s Outfits Comments Off on Unique 80’s Outfits

Posted on July 19, 2010 by admin

80’s fancy dress parties are now so ubiquitous, that making an impact can be a real challenge. Of course there are classic 80’s outfits, such as a Madonna costume or leg warmers, but whilst these costumes can be a whole lot fun, they are a little overused.

Luckily, for the the 80’s fancy dress partygoer the 80’s was known for its creative styles, and therefore creating an fancy dress outfit that is truly unique, but still retains that 80’s dimension is entirely possible.

Whilst the 80’s was an age of the pop idol, that doesn’t mean that you need necessarily dress in imitation of a human. And instead why not take some classic 80’s board games and brands as inspiration!

Whilst intuitively dressing like a game of Twister, for example, might seem like an arts and crafts nightmare, in reality the 80’s board game look can be achieved fairly easy. At Fancy Dress Ball our 80’s Twister costumes are ready to wear straight out of the box.

Of course board games are just the tip of the iceberg, and at Fancy Dress Ball we specialize in loads of novelty 80’s outfits. Rather than just stocking a few mullet wigs, we offer loads of truly unique 80’s looks, which means that whether you want a unique 80’s fancy dress costume or want to deck out your pals in different costumes you can do it in style.

For example, just check our ourĀ  80’s glam rock guitar costumes, or our 80’s air hostess costume – truly unique ways to wear 80’s fancy dress.

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