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Christmas fancy dress

Get the Look… A Very Glam New Year’s Eve Comments Off on Get the Look… A Very Glam New Year’s Eve

Posted on December 20, 2013 by admin

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When the presents have been opened, the last of the mince pies have been eaten and the excitement of Christmas is behind us, there’s still one more celebration to look forward to before the festive season comes to an end.

New Year’s Eve is the best time to shed that onesie you’ve been wearing for the past week, throw on a fabulous dress, some heels and glam make-up to complete the look.

If you’re in search of fantastic make-up ideas to add the final touches to your NYE outfit, then look no further! We have some great ideas for you right here.

Shimmering Purple Eye-shadow

Christmas is all about gorgeous gold, bright emerald and ruby reds. So when it comes to New Year’s Eve you can opt for colours that are a little less festive and more subtly glamorous.


This shimmering purple eye make-up is a stylish look with a small amount of glitter for that extra touch of NYE glam.

The products

Using a combination of dark and pale shades works well to create a multi-tone shade. The use of glitter and a white shadow works well to highlight the brow line and corners of the eye.

Product Image

Lilac greasepaint will work well to sustain the look throughout the night (and the morning for those partying ‘til dawn). Used alongside this purple, pink and white pallet you’re sure to create a long-lasting and dramatic look.

Alternative looks

If you’d rather have something little less subtle and go for a glitterier look to see out the old year, then check out this silvery eye-make up using a combination of grey, silver and white eye-shadows and completed with a touch of sparkle.


If you don’t want to use a Christmassy gold colour for your NYE make-up, then how about opting for something a little more neutral such as this shimmering bronze colour?


Another great idea is to ditched the bolder eye-shadows and concentrate on creating a more striking look with eye-liners. Start by sweeping a subtle, pale shade across the eye-lid, then use a combination of black eye-liner to create the dramatic wing-effect and gold glitter liner to highlight the wing and corner of the year.


Get the full look!

If you fancy going for a look that’s glam, festive and long-lasting then check out this excellent make-up tutorial from LoveLaughAndMakeup

This subtle yet elegant look is attained simply by combining a number of different shimmering and matte eye-shadows and completed with a bold red lipstick.

There are simply loads of ways to complete your glam NYE looks. If you’ve got some great make-up ideas then why not share them on our Facebook page?

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Get the look… Traditional Christmas Comments Off on Get the look… Traditional Christmas

Posted on December 13, 2013 by admin


A traditional Christmas look incorporates everything we love about the holiday period: a touch of magic, a sprinkle of good joy and a great big handful of glitter! Whether you’re looking to create a Christmassy look for a party, a night on the town or for Christmas day itself, we’ve got the low-down for every part of the look.

Think cheesy Christmas jumpers teamed with fluffy Santa hats, Victorian hairstyles with a little extra oomph, bright colours on your clothes and for your make-up, but most importantly, a whole lot of glamour.

The make-up method

The traditional Christmas make-up look is all about having fun with your products. For those who can feel a little intimidated by bright colours, Julia Graf has put together a brilliant video for an evergreen look.

The bright colours blend well with the glitter to give the make-up a deeper, more developed appearance. The combination of the two also work to make the eyes pop and are sure to compliment a whole range of skin tones.

This particular make-up combination is suitable for day or night time events and with a variety of hairstyles. Thick curls or ringlets will work well with the look for night time looks, while daytime would look brilliant with a top knot or bun.

The products

A highly pigmented eye-shadow will work well for this look, but for something with a little more edge that will last a lot longer, stage make-up will have a much brighter finish.


Red and green are the traditional Christmas colours and adding a touch of red glitter to small features on the face will help to give the look an extra touch of magic. Green grease paint will work especially well for those wearing the make-up whilst out on the town, while choosing even brighter neon green face paint is sure to make the look truly stand out from the crowd.

The alternative looks

There are plenty of fun ways to change this look according to your favourite Christmas colours. Just remember: the brighter, the better!

look one

This neon make-up manages to be both understated and astonishing as the eyes and lips gently draw attention to the most flattering areas of the face. The pink works incredibly well with the green, while the lips are beautifully bright.

look two

If you fancy yourself as Santa’s little helper this year, this look is as fun as it is well-executed. The lips are the perfect shade of red to really stand out, while a touch of silver or green glitter would really finish off the design around the eyes.

look three

A little more Gothic but not less festive, this look is inspired by the traditional elf design but uses defined eye-liner to add an extra edge. The false eyelashes have brought attention to the design and the darker colours have created the ideal night-time Christmas look.

What do you think to our traditional Christmas look? Why not leave us a comment on our Facebook page and let us know what you’re wearing this Christmas!

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Christmas make-up ideas Comments Off on Christmas make-up ideas

Posted on November 08, 2013 by admin

Now that Halloween is over for another year, we’re left with the short two month run up to Christmas. Aside from frantic Christmas shopping and decorating the house, the Yuletide season also brings with it an abundance of parties.

So to help you prepare for the Christmas party season, we’ve put together a list of fabulous make-up ideas, from subtle and elegant looks for the office party to styles that will add drama to your Christmas costume.

One of the best ways to glam up Christmas-style this season is experimenting with shimmering eye shadow and bright colours. Checkout this video tutorial on how to get this glittery look!



If you’re thinking of going for a bolder styles then why not experiment with red eye shadows for a more dramatic look?


Red and black


Using a combination of sparkling eyeliner and bold green and pink shadows will give you this fantastic effect.


Pink and green


Transform your eye makeup into a work of art with this “Nightmare before Christmas” scene!




If you’re thinking of going for something a little more subtle (yet glittery), then try this gold-themed look using a combination of gold eye shadow, false eyelashes and subtle eyeliner wings.




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