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Chip Shop Strop Culled by Batman and Buzz Comments Off on Chip Shop Strop Culled by Batman and Buzz

Posted on January 30, 2013 by admin

Image courtesy: www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/batman-and-buzz-lightyear-sort-out-1561142

Our favourite heroes Batman and Buzz Lightyear went about their daily duties in Manchester this week and saved a chip shop from a mass brawl.

By the time the police had appeared on the scene, the trouble had been cleared and the owner of the chip shop, Aria Nouri, went about his day.

As reported by the Mirror, a brawl between 20 youths broke out in the middle of his shop, so he called the landlord of the local pub, Steve Lowe, who came to the rescue along with one of his barmen from the Horse and Jockey in Greater Manchester.

The look of sheer surprise on their faces when Batman and Buzz turned up to save the day was apparently something to behold:

Mr Lowe said: “I don’t think anyone was expecting Batman to come to the rescue. The look on some of their faces was a picture.

“When the police arrived their jaws just dropped and I told them nobody is pressing charges.

“A policeman pal of mine later told me that it was reported as an incident and the log said something like, ‘Large scale disturbance at chippy but no further action needed… Batman sorted it’.”

Mr Lowe and his bartender, Shane Lee, had been attending a fancy dress party in their pub when they received the call and that was the last thing that Mr Nouri was expecting:

“I never expected him to turn up as Batman. He just flew in and got the crowd out of the chippy.

“The costumes were brilliant and everyone was stunned when they turned up.

“The youngsters had been drinking, but nobody thought about punching Batman.”

The Mirror likened it to that famous scene from Only Fools and Horses, in which Del Boy and Rodney scared off a gang trying to rob a lady of her handbag!

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