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Try Something Different with 1920s Fancy Dress Outfits Comments Off on Try Something Different with 1920s Fancy Dress Outfits

Posted on March 22, 2011 by admin

80’s costumes never go out of fashion (unlike the fashions themselves) and everyone loves a 1970’s themed costume party, but if you’re looking for something a little different, why not take your inspiration from the 1920s?

The 20s was an era of enormous change and a tremendously exciting time to be alive. It was the age of gramophone records and jazz music, rising hemlines and flappers in risque Paris fashion dresses. After the first world war, opportunities were many and expectations were high. Women were beginning to take a much more prominent role in public life. Louise Brooks, Greta Garbo, and Clarke Gable appeared on the silver screen and were adored all over the world.

Fashion Flapper Costume White

1920’s fancy dress outfits are slinky, form-fitting, and very tasteful. They make very sexy fancy dress costumes that don’t reveal too much. Dresses were worn long, with hems below the knee (you can ignore historical accuracy on this count- nobody will notice), with relatively high, broad necklines that showed more shoulder than cleavage. The classic hairstyle was the short, sleek bob- there are plenty of examples in the wig section. An extra long chain of beads or pearls and a fascinator (a tall, eye-catching hair accessory) will complete your 20’s look.

Men’s evening dress was formal and restrained but moustaches were waxed and elaborate. Start with a plain or pinstripe suit then add details. Facial hair is a must for any men’s 20’s costume – if your outfit doesn’t come with a fake moustache, grab one from the wigs and beards page. The 1920’s were all about elegance so think long and curly when choosing your ‘tache.

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