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Australia Day

Happy Australia Day! Comments Off on Happy Australia Day!

Posted on January 25, 2016 by Fancy Dress Ball


Tomorrow is Australia Day, the national day of Australia. It is celebrated annually on January 26th, marking the anniversary of the day in 1788 when the First Fleet arrived in New South Wales.

They had left Great Britain in May 1787 to sail to Australia and found the first penal colony: two Royal Navy ships, three store ships and six ships of convicts. More than 1000 convicts, marines and seamen left Britain to head for a new life in a far-off land, with little idea of what to expect at the end. During the voyage 20 children were born and several people died.

It may be winter here and summer there, and Australia may technically have been colonised by British people – but there are lots of Aussies over here, and plenty of Aussie lovers – just look at the 30-year popularity of Neighbours!

There are loads of Australia Day events happening all over the UK, with lots of schools taking this as an opportunity to learn about Australia as well.  If there’s a Walkabout bar near you, it’s a safe bet there will be celebrations there too!

Here are some Aussie sayings you might find helpful when celebrating Australia Day…

Ambo – ambulance

Arvo – afternoon

Aussie salute – brushing away flies with one’s hand

Back of Bourke – a long way away

Banana bender – a person from Queensland

Barbie – barbecue

Billabong – an oxbow lake created when the course of a creek or river changes

Billy – tea pot or container for boiling water

Bludger – lazy person

Blue – fight

Bogan – person who spends his days slacking and drinking beer

Bonzer – great

Boozer – a pub

Bunyip – mythical outback creature

Dill – an idiot

Drongo – a stupid person

Kangaroos loose in the top paddock – intellectually inadequate

Pom – English person

Rack off – get lost

Shoot through – to leave

Spit the dummy – to get very upset about something

Yabber – talk a lot

Yobbo – an uncouth person


Now you can not only celebrate Australia Day in style, you can also understand some of what Alf talks about in Home and Away!



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