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Fancy Dress for your Inner Badass! Comments Off on Fancy Dress for your Inner Badass!

Posted on March 02, 2013 by admin

Guess what? Fancy dress isn’t all fluffy animal ears and fairy wings. Getting dressed up in costumes lets you show off your inner badass personality, showing everyone just how hardcore you really are.

Think you can handle some fierce fancy dress? Then read on and prepare for things to get a little extreme!

Ninja Master

This Ninja Master costume will let you show off your kung fu skills in their best light! Add a ninja sword or assassin blades for the ultimate badass ensemble and get your badass lady to join the team with her very own ninja costume.

Handy tip: avoid airport security when travelling with assassin blades. They don’t look kindly on ancient warrior weaponry.







Swashbuckling Pirate

Everyone knows pirates were the original badasses, so this Swashbuckler Pirate costume is the ultimate choice for ladies with attitude. Team up with a genuine pirate sword and Jolly Rodger boots for costume perfect for cut-throats.








Knight Fever

This Richard the Lionheart costume is great for any potential knights in shining armour wanting to show off their sword play. A badass crown shows everyone who’s boss, and when teamed up with a crusader sword and shield, you’ll be claiming the kitchen as your land before the night is over.







Feeling Catty

We all know that Catwoman is the ultimate badass super hero, and you can emulate her sexy style with this Dark Knight Rises Deluxe Catwoman Costume. Match with a pair of killer heels and get ready to dazzle your fellow partygoers with your badass pun making skills.








Quick Draw

This Gunslinger Cowboy costume will separate the men from the boys in a game of quick draw. Show off your dark and mysterious side, make friends with a local barkeep and always be prepared for pistols at dawn.








Army Dreamers

Show your patriotic side in this Combat Army Girl costume. Team with Aviator Sunglasses and a Bullet Belt for a badass look no one can ignore. Now drop and give me twenty!









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