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80’s fancy dress

Back to the 80s – A Guide for Ladies Comments Off on Back to the 80s – A Guide for Ladies

Posted on April 27, 2015 by Fancy Dress Ball

Back to the 80s a guide for ladies


Everyone loves a good, old fashioned eighties party, right? We love a little bit of nostalgia, especially when it involves leg warmers and shoulder pads, right? Here are our top five ideas for fantastic eighties fancy dress costumes…

1. Rubik’s Cube

Rubiks cube fancy dress costume


If there’s one thing that screams “1980s” it’s a Rubik’s Cube. We all spent endless hours trying to solve the thing, and then people started appearing on chat shows, solving them in minutes or even seconds. Never mind, there’s always the fool proof cheat of just swapping the stickers around!

2. Cyndi Lauper

Cyndi Lauper fancy dress

Girls just wanna have fun, right? The great part about this costume is that if you get a ladder in your tights or smudge your make up… it just adds to the look you were going for in the first place!

3. Workout Chic

80s workout costume


Breakfast telly in the 1980s was full of people dressed like this… and then we all went out in the evening to our local community centre to prance about at an aerobics class in leg warmers and leotards and hope we looked the same as the people on the telly!

4. Wonder Woman

wonder woman fancy dress

Superheroes are really big at the moment, so this is a really great costume… and has the added bonus of a cape. What’s not to love?

5. Tina Turner

Tina Turner fancy dress

What’s love got to do with it… The key to this outfit is not just having the heels, but owning the heels – and practising your dance steps well in advance so that you can give a brilliant Tina performance!

Movie Party Special Comments Off on Movie Party Special

Posted on March 07, 2014 by admin


Last week saw the end of this year’s award season with the 86th Academy Awards. If you’re planning a film –themed party to celebrate the winners (and the losers) or just need an excuse to dress up as your favourite character, we’ve got some great ideas to inspire you.

American Hustle

David O’Russell’s 70s flick American Hustle received a whopping 10 nominations at this year’s Academy Awards, yet sadly came away with nothing. But as the film that received the most nominations in 2014, there’s still every reason to dress up in your 70s get-up for your movie-based bash.

We love this great tutorial from Punk Chyaz, which shows you how to achieve a cool Jennifer Lawrence-inspired look from the film.

The Wolf of Wall Street

Martin Scorsese’s tale of 80s yuppie greed didn’t win any awards at this year’s Oscars, but as it’s one of the most talked about films this year, there’s every reason to reach for a massive mobile phone, slap on some khakis, a bright polo shirt and complete with a sweater over the shoulders. Don’t forget to slick back your hair and turn up your collar!

Image 1

 The Great Gatsby

Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby came away with the award for best costume design, for its fresh and fabulous flapper outfits. If you’re going for a Great Gatsby themed ensemble, then this gorgeous hairstyle will really finish off your look.

Check out our BAFTAs special for more ideas on how to achieve and award winning 20s style!

Image 2

And the rest…

If you’re going for something a little more fun with your costume why not dress in style and celebrate the film that swept the board at this year’s Oscars: Gravity.

Iron Man 3 was also in the list of this year’s nominees, so if you’ve always fancied yourself as playboy and entrepreneur Tony Stark, now’s your chance to become one of Marvel’s most well-loved superheroes!

And the rest#

Just for fun…

Star Trek: Into Darkness was also nominated for an award, but even if you don’t fancy sporting the Spock ears and blue sweater yourself, you might have a furry friend who’d love to be involved in your Oscar celebrations!

Image 3

Throwing a movie-themed party this year? Share your ideas over on our Facebook page!

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Get the look… 80s pop princess Comments Off on Get the look… 80s pop princess

Posted on January 24, 2014 by admin


It may be the decade that style forgot, but an 80s theme is one type of party that never goes out of style. While most everyday 80s fashion revolved around leggings, shoulder pads and bad perms, the pop stars of the decade were known for their more iconic looks.

Looking for tips to complete your 80s look? We’ve got loads of hair and make-up tips to make sure you achieve that unique 80s pop princess look.

Get the look… 80s make-up

Back in the 80s, subtle make-up was practically non-existent. Dark eyebrows, bright, neon eye shadows, bold lipstick and lots of blusher was the only way to go. Check out this totally rad 80s make-up tutorial from Kandee Johnson.

Neon eye-shadow

You can really get creative with your eye-makeup, especially as you don’t need to worry about blending or matching colours together. Neon colours work especially well to create a striking 80s look.

Image 1

The 80s was all about massive hair, so toss those hair straighteners aside and prepare to add plenty of volume! This is a brilliant look that can quickly be achieved back back-combing your hair and using lots of hairspray.

Image 2

The products

It’s all about accessorising your 80s look. These neon crayons will help you to achieve your striking 80s eye make-up. If you’re looking for ways to retro your outfit, then neon leg-warmers and brightly fluorescent beads are a great way to accessorise your costume.


Alternative looks

Of course, you can’t talk about 80s style without talking about Madonna – a pop princess who’s unique style and inventive outfits have made her an 80s legend.

Rather than opting for bright colours, opt for some striking black eyeliner, false eyelashes and bold red lipstick.

Image 3

If you’re going for the complete 80s Madonna look, then try putting your hair up into a French pleat, with plenty of volume on top. Don’t forget to accessorise with plenty of chains, necklaces and bangles!

Image 4

Got an 80s look that transforms you into a total Betty? Share your ideas on our Facebook page!

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80s Fancy Dress Made Easy Comments Off on 80s Fancy Dress Made Easy

Posted on April 22, 2011 by admin

The 80s was an iconic decade, and although not that long ago it’s still an era that’s shrouded in nostalgia. It was a time when music, film and fashion took centre stage, and if you’re thinking of throwing a fancy dress party it can be the perfect backdrop. Finding suitable fancy dress costumes needn’t be that difficult either, allowing you to step back in time without the hassle.

When you think 80s fancy dress, what springs to mind? Probably things like Madonna, Top Gun, Michael Jackson, rappers, rockers, power dressing and divas. There are plenty of options to take your fancy whether you want to set a sub-theme or not, with iconic music and film stars always being popular.

Neon Pink Mesh Top

It’ll be easy to whip something together, particularly as you may already have something from the decade hiding in an old wardrobe somewhere, and with a few tweaks and added accessories you’ll easily craft the outfit that you’re looking for. The high street is also laden with 80s fashion with everything from neon leg warmers and tutus to tailored power suits and leather gloves being available, so finding options to suit needn’t be that difficult.

Or, why not make it easier still? Come to us and you’ll be able to find a great selection of 80s costumes, as well as all the accessories you’ll need to complete the look. It’s quick, easy and will give you the perfect outfit in no time, so if you really want to be a hit at that party make sure to come to us and see what you can find.

Get Backcombing Ladies! The 80s Are Back! Comments Off on Get Backcombing Ladies! The 80s Are Back!

Posted on April 12, 2011 by admin

Whether you were born in the 80s, lived through them, or only know what My Little Pony is thanks to the abomination re-branding of the last few years (they’re not the same!), 80s fancy dress is still one of the most exciting, ridiculous, thoroughly ingenious fancy dress themes for any party… ever!

So, the guys have Freddie Mercury, He-Man, Top Gun and The Village People to draw inspiration from. Time to buckle-up ladies!

Typical 80s Girl

Ra-ra skirts, neon bangles, big hair, fishnet tights, mesh tops! The original 80s girl was a crimp-haired, florescent spectre! Our range of complete 80s ladies fancy dress outfits includes individual cheap components available from our accessory section to complete the look from head to toe.

80s Female Rubiks Cube Costume


Is there a better female 80s icon than She-Ra? Oh wait, what about Wonder Woman? Or Dale from Flash Gordon? Take your pick ladies!

Wacky 80s costumes

Maybe you’d like your homage to the 80s to be a little more conceptual… Rubik’s Cube costume perhaps? Or maybe you were just nuts about Twister and would love nothing more than to ask various partygoers to spin the needle!

Tons of ladies visit us every day looking for the best 80s costumes on the web. You can be assured of quality, creativity, well-described sizing information and the biggest range of ridiculous, fun, sexy, unlikely, brilliant fancy dress costumes around!

fancy dressladies fancy dress outfits

80’s Fancy Dress – Grab your Shoulder Pads Comments Off on 80’s Fancy Dress – Grab your Shoulder Pads

Posted on August 27, 2010 by admin

It’s hard to believe that 80’s styles are considered vintage now—but time marches on, as they say. And if you’re a fan of the 80’s, or you lived through the 80’s, why not go to your next party in 80’s fancy dress?

The bold colours and the big plastic beads, rainbow stripes and fishnet stockings—all this and more make 80’s style women’s fancy dress costumes a lot of fun. And you’ll be sure to catch someone’s eye if you go as a Baywatch lifeguard, a blushing bride, or a red or pink sparkly rock guitar.

Pair a neon blue tutu with black fishnet stockings, add a pretty tank top, and you’re set to go. For more snazzy accessories and fun final touches, add big, false eyelashes in pink or purple, big sunglasses, or long strands of florescent beads.

Neon Purple Glam WigLeg warmers were all the rage, so why not pop on a pair of orange or pink ones over your white fishnet stockings? Wear white heels and an orange or green tutu, and you’ve got the look.

And if you really want to cause a stir, why not add a fun wig? You can have long, luxuriously straight purple hair, or maybe you’d prefer bleach blond crimped locks? Glamorous curls or a frizzy afro – with a wig, you can have hair in just about any colour for one night.

Dress up your next fancy dress occasion with a fun 80’s costume, and you’re sure to get all the attention you want.

How to Look Good in 80’s Fancy Dress Comments Off on How to Look Good in 80’s Fancy Dress

Posted on July 27, 2010 by admin

Fancy dress isn’t all about looking good, but that doesn’t mean that your sense of style has to completely fall by the wayside. Whilst the 1980’s has given us some truly ridiculous looks, it also gave us some really great fashions. Therefore, by choosing 80’s fancy dress costumes it really is possible to have fun – and look good doing it!

First things first, your eighties costumes aren’t going to cut the mustard if your hair and makeup isn’t up to scratch, and with this in mind you should take your inspiration from some of the most stylish people of the decade. For example, if you are planning on donning a Madonna costume then you owe it to the queen of pop to get the hair right – whether your going for that “Holiday” Madonna look with some teaseled hair, or your going for a sleeker look based on a later period.

80s Pop Star Blonde WigWhilst by getting your eighties hair right you’re well on the way to great 80’s fancy dress costumes, achieving an 80’s look that you’ll actually look good in can be a real challenge – or so you’d think. In fact, there are plenty of ways to make an eighties outfit look great.

For example, rather than going completely 80’s why not incorporate some 80’s features into a contemporary outfit. For example, some leg warmers can be enough to create some great 80’s fancy dress costumes without making you look too ridiculous!

1980’s Fancy Dress – TV Cartoons Comments Off on 1980’s Fancy Dress – TV Cartoons

Posted on June 25, 2010 by admin

Whilst there are many generic fancy dress costumes available for an 80’s theme, there are also an equal amount of more unique costumes on the Fancy Dress Ball website that may not represent the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of 80’s fancy dress.

Dressing up as your favourite 80’s cartoon character is a very unique idea that not many people tend to think of. With Madonna and Michael Jackson clouding their creativity, the option for dressing up as Dangermouse or He-Man doesn’t tend to cross peoples’ minds.

As the host of an 1980’s fancy dress party, you could even theme the event so that everyone turns up as their favourite character from an 80’s TV programme. Not only will this afford guests with a wide range of fancy dress options, but it makes the party more accessible to people that were perhaps young children in the eighties, rather than guests who were adults at this time.

Available on the Fancy Dress Ball website are cartoon character fancy dress costumes in a wide range of sizes and designs. You may find yourself dressing up as Count Duckula, or even Batfink from the parody of Batman and The Green Hornet.

With those Bananas in Pyjamas, Mario Brothers and even Jess the Cat from the Postman Pat series as options, guests will be simply spoilt for choice. Having a party of this theme is also guaranteed to bring about some nostalgia, and offers the party host the chance to add extra authenticity by playing famous 80’s TV shows at the party!

Hosting A 20th Century Themed Fancy Dress Party Comments Off on Hosting A 20th Century Themed Fancy Dress Party

Posted on June 11, 2010 by admin

So, you’ve decided to host a fancy dress party. Well whilst fancy dress parties are unsurpassed in terms of fun, there is a problem – how do you choose the perfect fancy dress party theme?

Well one idea, could be to choose a theme that is pretty broad. For example, rather than simply choosing an 80s fancy dress party, you could instead opt for a 20th century theme party – which will give your guests a near unlimited choice of costume options!

60s Outfits

The 1960s was perhaps the birth of fashion, and there are some simple ways to create a 60s look that will really make an impact at a fancy dress party. You could, for example, go for the hippie look with some coloured sunglasses and some longed haired wigs – not to mention some flairs and headbands!

80s Outfits

The eighties is like no other decade in that it provides a fancy dress party with loads and loads of diverse party looks. For example, an eighties fancy dress party goer could opt for some iconic shoulder pads, or could replicate the look of an 80s icon such as Jacko or Madonna.

Other Decades

Whilst the 60s and the 80s are perhaps the decades most associated with style – there is no reason why you cant draw on other decades for inspiration. For example, taking inspiration from the 90s, you could opt for some MC Hammer parachute pants!

Music Trivia from the 80s Comments Off on Music Trivia from the 80s

Posted on April 14, 2010 by admin

Having an 80s fancy dress party is likely to induce nostalgic thoughts of what the 80s held for many of you. Fancy Dress Ball understand just what an impact the 1980s fashion, music, and celebrity lifestyle had on many people, including today’s culture, which is why they’ve drawn up some music trivia facts from the 80s to accompany the fantastic 80s fancy dress costumes they have on offer. These facts are guaranteed to help you find inspiration for your fancy dress costume if you previously were struggling for ideas.

The top selling albums of the 80s was Brothers in Arms by The Dire Straits, Michael Jackson’s Bad and Thriller, and Queen’s Greatest Hits. Michael Jackson’s Thriller album is the best-selling album of all time, selling over a staggering 42 million copies worldwide. Fancy Dress Ball have a range of Michael Jackson costumes inspired by the outfits worn in several of his videos.

The top five artists during the 1980’s were Michael Jackson, Prince, Madonna, The Smiths and U2, therefore making them ideal sources of inspiration for fancy dress parties.

Kylie Minogue entered into the charts with her first big hit coming from “Locomotion” in 1987. However, who can forget the famous duet with Jason Donovan with followed in 1988, “Especially for You”. Kylie is ideal to draw ideas from if you prefer the girl-next-door look for your fancy dress.

In 1983, David Bowie alone had 10 albums in the UK charts. One of the most iconic men of the 1980s – not just for his music but for his outrageous fashion and hairstyles, he is perfect for a fan of glam rock.

Topping yourself up on this music trivia has no doubt got you pining for the 80s again, so make sure your 80s fancy dress party is full of a fantastic playlist from this amazing decade.

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