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1980s fancy dress

Use Bonnie Tyler for Inspiration at your Eurovision Song Contest Party! Comments Off on Use Bonnie Tyler for Inspiration at your Eurovision Song Contest Party!

Posted on May 09, 2013 by admin


Power ballad legend Bonnie Tyler will represent Britain in Eurovision 2013 set to be broadcast live from Malmo, Sweden!

Hosted by the very nation that gave us ABBA, the Eurovision Song Contest is as eighties as it gets thanks to the cheesy costumes, dance routines and epic hair dos .

If you’re thinking of hosting a Eurovision party this year, then why not consider making it an 80s fancy dress theme? Here at Fancy Dress Ball we have a whole range of 80s fancy dress to tickle your fancy and ensure that you have the very best costume on show!

Jailbait Wig

Take after Bonnie herself with this huge blonde wig, reminiscent of the cover art on her best-selling single ‘Holding Out for a Hero’, which was featured on the ultimate 80’s movie Footloose. You’ll be a hit with this wig, so no need to worry about scoring ‘nil points’ here!

80s Popstar Costume

Bonnie wasn’t just any old pop star, she was a badass power ballad singer! To emphasise her power, she often wore dark, fitted clothing with lots of leather; so team this 80s pop star dress with a leather jacket and red lipstick for the ultimate costume.

80s Rock Legend Costume

For the guys to get involved, why not take on another classic 80’s rock legend costume? The only thing you need now to finish this party is the Eurovision on the television, karaoke lined up for the boring bits, and lots of neon make-up!

You can see Bonnie Tyler’s Eurovision entry, ‘Believe in Me’, here:


Halloween Fancy Dress Costumes for Couples Comments Off on Halloween Fancy Dress Costumes for Couples

Posted on August 04, 2010 by admin

You and the other half have been invited to a Halloween party and you have decided you want to dress as a twosome. But what Halloween costumes are there for couples?

This can be a great opportunity to have a bit of fun, while showing your friends and family what a great couple you are, always up for a laugh.  If one of you already has an idea, the other simply has to dress in Halloween costumes that complement each other.

For example, why don’t you express your love for music by dressing up as your favourite pop stars. We have a wide range of 1980’s fancy dress such as Madonna and Michael Jackson outfits. Likewise if you are a couple who loves horror films, why not dress up as zombies? We also have a number of different male and female vampire outfits, so if you love films such as Twilight or Dracula, dress to impress (and scare).

Adult Zombie School Boy CostumeThere are also more traditional Halloween costumes you could consider such as Robin Hood and Maid Marion.  Or take inspiration from the 1920s and dress up as a flapper girl and gangster. Other classic outfits to think about are Anthony and Cleopatra or a cowboy and a sexy saloon girl.  Have fun with it, but make sure to think about your outfits well in advance to avoid disappointment.

Make sure you pay attention to the details and get accessories that will complement your look. For example, make sure you have the right wig for Cleopatra and a hat for a cowboy outfit.

1980s Film & TV Comments Off on 1980s Film & TV

Posted on June 23, 2010 by admin

The 1980s saw the release of some truly iconic films; Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Back To The Future, Rambo and Terminator to name but a few. So iconic are these films that the scope for 80s fancy dress costumes is massive. Sadly, the popularity of such films means that you will probably not be the only Jedi or Ghostbuster at an 80s fancy dress party, so it may be worthwhile looking at other 80s films for more unique costume ideas.

The decade’s TV is also rich in 80s fancy dress ideas. Ladies can put on a beret, saucy underwear and a saucy French accent and voila; a barmaid from ‘Allo ‘Allo. Gents could turn up in a flat cap and fur-collared coat, puffing on a cigar as ‘Del Boy’ from Only Fools and Horses. And for the middle-aged receding man, a faded brown leather jacket with jeans and a grimace makes a transformation to Terry from Minder.

For a touch of glamour, there are also the American 80s TV shows to consider such as Miami Vice. Pull up those sleeves, grow a bit of stubble and put on your shades then you’re ready to smooth the ladies. Ladies can counter by drawing inspiration from soap operas like Dallas and Dynasty for 80s fancy dress ideas. These costumes really couldn’t be easier; big hair, big shoulder pads and bold make up and then you’re on for your fight over Sonny Crockett!

A Musical Fancy Dress Theme Comments Off on A Musical Fancy Dress Theme

Posted on June 14, 2010 by admin

Music is a great theme for a fancy dress party, as not only does it afford partygoers with a whole wealth of costume options, but you’ll also have the music sorted, too. With this in mind, what are the options for a musically inspired 1980s fancy dress theme?

Well the best way to give your fancy dress party an 80s theme is to base your theme on your personal tastes, and the tastes of your guests. For example, if you often reminisce about your days as an 80s goth, then your might opt for a theme that brings all of those memories back.

With this gothic theme in mind, there are some simple ways to create that immediately recognisable eighties gothic look – for example, you shouldn’t be afraid to use plenty of eyeliner – and most importantly you should dig out all of those old gothic tunes from the likes of Gary Numan and Siouxsie and the Banshees to really make your 1980s fancy dress party go with a gothic bang.

Of course a gothic theme won’t be for everyone, and perhaps you weren’t even around in the 80s; in which case a less esoteric theme might be more in order. With this in mind, even people who were too young to remember the 1980s will appreciate a 1980s fancy dress theme. Some ideas for a more accessible kind of 80s party include a Michael Jackson theme or a Madonna costume theme. Let’s face it, who hasn’t heard of them?

Music Trivia from the 80s Comments Off on Music Trivia from the 80s

Posted on April 14, 2010 by admin

Having an 80s fancy dress party is likely to induce nostalgic thoughts of what the 80s held for many of you. Fancy Dress Ball understand just what an impact the 1980s fashion, music, and celebrity lifestyle had on many people, including today’s culture, which is why they’ve drawn up some music trivia facts from the 80s to accompany the fantastic 80s fancy dress costumes they have on offer. These facts are guaranteed to help you find inspiration for your fancy dress costume if you previously were struggling for ideas.

The top selling albums of the 80s was Brothers in Arms by The Dire Straits, Michael Jackson’s Bad and Thriller, and Queen’s Greatest Hits. Michael Jackson’s Thriller album is the best-selling album of all time, selling over a staggering 42 million copies worldwide. Fancy Dress Ball have a range of Michael Jackson costumes inspired by the outfits worn in several of his videos.

The top five artists during the 1980’s were Michael Jackson, Prince, Madonna, The Smiths and U2, therefore making them ideal sources of inspiration for fancy dress parties.

Kylie Minogue entered into the charts with her first big hit coming from “Locomotion” in 1987. However, who can forget the famous duet with Jason Donovan with followed in 1988, “Especially for You”. Kylie is ideal to draw ideas from if you prefer the girl-next-door look for your fancy dress.

In 1983, David Bowie alone had 10 albums in the UK charts. One of the most iconic men of the 1980s – not just for his music but for his outrageous fashion and hairstyles, he is perfect for a fan of glam rock.

Topping yourself up on this music trivia has no doubt got you pining for the 80s again, so make sure your 80s fancy dress party is full of a fantastic playlist from this amazing decade.

Style Icons from the 80s for the Ladies – Part 1 Comments Off on Style Icons from the 80s for the Ladies – Part 1

Posted on April 05, 2010 by admin

The eighties has always seemed like the decade in which the unofficial female revolution took place, and women finally saw it fit to dress in whatever way they wanted – however outrageous. If you’re attending or hosting an 80’s fancy dress party, here’s a fantastic rundown on some of the inspirational ladies of the music world that took us by storm during this influential decade.

Madonna – of course Madonna became a style icon of this time and with the eccentricity of her outfits, girls dared to be different. Some of her costumes were outrageously provocative, with suspenders, garters and lacy tights being just some of the clothing items featuring in her stage wardrobe. Therefore, becoming Madonna for the eighties fancy dress night is the perfect excuse to go out dressed like you’ve never dared to before. Don the coned bra, the wild hair, the red lips and the gorgeous corset and you’re bound to steal the show just like Madonna herself.

Cyndi Lauper – the lady that just wanted girls to have fun. However, her song “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” shows the empowering sexual appeal Cyndi and other style icons of the 80s gave young women. With Cyndi’s overall wardrobe style being more punk than Madonna’s, she too allowed girls to dare to be different. Adopting her style for fancy dress would entail chic vintage dresses, bright colours and so on.

Debbie Harry – glamorous, gorgeous, sophisticated… a sure fire way to add the glam to your 80s fancy dress party. With blonde wigs, red lips and gorgeous outfits, becoming Debbie Harry for the night won’t fail to make you feel like the most glamorous woman in the world.

Fancy Dress Ball provide a host of authentic eighties-inspired fancy dress costumes to make any 1980’s themed fancy dress party a night to remember.

80s Idols Comments Off on 80s Idols

Posted on March 25, 2010 by admin

The 1980s saw the birth of the pop-culture that so prevails in the modern age, and saw us turning to our entertainment sources for our fashion ideas. It is true to say that the 80s was the first decade in which we truly not only began to idolise our stars, but began to imitate them. This means then when choosing an 80s fancy dress costume, you’ll have lots of inspiration – from some immediately recognisable 80s idols.

The King of Pop

Perhaps the most recognisable figure in the history of pop-culture was Michael Jackson. Not only was he an innovative musician, but he was a bona fide style icon. This makes him a great inspiration for 80s fancy dress. Some great Jacko inspired 80s fancy dress outfits include orange leather jackets (the “Thriller” look) or rhinestone encrusted leather jackets (the “Bad” look.) Such is the nature of Jacko’s style that you can add some subtle accessories, such has his famous diamond encrusted glove, to give a highly distinctive Michael Jackson look.

The Queen of Pop

Whilst the Jacko look will wow at 80s fancy dress parties, its not ideal for the girls! But luckily women have there very own paragon of 80s style to inspire them – Madonna. A Madonna costume is a great choice for a wide variety of tastes, as she just has so many looks! Some examples include her “blonde ambition” look, and her distinctive 80s look; either way a Madonna costume is a great option for a highly stylish fancy dress costume, that will make a great impact whichever look you go for!

80s Music Inspired Fancy Dress Comments Off on 80s Music Inspired Fancy Dress

Posted on March 24, 2010 by admin

In recent years there has been definite resurgence of 80s music styles, from electro-pop to power ballads, which means that 80s style has never been more in vogue. They say that fashions are cyclical and if this is the case then it is safe to say that we are truly undergoing an 80s revival!

80s music isn’t just remembered for its innovative musical styles and its revolutionary use of synthesizers and electronic music, but it also saw a simultaneous reinvention of the fashion industry. This makes 80s music is the perfect inspiration for 1980s fancy dress!

With bands like The Cure, the 80s saw the birth of gothic fashions and saw men’s styles that drew upon feminine influences; lead singer of the cure Robert Smith in particular adopted a feminine style of make-up and teased hair and eye-shadow, that was not only ultra-cool, but also ultra-simple to recreate; this makes Robert Smith’s style ideal of a 1980s fancy dress costume.

As well as flamboyant gothic styles, there were also plenty of ultra-masculine styles that would be great for a man’s 80s fancy dress costume. Bands like Spandau Ballet, for instance, dazzled with their rolled up sleeves and power suits. In order to recreate a  Spandau Ballet inspired 1980s fancy dress costume, all you need is an over-size suit with the sleeved rolled up!

One of the main reasons why 80s fancy dress is so popular is the fact that it can mean many different things; and can give the option to be super-extravagant, super-stylish or both!

The Best 80s Movies Comments Off on The Best 80s Movies

Posted on March 22, 2010 by admin

It is true that 80s saw a reinvention of ideas regarding fashion, and the burgeoning of a brand new pop-culture. The main component driving this change was, of course, movies. Like no other age, films in the 80s and 80s film-stars truly defined the style of an age.

There is a reason why the 1980s stands out in the imagination, and this is due to a particularly vibrant pop-culture. Indeed certain 80s movies stand out in the mind even now – two decades later, as masterpieces of popular cinema. Culture in the 80s undoubtedly inspired 80s outfits, particularly their recent surge back in popularity.

Dirty Dancing holds a special place in any 80s girl’s imagination, and it inspired whole new ideas about fashion and filmmaking. In terms of fashion it helped kick start the trend for exercise gear – such as head bands and legwarmers – and it showed us the potential for big hair styles! This makes Dirty Dancing the perfect inspiration for any 80s fancy dress costume and a great way to recreate its styles is with leggings and teased hair!

For boys, one film defined the decade – Ghostbusters! Perhaps not the most stylish film in the world, but a perfect cast and iconic styles means that it holds a special place in the imagination. The iconic nature of Ghostbusters means that it is perfect for an 80s fancy dress costume – what 80s kid doesn’t secretly want to be Egon or Peter Venkman?

80s movies were not only great pictures, but were also trendsetters and offer some of the best and most iconic ideas for 80s fancy dress costumes and 80s themed parties. Luckily, Fancy Dress Ball have a range of 80s outfits that are extremely authentic, making them a one stop shop for fancy dress.

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