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Spooky Halloween Party Games for Kids

Posted on October 27, 2014 by Fancy Dress Ball


Halloween is just around the corner!

Celebrations don’t have to be only the super-scary domain of the grown ups though; kids love to get involved in a bit of spooky fun. So long as you tone down the blood and gore a little, it’s easy to come up with a fun, entertaining party for the little people.

Here are our top five games to play with children:

Spooky Stories

Children love a spooky story; even more so if it’s a bit gruesome! Sit all the children in a circle and turn the lights off. If you like, leave some night lights or lamps on in the corners. Tell a spooky story of your choosing, as gruesome and spooky as you think your charges can handle. Beforehand, prepare some bowls of “evidence” – cooked spaghetti make good intestines; peeled grapes for eye balls; jelly for brains. Think up a fabulously spooky, gruesome story full of jumps and screams.

Bobbing for Apples

The old ones are usually the best! Simply fill a big bowl with water and fill it with apples. If you don’t fancy having a gang of wet-haired children running around, a great twist on the traditional is to skewer apples through the core and suspend them on string from a beam (or branches if you have a suitable tree in the garden). Challenge the children to “catch” the apples with their mouths, without using their hands.

Winky Murder

One person is chosen as the detective; he or she goes out of the room while a murderer is chosen. Everyone then sits in a circle, and the detective comes in. The murderer must kill their victims by winking at them… the trick is to murder everyone, before the detective figures out who’s the culprit!

Guess the Ghost

The children sit in a big circle, and some music is put on. The children take it in turns to be blindfolded and walk around the circle, touching each child’s head. When the music stops, the child whose head is being touched must let out a ghostly wail; the person who is “it” must guess the ghost! If they are correct, they swap places with the ghost; if not, they go around for another turn.

Dress the Mummy

The party is split into groups of two or more, and provided with lots of toilet roll. The aim of the game is for each group to dress one of its members as a mummy as quickly as possible within the time. Prizes are given for the best coverage, or perhaps the best impression of a mummy!

And there we have it: everything you need to plan a cracking Halloween party for your children. Enjoy!

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