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Let’s Build a Gingerbread House!

Posted on December 09, 2015 by Fancy Dress Ball


This Saturday, 12th December is Gingerbread House Day… we’ll give you three guesses what you’re supposed to do.

Yep, got it in one. You build an igloo… oh, wait. No. A gingerbread house. You build a gingerbread house. Have you ever built one?

They’re not as complicated as they look, you know! Why not make this year the year you make a gingerbread house? You can post pictures of it on your social media and everyone will be really impressed, promise.

The first thing you need to do is mix up a big bowl of gingerbread mix. Here’s a recipe – it’s really easy, we promise. You want to bake your gingerbread in large sheets, so that you can cut it into shapes for the house later.

This blog post has 20 free printable for gingerbread houses (scroll down!)

Once you’ve cut out your walls and roof, all you need to do is stick it together using melted apricot jam, and get decorating!

Of course, if baking all that gingerbread and faffing about with sticking it together is not your cup of tea (it’s always a gamble whether the walls will be strong enough to hold the roof) you could always try a little cheat…

This blog post has some great ideas for no-bake gingerbread houses which you can make without breaking a sweat. Or, if you’re up for a little bit of baking, this article has a recipe for gingerbread Christmas trees which are a lot more sturdy (and hard to get wrong) – just scroll to option number 4.

And of course, then comes the most important part of your gingerbread house – whichever one you make…



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