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It’s World Zombie Day this Saturday

Posted on October 07, 2015 by Fancy Dress Ball

world-zombie-dayThis Saturday is World Zombie Day!

What do you mean, you don’t know what World Zombie Day is? It’s been circled and underlined on our calendar since… well, last year’s World Zombie Day.

World Zombie Day is an event that happens in cities all over the world. It started out in Pittsburgh in 2006 and has since grown to include fifty cities across the globe – including London.

Why did it start in Pittsburgh? Durr, don’t you remember your zombie history? The Monroeville Mall in Pittsburgh was where the Dawn of the Dead arguably the best zombie movie of all time, was filmed.

And so, this Saturday lunch time , thousands of zombies will congregate in central London. If you want to join in, you’ll need to register on their site for the insider information!

We’ve already given you blog posts about how to become a zombie on the cheap,  a zombie name generator, and even a guide to zombie walks.

Today, we’re just going to revel in a bit of cinematic brilliance, with a bit of…

Dawn of the Dead Trivia!

  • The movie was filmed in the Monroeville Mall overnight from 10pm to 6am. The mall opened in the days as normal, but not until 9pm. So why did they stop filming at 6am? Because the Muzac came on then, and nobody knew how to turn it off!
  • They suspended filming over the Christmas season because it would have been too expensive and time consuming to remove all the Christmas decorations every night and then put them up in the morning.
  • The actress who played Francine in the movie, Gaylen Ross, refused to scream. George Romero asked her to once, and she refused saying that she felt the character was a strong female and that screaming would make her look a bit weak. He didn’t ask her again! She also insisted on fighting the zombies herself, saying she refused to play a character who wouldn’t fight zombies on her own!
  • During filming, some of the actors in full zombie makeup took photos of themselves in a photo booth in the mall – then they used the pictures to replace the sample photos on the front of the booth. Imagine coming to get your photo taken the next morning and finding that on the front of the booth!
  • Most of the fake blood in the film was made from a mixture of food colouring, peanut butter and sugar syrup. Remember that in a few weeks for Halloween costumes!
  • The film was made on a tight budget and they could only afford to pay stunt people for the driving scenes. Almost every other stunt in the film was performed by a make up artist and his assistant, who volunteered for them!
  • The marauding zombie bikers were actually played by a local chapter of a bikers club. The motorcycles they ride are their own.
  • Apparently the extras who appeared in the film were given $20, a packed lunch and a Dawn of the Dead t shirt.
  • The same single dummy was used throughout the movie shoot. During that time it was blown up, shot, burnt and beaten!

Do you know any other Dawn of the Dead trivia? We’d love to hear about it!


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