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It’s Just a Jump to the Left… The Best Rocky Horror Fancy Dress!

Posted on November 24, 2014 by Fancy Dress Ball

Rocky Horror Fancy Dress


Who doesn’t love the Rocky Horror Picture Show? Whether you’re going to see a live show, or just going to a fancy dress party, Rocky Horror costumes are fantastic fun to dress up in.

Rocky Horror has a massive cult following across the globe, with people going all-out to dress up as their favourite characters when they go to see the stage show. There is a great tradition of audience participation at the shows, and at screenings of the movie.

So if you’re going to see a show, or the movie, or to a party, who will you dress up as?


Although she’s not in it much, Magenta is a favourite character for fancy dress. Named in the credits as “a dometic,” Magenta is the castle maid – so in order to dress as her, you will need a maid outfit.

Another requirement is big, bushy, wig – and bright red lipstick.


Columbia is another favourite for fancy dress. Credited as “a groupie,” she sports a sparky gold jacket and matching top hat sparkly bodice and hot pants, cropped red hair and a squeaky voice. Basically, get hold of as much glitter as possible, and cover your outfit in it.

Riff Raff

He might not look particularly glamorous, but Riff Raff is a really popular Rocky Horror character – possibly because in the movie, he is played by Richard O’Brien, the Rocky Horror Show’s Creator.  To dress as Riff Raff, you need a balding head with the remaining hair long, lank and blond, an ill-fitting suit, and a bit of a hunch back (a small pillow under your jacket should do it). Don’t forget to practise that creepy sneer!

Dr Frank N Furter

We saved the best for last! You will need a corset, some stockings and suspenders, red lipstick, offensively high heels… perhaps a blood-stained doctor’s cover-all for the lab scenes.

Any Other Character

Don’t worry if you don’t fancy one of the main characters; the beauty of Rocky Horror is that there are so many people to choose from!

Costume essentials:

  • Heavy eye make up and bright red lipstick
  • Stockings and suspenders
  • Novelty sunglasses (star shapes are best)
  • A corset – sparkly if you like!
  • Ridiculous heels – or if you can’t walk in those, platforms
  • A feather boa
  • A sparkly top hat or novelty party hat

As long as you’re wearing some or all of these, you can pass as a character from Rocky Horror easily – and have a fantastic time!


Oh, one last thing you’ll need to know… you’ll need to learn this dance (of course)


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