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Happy Upsy Daisy Day!

Posted on June 08, 2016 by Fancy Dress Ball

upsy daisy day

Today is Upsy Daisy Day! No… it’s nothing to do with that children’s TV show… as far as we know, at least! Upsy Daisy Day is a day designed to encourage us all to face our day positively. Why? Because it’s scientifically proven that a more positive outlook can help to alleviate stress and even improve our health.

We’d all love to be more happy and confident, right? Why not start being more happy and confident right now? It really is that easy. Check out this amazing TED Talk from Amy Cuddy:

This video has been watched over thirty four million times! The techniques in it have been proven not just by actual university scientists (Amy Cuddy is an Associate Professor of Business Administration at Harvard) but also by normal, average people like you. These techniques have been used to help people with everything from scary job interviews to public speaking, and everything in between. Why not watch the video and try a couple of the things Cuddy suggests? It might just improve your day!

Another thing that’s sure to improve your day to day life is gratitude. There have been numerous studies and it’s been shown that if you get into the habit of finding 3 things you’re grateful for every day, you can train your brain to look for the positives rather than the negatives in any given situation – and that in itself can make you more happy.

Everything just works better when you have a smile on your face. Even better, why not use today as an excuse to put a smile on someone else’s face? Pay it forward, as they say, and make someone’s day. Why not perform some random acts of kindness to brighten people’s days – a surefire way to make yourself feel good too!


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