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Halloween Party Games for Adults

Posted on October 29, 2014 by Fancy Dress Ball



Halloween is not just for the kids, you know! If you’re planning the ultimate scare-fest party for your guests this Halloween, you’ll be wanting some awesome games to play.

Here’s our top 5 Halloween party games for adults…


1. Murder Mystery

Well durr, it’s Halloween – someone has to die, right? Put a twist on the usual murder mystery by having your victim come back as a screeching, howling zombie. Enrol the help of secret friends to jump out of cupboards or play corpses or mummies in your haunted murder house.

2. Halloween Jinx

As your guests arrive, hand them a set number of spooky tokens – witches’ fingers, eye balls, whatever you can find. Inform them of two or three words they’re not allowed to say for the whole evening. Choose your words carefully so that your guests will find it difficult to avoid saying them (for example, if you’ve decorated the room with a massive skeleton, make “skeleton” one of the words they’re not allowed to say). Any time someone says a forbidden word, someone who hears it gives them one of their tokens.

At the end of the night, the person with the most tokens must perform a forefeit – as disgusting, spooky and horrid as you can think of (and involving as much fake blood as you can find, obviously).

3. Frozen Halloween T Shirts

Get some t shirts, preferably with Halloween-based prints. Submerge each one in a bowl or tray of water (with red food colouring, for extra effect) and freeze over night. Split your party into teams, and tell them the first team to have a member wearing their t shirt wins a prize. Then sit back and watch as they try to hack their way into their blocks of ice!

4. Halloween Film Festival

What’s better than an evening watching scary movies? Making your friends act them out, of course! Provide props (plastic knives, fake blood, masks, etc) and have your guests split into groups. Each group chooses a different Halloween movie and acts it out to the rest of you. Points for best overall re-enactment, most realistic scream, best use of props etc.

5. Murder in the Dark

Get a deck of cards, and remove all the Jokers, Aces and Kings. Replace one of each, and shuffle the deck. Deal the cards out to the players. Whoever gets the Ace is the murderer; the King is the detective; the Joker is the second detective, if the first is murdered. Then switch all the lights off, and everyone wanders about. The murderer must quietly kill as many people as possible without being caught; they do this by tapping them on the shoulder and whispering “you’re dead!” The victim must then die as quietly as possible. The game continues until someone finds a corpse; then they shout “murder in the dark!” At this point, the lights are switched on and the detective (or substitute, if the detective has died) must figure out who the murderer is. Make the game more fun by giving the murderer a bottle of fake blood with which to squirt the victims.


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