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Friday is International Have Fun at Work Day!

Posted on January 27, 2016 by Fancy Dress Ball



This Friday 29th January is International Fun at Work Day… are you ready to have some fun?

We can’t wait! Working in fancy dress, our days are filled with fun any way – it’s what we’re all about, after all! We’re aware ¬†though that some people don’t work surrounded by comedy wigs and tie-dye flares. Some people probably have boring jobs where they don’t get to giggle all day… poor souls…

Here are five ideas to help you to have fun at work this Friday…

1 Make it a Fancy Dress Day

Well, durr! If you’re all in fancy dress you’re almost guaranteed to have a fun day… right? You could make it a themed fancy dress day too for extra fun. Everyone loves fancy dress and it’s a great way to get everyone into that Friday funday mood!

2 Have a Chair Race

Have you ever had a race around the office on your wheeled chairs? No? WHAT? People who work in offices and have wheeled chairs have a moral obligation to race around the office on those chairs! We’re sure there’s a law about it somewhere…

3 Hand out sweets

Whether you’re working with the public or just two grumpy old men in suits, bring a packet of wrapped sweets with you to work, and hand them out to everyone you meet. Giving people sweets is bound to make them more receptive to having some fun, and filling them with sugar will make them hyperactive and fun too!

4 Have a silly contest

This legendary weather reporter knows how to have fun at work! When the new Star Wars movie was released last year, Sian Welby tried to squeeze as many Star Wars puns as she could into her weather report:


Take a leaf our of Sian’s book; challenge your work mates to fit as many film references or puns as they can into a conversation with a fellow workmate.


5 Get Creative!

Have a read of this post¬†and see how many of these pranks you can do in one day… How much fun would it be to put an air horn on the back of a door, to cover someone’s car in post-it notes or to fill someone’s keyboard with cress seeds? Now is the time to try these things out – and to have loads of fun!


Whatever you end up doing this Friday, make sure you have fun at work!

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