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Celebrating the 70s Man

Posted on August 19, 2011 by admin

Reflecting on the1970s and some of the icons the decade produced such as Gene Simmons from the rock band Kiss, I’m sure you agree with us that the 70’s were a fantastic era for fancy dress with all the wacky outfits people wore back then.

The 70s brought with it the flower power vibe of the 1960s at the same time as people started celebrating Staying Alive to disco tunes. People thought stoves and refrigerators looked good in Avocado green and everyone had a beanbag chair.

For 70’s fancy dress inspiration, we can look to 70s icons like Kiss, Elvis, Abba, Adam Ant and Huggy Bear from Starsky and Hutch. Of course, the 70s was also when being naked became a popular option: the question, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” was replaced by “Which came first, Ray Steven’s The Streak or the actual streakers?” Having said that, we don’t recommend a streaker costume (as you do run the risk of being arrested).


So, what do we recommend? Well it’s really all up to you. Personally, we love Adam Ant, so the Prince Charming costume is a favourite. It is a deluxe fancy dress costume, which means great quality assured. The outfit includes a coat with braided cuffs combined with faux brass buttons, so to complete the look you’ll need a sash belt and trousers. By adding and modifying the Michael Jackson Bad Wig, you can create the perfect Adam Ant hair. Face paint will help you get the face right and large jewelled rings and boots complete the look.

Of course, you may prefer to pimp it up with one of our many Pimp suits, celebrate your inner Elvis or Travolta, or even unleash your inner Gene Simmons.

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