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Celebrate Magic Day with your Favourite Magical Characters!

Posted on June 09, 2014 by Fancy Dress Ball


If you’re one of those people who loves magic, you’ll be pleased to hear that 12th June is Magic Day, an annual day that celebrates everything to do with magic. What child – or adult, if we’re being honest – is not mesmerised by an in explicable magic trick?

Here are some great ideas to help you make Magic Day fun for all the family:

Fancy Dress

Obviously, we’ll jump at any chance to get dressed up, and magical fancy dress is no exception. These days the most famous magical character has to be Harry Potter, but there’s also Gandelf from Lord of the Rings or an old fashioned magician in sharp black suit like our Lego man here. Girls can dress as Hermione Granger if they like, or how about a good old fashioned witch costume, with pointy hat, broomstick and wand?

Lego magician


You can’t celebrate Magic Day without tricks, can you! Don’t worry if you’re not quite at the rabbit-from-hat stage just yet; we’ve found this fantastic YouTube tutorial to help you to wow your friends:



If your children are a little younger, how about making some magic gloop for them to play with? This couldn’t be easier; you just mix cornflour with water and some food colouring, and you have a slimy gloop that’s solid when you scrunch it up into a ball, but goes back to a liquid as soon as you let go of it. We’ve yet to meet a child who didn’t love playing with this stuff! Make it more fun by adding some glitter!



Magic Party!

If you’re going to the trouble of learning tricks and witchy fancy dress costumes, you may as well decorate the house and throw a magical party! Who doesn’t love an excuse for a party?

magic cupcakes


Why not try your hand at some clever “rabbit from a hat” cupcakes, using rabbit biscuits and hat-shaped cupcake cases?


rabbit hat party game

This is a delightfully simple yet fun game for all the family; all you need is a black hat (you can use black paper around a waste paper bin), and some bunny rabbit toys. The winner gets a magical penny pulled from behind their ears!


Whatever you do this Magic Day, make sure it’s… magical!

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