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Chip Shop Strop Culled by Batman and Buzz Comments Off on Chip Shop Strop Culled by Batman and Buzz

Posted on January 30, 2013 by admin

Image courtesy: www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/batman-and-buzz-lightyear-sort-out-1561142

Our favourite heroes Batman and Buzz Lightyear went about their daily duties in Manchester this week and saved a chip shop from a mass brawl.

By the time the police had appeared on the scene, the trouble had been cleared and the owner of the chip shop, Aria Nouri, went about his day.

As reported by the Mirror, a brawl between 20 youths broke out in the middle of his shop, so he called the landlord of the local pub, Steve Lowe, who came to the rescue along with one of his barmen from the Horse and Jockey in Greater Manchester.

The look of sheer surprise on their faces when Batman and Buzz turned up to save the day was apparently something to behold:

Mr Lowe said: “I don’t think anyone was expecting Batman to come to the rescue. The look on some of their faces was a picture.

“When the police arrived their jaws just dropped and I told them nobody is pressing charges.

“A policeman pal of mine later told me that it was reported as an incident and the log said something like, ‘Large scale disturbance at chippy but no further action needed… Batman sorted it’.”

Mr Lowe and his bartender, Shane Lee, had been attending a fancy dress party in their pub when they received the call and that was the last thing that Mr Nouri was expecting:

“I never expected him to turn up as Batman. He just flew in and got the crowd out of the chippy.

“The costumes were brilliant and everyone was stunned when they turned up.

“The youngsters had been drinking, but nobody thought about punching Batman.”

The Mirror likened it to that famous scene from Only Fools and Horses, in which Del Boy and Rodney scared off a gang trying to rob a lady of her handbag!

2013: The Year of Movie Fancy Dress Comments Off on 2013: The Year of Movie Fancy Dress

Posted on January 03, 2013 by admin

This is set to be a good year for lovers of movie costumes.

There is a whole host of exciting movies in the pipeline so get your fancy dress at the ready because it’s going to be a party!

Here’s a rundown of the top movies to look out for if you love dressing up:

Man of Steel

Following the great success of the last movie in the Dark Knight trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises, director Christopher Nolan is gearing up for another box office hit. Man of Steel is the Hollywood blockbuster set to smash onto our screens in June, so be sure to don your cape and briefs!

The Great Gatsby

Due for release a little bit earlier than Superman, The Great Gatsby will take us back to the 1920s in a classy adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel with the same title. Baz Luhrmann is the man in charge of this one, so expect a feast of style and finesse.

Iron Man 3

Director Shane Black has been working on the 3rd instalment of the Iron Man series and it’s due to hit our screens in April. He takes the reins from Jon Favreau, who was the director of Iron Man in 2008 and Iron Man 2 in 2010.

The Wolverine

A fancy dress classic, Wolverine will grace our cinemas once again this year in the aptly titled The Wolverine. The former X-Man travels to Japan in this movie to train with a professional samurai. It’s due out in July, so keep your eyes peeled and your blades out.

Top 20 Awesome Christmas Costumes Comments Off on Top 20 Awesome Christmas Costumes

Posted on November 22, 2012 by admin

We’re all stocked up for the festive season and are on a crusade to keep Britain warm with a healthy dose of fancy dress fun, so take a look at our selection of the top 20 Christmas fancy dress costumes this year – we’ve got all you need for a winter full of warmth and laughter!

(Click on the images to go to the costumes)

1.       Fever Hot Stuff Santa costume

This Santa outfit really is fever hot! Coming in 3 different sizes, it is well finished with Christmassy red bows decorating the hips. You can style it up with some of the many accessories we have in store from sparkling red Dorothy style slippers to sexy striped suspenders.

2.       Sexy Snowman costume

You can melt the snow in this smoking hot sexy snowman costume. The bodice style dress is silky soft and is designed to fit your contours with a fun, ruffled skirt. The only choice you have to make is what leg wear to pair it up with!

3.       Christmas Tree costume

You can deck the halls with this stunning Christmas tree costume! Easy to wear and super comfortable, anyone can pull this off. It comes with star topped-hat, tinsel and stars.

4.       Santa Baby Burlesque costume

This is the ultimate festive treat! If you are looking for a costume that blends Christmas with the world of burlesque, this is the one for you! There are so many fun accessories that go with this one, from burlesque feather boas to red hold up fish net stockings.

5.       Fever Elf costume

Santa’s helpers never looked so good! This fever elf costume is perfect for a group costume if you are all going for a Christmas motif. It comes with elf hat and flirty tutu style skirt.

6.       Miss Snowman costume

Bring your snowman to life with this classic Christmas tale inspired outfit. It is perfect for outdoor parties with its long sleeve style and if you are looking for footwear to match, why not go for our white lace up knee boots?

7.       Red Hot Reindeer costume

Rudolf will have to take a back seat, there’s a new reindeer in town and this one is red hot! Making it a couple’s costume is really easy so why not make a whole team of reindeer?

8.       Saucy Pud costume

When you hit the Christmas party you can guarantee no one will have thought of this one! So while the other girls are comparing Santa costumes you can stand out from the crowd with this saucy and surprisingly seductive Christmas pud costume!

9.       Clockwork Angel costume

The clockwork angel costume sits at the top of any tree! It comes with full snow-white, gold trimmed dress and angel wings.

10.   Fever Naughty Nutcracker costume

Take the beloved Christmas ballet to a new level with this stunning original outfit complete with matching hat!

11.   Fever Rudolf Kini

Maybe this is one for the indoor party only! Only the brave will try to pull this costume off but it will certainly get you noticed!

12.   Red & White Striped Sport Santa costume

The perfect opportunity to shake your belly like a bowl full of jelly! This fun striped Santa costume is a little out of the ordinary but is really comfortable and airy and is one you will be able to handle all night.

13.   Christmas Pudding costume

All you need for this costume is a black pair of trousers, everything else is included! It really is a no hassle outfit you can move around in fairly easily but is still enough of a statement to be a talking point.

14.   Reindeer Second Skin Costume

Morph suits are one of the biggest crazes to hit the fancy dress scene in years. So, to stay in keeping with the season, why not go for this second skin reindeer outfit with a handy pouch for your belongings?

15.   Gingerbread Man second skin costume

Staying in the same vein, this gingerbread man skin takes the biscuit! The happy expression brings more fun to the morph suit fashion.

16.   Comedy Turkey costume

Always a Christmas favourite is the turkey. Make sure you get yours from Fancy Dress Ball to ensure levels of quality as well as levels of hilarity!

17.   Inflatable Snowman costume

This is the ultimate snowman costume and comes with hat and scarf, all you need to add is yourself! It’s surprisingly light and airy so you won’t have to worry about partying all night long.

18.   Super Santa costume

Super Santa is an original slant on the holiday hero. To stand out from the hoard of St. Nicks this year get your hands on this all in one.

19.   Santa Second Skin costume

The third morph suit on the list is Father Christmas himself. Coming complete with morph fabric sack this could be the most festive second skin yet!

20.   Deluxe Santa costume

Trousers, boots, beard, jacket and hat, do you need anything else from a classic Santa costume? Well, if you don’t have the belly, you can always bag yourself one of our inflatable ones to complete your costume.

Iconic Costumes: Catwoman Comments Off on Iconic Costumes: Catwoman

Posted on October 19, 2012 by admin

Batman might have been the talk of the summer but there is one particular character that stood out once again in the superhero epic.

Catwoman has been around for almost as long as the Bat himself, first appearing in DC Comics in 1940 as, simply, the Cat. Selina Kyle, as she is also known, is the epitome of the sexy seductress of the comic book world and movie star Anne Hathaway has compounded that view even further with her sizzling performance as the antihero in The Dark Knight Rises this year.

IGN’s poll on the Top 100 Comic Book Villains of All Time cast Catwoman in at number 11, which is not to be scratched at. The loveable villain has been the star of many a comic and, indeed, many a TV show and movie.

Michelle Pfeiffer was the last actor to portray Catwoman in a Batman movie, namely in Batman Returns in 1992, gaining glowing reviews in the process. Halle Berry, on the other hand wasn’t so widely praised in her depiction of the character in 2004’s Catwoman.

Nevertheless, such has been the popularity of Hathaway’s performance this year, there is talk of another Catwoman movie in the pipeline with the American actor as the star, so get the superhero costumes at the ready and prepare for another instalment of the iconic and ever-popular Catwoman series!

Batman and Bane to Steal Halloween Comments Off on Batman and Bane to Steal Halloween

Posted on July 25, 2012 by admin

Halloween might seem like a long way away, but when you hear things in terms of weeks, they always seem much closer! The fright fest is, in fact, only 13 weeks away!

It’s never too early to get planning the greatest Halloween party of them all, even if it is (supposed to be) summer right now. Halloween is one of the only times of year that we all get a chance to put everything into dressing up and making some haunting memories!

There are so many Halloween costumes out there from which to choose these days, but when there’s a blockbuster movie in the midst, the game changes. The Dark Knight Rises is tipped to provide some of the most popular costumes across the nation this Halloween. It’s not only the Batman costume that will make a multitude of appearances; the Bane mask is hotly tipped to terrify party-goers everywhere.

Tom Hardy’s performance as bad-man Bane really made the film as dark as the Dark Knight should be, so it is sure to inspire fancy dressers when that fancy dress time of year arrives.

Batman is not, of course, the only option, though. Spiderman is another big hitter this year, so expect to see plenty of people in skin-tight red and blue suits on the 31st October!

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