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10 Last Minute Fancy Dress Ideas for New Year’s Eve Comments Off on 10 Last Minute Fancy Dress Ideas for New Year’s Eve

Posted on December 31, 2014 by Fancy Dress Ball



That week between Christmas and New Year just sort of disappears, doesn’t it! You spend most of the time trying to figure out what day it is, with New Year’s Eve being some mythical date somewhere in the future… and then before you know it, it’s December 31st, you’re going to a party tonight and you’ve just realised it’s fancy dress!

What can you do?

There’s always the option of doing a Wednesday Addams: “I’m a homicidal maniac; they look just like everybody else” – but frankly, that is a cop out and although you might think it seems really cool… all of your friends who have gone to the effort of putting a costume together will not be so impressed!

Here are a few last-minute ideas to get you through that fancy dress party tonight:

1. Put your pants on outside of your trousers, make a mask from a piece of material, and a cape out of a sheet or duvet cover  – and make up a silly super hero name! Who says you have to be one of the ones the comics have already thought of? Think outside of that box, and be your own superhero!

2. Collect up all the discarded chocolate wrappers from the floor (don’t pretend there aren’t any down there!) and fix them onto your jumper; you can go as a box of chocolates! This one has an added bonus: if there really are no wrappers lying about, you have the perfect excuse to eat what’s left of the Christmas chocolates, in order to make a costume!

3. A toga! Grab a sheet from the airing cupboard, and follow these simple instructions:


4. Raid your wardrobe. Do you have a suit? James Bond! Some leggings, vest tops, bangles, necklaces? Madonna!  A black dress and some safety pins from the sewing kit? Liz Hurley! It’s highly likely that you have the makings of a passable costume in your wardrobe already!

5. Olaf from Frozen. This is easier than it sounds, and super trendy at the moment. Find a white top and trousers. For a girl, you can make a tutu with a piece of elastic and some netting if you like. (if you don’t have any netting to hand, a net curtain will work at a push) On the white top, stick two or three large black dots – you can cut these out of cardboard or similar. Draw sticks on the arms… to be Olaf’s stick arms. You can make a simple Olaf mask from a paper plate, cutting out eye holes and a smile for the mouth. Simple!

6. Be a zombie! This is perhaps the most simple of all. All you need is some old clothes, a bit of make up and some fake blood. Who doesn’t have those things hanging around the house? Tear holes in your old clothes, make them dirty and dusty and apply fake blood liberally. For your make up, you can go as simple or as gorey as possible, depending on the time and resources you have available.

7. The tin man. Everyone has some of that ridiculously wide foil left over from the Christmas turkey! Wrap yourself up in it, and you can be a tin man, a space man, all sorts. You could even pad it out a bit, and go as a pinball – genius!

8. Draw or print off a “decepticon” logo (from Transformers) and wear it over a normal outfit. You’re a robot in disguise! Obviously, this is only to be used as a very last resort as it’s along the lines of Wednesday Addams and a bit of a cop out!

9. If you have blonde hair of around chin length, use gel or hair spray to stick the front of it up on end – and voila, you’re “Something About Mary!”

10. We saved the best for last… go to the shop and buy some balloons. You need lots of either green, purple or red ones. Blow up as many as you can, and tie them to your clothes to form a bunch of grapes. Genius, right?


So there we have it. Ten last-minute fancy dress ideas for New Year.

What have we learned from this? Next time, order your fancy dress costume from Fancy Dress Ball well in advance of the party!

Brazil 2014 is Here! Comments Off on Brazil 2014 is Here!

Posted on June 13, 2014 by Fancy Dress Ball

World Cup

Engerland, Engerland, Engerlannnnnnnd!

The World Cup is finally here!

Are you excited? We certainly are!

Not only do you get to watch the world’s best footballers doing what they do best, there’s also a chance to try out the very best in football fancy dress! That’s two of our favourite things, right there.

We’re happy to take this opportunity to have a World Cup party for the opening ceremony, and thought we’d share some ideas with you.

world cup cakes

Take a look at these fabulous World Cup cup cakes! Don’t they look fabulous? If you don’t have the patience to sit and create all of the individual team shirts yourself, we’re sure nobody would mind if you just made a full set of England ones!

World Cup hot dogsIf you’re more into the simple things in life, make some good old fashioned hot dogs, and stick some World Cup flags in them.

We love this video for face painting ideas. Why not have each person come to your party as a different country?

World Cup bunting


We love this World Cup printable bunting; why not decorate your living room with it for the duration of the competition?

World Cup Cake

Of course, it’s not a party without a cake! Do you think you could make this one?

Or, since the World Cup is in Brazil this year, perhaps you could try your hand at this one:

Brazil World Cup Cake

Whoever wins (though obviously it will be England this time), the World Cup is a fantastic competition; like the Olympics, it allows us all to see some of the finest athletes in the world, at the pinnacle of their ability. Whichever team you support, all of these men are incredible sportsmen and that’s something to be admired!

Now, on with the celebrations!


And They’re OFF – 5 Awesome Sporting Costumes Comments Off on And They’re OFF – 5 Awesome Sporting Costumes

Posted on January 18, 2013 by admin

From the Super Bowl to the Grand National and the Royal Rumble to the return of Premier League darts, sports fans are in for an action-packed start to 2013.

There are some big events coming your way over the next few months and plenty of opportunities to get dressed up like some of your favourite sporting icons.

Icons like charismatic former tennis star John McEnroe.

The Australian Open is now in full swing – if you’ll pardon the lame pun – and the likes of Andy Murray are hoping to impress Down Under.

Murray will be hoping to emulate McEnroe’s achievements in the game during his career, although the Scot will probably want to avoid the kind of on-court rant that made the American so famous.

McEnroe, of course, is perhaps best remembered for him infamous ‘You Cannot Be Serious’ tirade and his big bushy hair and headband make him one of the most instantly-recognisable sportsmen ever.

Horses have been in the headlines recently for one reason or another – in fact, it’s been the mane news item! Parp.

Joking aside, the Grand National and Cheltenham Gold Cup are fast approaching and hundreds of thousands of horse racing fans will descend on Liverpool and Cheltenham respectively, some of whom will be decked out in fancy dress.

Here’s a bit of inspiration if you’re off to the races soon or just want to wear a costume that lives in the memory furlong.

Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeefence! Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeefence! New Orleans hosts this year’s Super Bowl and you cannot beat the razzmatazz of NFL.

Here’s an American football kit with a difference – quite a gruesome difference.

Staying Stateside, Royal Rumble 2013 sees a host of butch wrestlers battle it out in one ring.

Although two-time Royal Rumble winner Hulk Hogan has now hung up his jockstrap for the final time, his legacy lives on – especially in this little ensemble.

Did you watch the darts over Xmas at Ally Pally? Awesome arrows!

And the great news is that we don’t have to wait long to see the likes of new world champion Phil Taylor in action as Premier League darts starts next month and airs every Thursday night.


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