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Group Fancy Dress Ideas Comments Off on Group Fancy Dress Ideas

Posted on March 14, 2016 by Fancy Dress Ball


Fancy dress is much more fun in a group, don’t you think? There’s safety in numbers and if you feel a bit self conscious in your costume it’s always reassuring when there are a group of friends who all look just as daft as you!

Here are our top five ideas for group fancy dres…


1. Oompa Loompas
Willy Wonka didn’t just have the one oompa loompa dancing around his factory singing, you know! Look; there were loads of them…

2. Crayons!
How often do you see just one crayon on its own? Hardly ever. These things travel in packs, ya know! (see what we did there…)

3. Ghostbusters
Who ya gonna call! With the remake on its way this is a great idea for groups. You can draw straws for who will be Slimer!

4. The Smurfs!
This is great for a group of people because realistically, who remembers any of the smurfs any way? Well, there was Pappa Smurf, and the girl one, but the rest? Just little blue dudes with white hats. Perfect.

5. The Village People
Well, do you really need an explanation for this one?


We’d love to see some photos of your group fancy dress outfits. Share your favourites on our Facebook page!

Adult Costumes for World Book Day Comments Off on Adult Costumes for World Book Day

Posted on February 29, 2016 by Fancy Dress Ball


With World Book Day just around the corner, we’re wondering why the children should have all the fun! After all, most books have adult characters too, don’t they? Here are five great World Book Day costumes for adults who don’t want to miss out on all the fun:


1. Bert the Chimney Sweep

One of the best characters (and worst accents) the world has ever seen in a movie, Bert the chimney sweep began life in the Mary Poppins books by PL Travers. If you need a bit of inspiration for this role, check out this amazing video from last week:





2. Mary Poppins

You can’t have one without the other now, can you! If you’ve seen the movie Saving Mr Banks you’ll know that long before Disney made her into a movie star, Mary Poppins was the beloved nanny from PL Travers’s set of enchanting children’s books. Practically perfect in every way, of course.









3. Oompa Loompa

Everyone has heard of the oompa loompas, right? They come from Loompaland, which Willy Wonka describes as a terrible place filled with thick jungles and dangerous animals. They’ve left Loompaland to work in Willy Wonka’s famous chocolate factory…








4. Odlaw from Where’s Wally

You can expect to see lots of people dressed as Where’s Wally this World Book Day, so why not try something a little different and be Odlaw instead? Odlaw is the bad guy from the Where’s Wally books; all he cares about is getting his hands on Wally’s magical walking stick.









5. The Mad Hatter

One of the most famous characters, the Mad Hatter has had many forms. As well as appearing in the movie adaptations of the Alice in Wonderland books, he also appears in the TV series Once Upon a Time, as a bad guy in Batman and even in an episode of Futurama.






What are you dressing up as for World Book Day? Do head on over to our Facebook page and share a photo!




Today is Pop Music Chart Day! Comments Off on Today is Pop Music Chart Day!

Posted on January 04, 2016 by Fancy Dress Ball


Today is Pop Music Chart Day! When was the last time you investigated the pop music charts? Well, today is the day! Not just for looking into what’s at number 1 right now, but celebrating chart music throughout the years!

The UK Singles Chart was first compiled in 1952; since then there have been over 1200 chart toppers, so there are plenty of songs to choose from. Why not choose a chart topper to dress up as for the day?

Here are some of our favourite chart music fancy dress ideas…


It has to be Elvis, doesn’t it? Can you believe The King had no less than 21 UK number ones. The most recent was in 2005, but his very first was in June 1957 with All Shook Up. He stayed at the top spot for 7 weeks!


Can you guess? The Beatles, obviously! With 17 UK number ones, they were almost as big as Elvis. Their first was in May 1963 with From Me To You.


Abba had seven number one singles in the 1970s – and more importantly, they’re super fun to dress up as!


Madonna – it has to be Madonna, doesn’t it? She had six number one singles in the 80s and her look (in the 80s, at least) had 1980s written all over it!


Ooh, now this one is a toss up between the Spice Girls and Take That, both of whom had 8 number ones in the 1990s… but the Spice Girls are so much more fun to dress up as – and so much more instantly recognisable!


Westlife had the most number one singles in the 2000s, with 11 chart toppers. But unless you’ve several mid-20s Irish heart throbs to stand behind you crooning, they can be a little tricky to pull off… Next on the list is Eminem – and he’s a little easier to dress up as! Or you could always do an updated Madonna look, since she managed 5 UK number ones in the 2000s.


Hmm, this decade is literally only just half way through. So far the artist with the most number ones is Bruno Mars. Although he did go through a phase of wearing that funny hat, he’s a bit tricky to dress up as and everyone know who you came as. In fact, this decade doesn’t really have a fancy dress front runner… let’s hope things pick up in the second half!

Let’s Throw a Mexican Party! Comments Off on Let’s Throw a Mexican Party!

Posted on September 14, 2015 by Fancy Dress Ball


Everyone loves guacamole, right? A lot of Mexican food can be really spicy and perhaps a bit too much to handle – but guacamole is so creamy and cool, it’s perfect for everyone.

You may have noticed that we love any excuse for a party here – and to us, Guacamole Day on Wednesday 16th September sounds an awful lot like an excuse for a Mexican themed party.


So what if the weather is starting to cool down, autumn is beginning and everyone’s gone back to school? We can still have a fantastic fiesta!

Food & Drinks

Firstly, you want some amazing guacamole recipes like these – after all, it is Guacamole Day!

We’ve found this fantastic blog post with loads of ideas for a Mexican themed dinner party; you can use any or all of these to cater for your party!

And here are some amazing taco recipes as well.

Decoration & Games

We love these Mexican paper crafts – you can make them beforehand as decoration, or lay out a table with supplies and have your guests make their own decorations as part of the party.

Of course, you can’t have a Mexican themed party without a pinata. We’ve found this brilliant tutorial for making your own


Oh, come on – did you really think we would have a feature on Mexican themed parties without mentioning Mexican fancy dress?! As if! We love fancy dress!

One fantastic thing we came across is this set of printables for a Mexican wrestler mask. How cool are they!

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we have a gazillion avocados to cut, twist and spoon in preparation for Guacamole Day on Wednesday!

World Book Night: Five Top Costumes Comments Off on World Book Night: Five Top Costumes

Posted on April 20, 2015 by Fancy Dress Ball

world book night costume


This Thursday 23rd April is World Book Night. This is an annual celebration of reading where volunteers all over the UK hand out thousands of free books to people in their community. Unlike World Book Day, this is a more grown-up affair aimed at encouraging adults to read more.

So, which character will you choose to dress as? Here are our five favourite costumes for World Book Night…


1. The Wicked Witch of the West

Everyone thinks of the Wicked Witch of the West as being from The Wizard of Oz – which she was, originally –  but Wicked: The Live and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West was published in 1995, and has since been made into a hit musical. The trick to being recognised as the Wicked Witch of the West, as opposed to any other witch, is the green skin.


2. Darth Vader

We know the films are incredibly famous, but there is also a series of books and graphic novels – and one is named The Rise and Fall of Darth Vader. Only a real die-hard Star Wars fan will have read all the books though – but who could pass up a chance to be Darth Vader for the night?


3. Snow White

Before Walt Disney got his hands on her, Snow White was a well-loved story book character, originating from a German fairy tale. She first appeared in Grimm’s Fairy Tales in 1812 – however the dwarves were not given names until the story was made into a Broadway play in 1912, and then Disney gave them different names when they released their iconic cartoon of the story in 1937.


4. Captain Hook

Peter Pan’s archenemy might be best known for his representations on screen, but he originally came to life in the pages of JM Barrie’s Peter Pan, or The Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow up published in 1904. Hook is famously followed relentlessly by the crocodile who ate his hand (cut off by Peter Pan), but the ticking clock it has swallowed always alerts Hook to its presence. If you’re going to do this costume right, you should get a toy crocodile to “follow” you around.

5. Tinker Bell

As with Hook, Tinker Bell first came to lift as a character in JM Barrie’s Peter Pan book. In the book, it is explained that a fairy’s size prevents her from having one feeling at a time – and she is sometimes ill-tempered, spoilt, jealous and vindictive.


Whatever you are doing this World Book Night, make sure it involves a book!

St George’s Day is Coming! Comments Off on St George’s Day is Coming!

Posted on April 15, 2015 by Fancy Dress Ball

St George's Day Fancy Dress


Thursday 23rd April is St Georges’ Day – and what better way to celebrate than in fancy dress! Here are our top 5 picks for English fancy dress:

1. St George Knight

The traditional is often the best – and they don’t come more traditional than this!

St George's Day Knight

2. Boer War Soldier

If you’re not up for the usual soldier costume, tbis one’s a little different!

Boer War Soldier Costume

3. Ginger Spice

What could be more English (British?) than wearing a Union Jack dress?

Ginger Spice costume

4. Union Jack Suit

An altogether more classy option, don’t you think?

union jack suit st georges day

5. Wills and/or Kate

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are the hottest thing about England these days: first they got married, then they had Prince George, now they’re having another royal baby! Join in with the patriotism with these handy masks!

William Kate Mask



Back to the 80s – A Guide for Men Comments Off on Back to the 80s – A Guide for Men

Posted on April 13, 2015 by Fancy Dress Ball

Back to the 80s- A Guide for Men


Who doesn’t love the 1980s? It was such a fantastic decade, with so many difference fancy dress options to choose from.  Here are our favourites:


Freddie Mercury
The 1980s really was Queen’s decade. They had hit after hit after hit throughout the ’80s and everyone loves all of them! Freddie Mercury’s trademark moustache and yellow leather jacket have become instantly recognisable… all you need to do is brush up on your performance skills… the Show Must Go On…

Adam Ant
Another incredibly iconic look, Adam and the Ants were massive proponents of the New Romantic era, with their amazing outfits and memorable dances. If you like your make up, and you want to be Price Charming, this is the 1980s costume for you! Ridicule is nothing to be scared of…

Teen Wolf
Michael J Fox wasn’t just Marty McFly, you know. He also played the original Teen Wolf in 1985 – before it was made into a TV show. This outfit comes with gloves, a wig and a beard – so all you need to worry about is your wolfy growl! Awooooo!

Timmy Mallet
Every child of the 1980s remembers Wacaday, where Timmy Mallet and his cockatiel Magic played Mallets Mallet with contestants who either won an amazing prize such an LP, or a big plaster with “WAC” written on it. (They don’t do TV show budgets like they used to!) All together now… Mallets Mallet is the word association game where you mustn’t pause, mustn’t hesitate, repeat a word  or you get a bash on the head like this or like this. The one with the most bruises loses. Look at each other and say Blaahhh!

Honey Monster
When we weren’t dancing to Queen or Adam and the Ants, we were watching Teen Wolf or Wacaday and eating our Sugar Puffs, right? This costume will take you right back to your childhood with a mask, jacket, gloves and furry boot covers to ensure you look just like the real deal. Now all you need to do is practise going “monster mad for the honey!”

Fantastic St Patrick’s Day Costumes Comments Off on Fantastic St Patrick’s Day Costumes

Posted on March 16, 2015 by Fancy Dress Ball

s Day Fancy Dress


Tomorrow is St Patrick’s Day, when we all traditionally remember our Irish roots – however distant or imagined!  St Patrick’s Day is the Irish national day, but since Irish people have emigrated to countries all over the globe. it’s an international celebration. Here are 5 great costume ideas:

1. Leprechaun
Well, obviously! A leprechaun is a type of fairy in Irish folklore, known for being mischievous. Leprechauns are usually depicted wearing a green jacket and hat, often with a large brass buckle.  A leprechaun is a great choice for St Patrick’s Day Fancy Dress as you’re expected to be up to mischief and giggling  – perfect for lots of fun!


2. A Pint of the Black Stuff
If there’s one thing we associate with Ireland, it’s black Irish stout (mentioning no brand names). It’s often said you won’t get a proper pint of the black stuff outside of Ireland, where it will take several minutes to pour. Outside of Ireland, Irish people are forever telling bar staff where they’re going wrong! Why not dress as a pint, and delight in showing everyone just how much you know about Irish stout!


3. A Smart Suit
Why not buck the trend of silly, over-sized hats and go for something a little more classy? We love this Oppo Suit because it allows you to get into the spirit of celebrations without going too overboard – and whilst retaining a certain element of style you would find it hard to keep whilst dressed as a tiny green leprechaun!


4. Green Wig
If full St Patrick’s Day fancy dress is a little much for you on a Tuesday evening, why not just opt for a comedy green wig, and perhaps some novelty shades? You’re dressed up enough to gain entry to the party, but it’s minimal effort and fuss – and more importantly, won’t get in the way of a drink!


5. Green!
In massive contrast to Number 4, the option for those who don’t reall want to get into it, we present the option for someone who really wants to get into the spirit of the celebration! Buy some face and body paint (you might need more than one pot) and paint to your heart’s content. Wear whatever outfit takes your fancy, and accessorise with comedy hats, novelty sunglasses, wigs, whatever you fancy. You’ll definitely be the highlight of the St Patrick’s Day evening!

5 Dark & Disturbing Fairy Tales for Tell a Fairy Tale Day Comments Off on 5 Dark & Disturbing Fairy Tales for Tell a Fairy Tale Day

Posted on February 23, 2015 by Fancy Dress Ball

Tell a Fairy Tale Day (1)


This Thursday 26th February is Tell a Fairy Tale Day.

These days, when we think of fairy tales we think of Disney and princesses and happily ever after, but the original fairy tales came from European folklore and were intended for an audience of adults as much as children. Many of them are fairly dark, for example the story of Bluebeard, where a violent nobleman kills his wives one after the other.

More interested in Tell a Fairy Tale Day now? The darker side of fairy tales can make them much more interesting to dress up as too. You’re not limited to princes and princesses after all!

Here are our five favourite fairy tales:

1. The Little Mermaid
We’re not talking the bright and song-filled Disney version here; the original story by Hans Christian Andersen was an entirely different kettle of fish; gory and depressing, the story is about agony and self-sacrifice. A mermaid saves a prince from drowning and falls in love with him, so she visits a sea-witch and trades her tongue for a pair of legs, even though they feel like she is walking on jagged swords, and if the prince rejects her she will be turned to sea foam. She dances for the prince, despite the pain, and he enjoys it – but then marries the girl he wrongly believes saved him. There are two endings to the story. In one, she is turned to sea foam because the prince has rejected her. In the other, she is told that killing the prince will save her, but she declines and because she hasn’t killed him she becomes a “daughter of the air.” How much of you do you recognise from the Disney movie?

2. Bluebeard
This is one of those stories that really makes you question who thought it would be a good idea to start reading fairy tales to children. A woman marries a myaterious and wealthy man who has been married several times before, but nobody knows what happened to his wives. He goes away for a time, and upon leaving forbids her from entering a room beneath the castle. She looks any way, and finds that the floor of the room is covered in blood. The dead bodies of Bluebeard’s former wives are in the room, hanging from hooks on the wall. Bluebeard returns home and finds that she has been in the room. He intends to behead her, but before he does her brothers rescue her.

3. The Children Played at Slaughtering
This story was in the original Brothers Grimm book Children’s and Household Tales – but was left out of their later publications, and we can see why. It’s a story where children play a game where one is a butcher and the other is a pig. A little boy kills his brother. His mother is enraged and kills him, an then her last remaining child drowns in the bath, so she hangs herself. Imagine turning up to a fairy tale fancy dress party dressed as one of those characters!

4.  The Robber Bridegroom
Another from the Brothers Grimm book Children’s and Household Tales, this one is about a young miller’s daughter who is to be married off to a man who seems to be respectable and well-off. One day she visits him but finds that he is not home. Instead she finds a bird who tells her to run away, and an old woman who tells her that her future husband is in fact a cannibal who likes to eat young girls. The old woman hides her under a barrel just as the man returns with his friends, and a young woman. They force the woman to drink three different coloured wines, until her heart bursts in two – at which point they strip her and begin to dismember her body. Her finger, wearing a ring, rolls under the barrel and the young girl puts it into her pocket, and then sits and watches the men feast on the body. When they are all passed out in a drunken stupour she makes her escape. At their wedding, the young girl produces the dead girl’s finger and the groom is exposed. He and his friends are all executed.

5. The Juniper Tree
This is possibly the weirdest story you will read, ever. A woman hates her step-son so much that she plans to kill him – this will ensure her husband’s inheritance will come only to the daughter she has had with him. She gets the boy to reach into a chest for an apple; as he does so, she bangs the lid down on him, thus chopping his head off. Then she props his body up in a chair and balances the head on top, covering the wound with a neck tie. The younger sister comes into the room and talks to her brother, but he doesn’t answer (obviously; he’s dead). The mother tells her daughter that if her brother doesn’t answer her, she should cuff him around the ear. The girl does this and his head falls off. She is distraught, thinking she’s killed her brother. The mother says never mind, let’s destroy the evidence – and proceeds to chop up the boy’s body and put the pieces into a big pot of stew. The father comes home and eats his tea, proclaiming it the tastiest stew he has ever eaten. He sucks the meat from the bones and throws them under the table, as the young girl watches, crying. When the father finishes his meal, the girl gathers up the bones and places them in the garden, beneath the juniper tree where his mother was buried years before. A bird then flies out of the tree, and flies around the countryside singing “my mother killed me, my father ate me!” The bird then kills the step mother and from her burning remains, the little boy appears, alive again. The father, son and daughter are reunited, and all live happily ever after.


Disclaimer: we really do not recommend you read any of these stories to children. Adults on the other hand, may enjoy them. And some of these characters would make fantastic fancy dress outfits!

Get Ready for Valentine’s Day! Comments Off on Get Ready for Valentine’s Day!

Posted on February 09, 2015 by Fancy Dress Ball

Get Ready for Valentine's Day

The cards have been in the shops since Christmas, so you could be forgiven for getting a bit complacent about it – but you won’t be forgiven if you actually forget about it! This Saturday is 14th February – Valentine’s Day!

Don’t panic though; Fancy Dress Ball has got your back on this one!

The tradition is to buy a lady a dozen red roses and take her out for a hugely overpriced dinner, in a crowded restaurant where you sit surrounded by other couples, under immense pressure to be romantic and have a good time. We don’t think any of that is very romantic though, or much fun.

We think a much better idea would be to dress up in Valentine’s fancy dress and woo your lover with something a bit different. We love the idea of dressing up as a gangster, from the 1929 St Valentine’s DayMassacre.

Another great idea is to have matching his ‘n’ hers costumes – possibly the one night of the year when this is acceptable! How about being Superman and Supergirl, or a caveman and a cavewoman?

These days lots of places are throwing fancy dress parties for Valentine’s Day – they’ve realised that people would rather go out and have fun than be crowded into a restaurant and pay twice the usual price for a meal.

If you can’t find a Valentine’s fancy dress party locally, why not organise one yourself? There’s still time, and we bet loads of your friends would love to come along.  Why not throw a “red” party where the only rule is that everyone must be in red, or dressed as a red character? This can be great fun as people try to decide what to dress up as.

If you’re single, or have a lot of single friends, you could always throw a matchmaking party – where only single people are allowed to go, and the host or a group of people act as matchmaker for their friends.

For party refreshments, you’ll probably want to go with a red theme! We love this super easy recipe for champagne punch. For food, a great idea is to cut sandwiches into heart shapes. This can work well for anything  really – even shop bought cookies!

If you’re really looking to go all-out with your party, why not take a look at this fab video for some top pointers?

If you do still want to send flowers to that special someone, roses are traditional but not necessarily necessary! We love the boquets in this article; they’re classically beautiful without being stereotypical.


Have a fabulous Valentine’s Day, whatever you do… though obviously, your Valentine’s Day will be better in fancy dress!

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