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Spring Party Ideas Comments Off on Spring Party Ideas

Posted on April 25, 2016 by Fancy Dress Ball

Spring Party Ideas

Don’t you just love spring? After a long, cold and rainy winter the sun is finally beginning to peek from behind the clouds! Ok… well, they’re fairly small peeks from behind clouds right now, but we’re holding out hope that we’ll have a beautiful spring, starting any day now!

What better way to celebrate spring than by having a spring party? Here are some ideas to get you started…


The best way to decorate for a spring party is with flowers, of course! After several months of bare trees and colourless ground, everyone loves it when the flowers begin to bloom and trees begin to blossom. Vases of flowers are great, but also you could string some together (like a daisy chain), make garlands of flowers or perhaps have little pots of planted, live flowers. We also love this idea for DIY flower fairy lights – simple yet effective!


These days you can get any food you like, pretty much all year round in the local supermarket. But if you go to your local farmer’s market, you will find the foods that are in season. Spring is the time when lots more foods begin to grow naturally in the UK, so make the most of it! Think of brightly coloured salads and light and bright food; finger sandwiches are great for this as well. Fresh fruit is also brilliant – perhaps on kebab sticks to make it easier to handle.

Spring Fancy Dress

We’ve already had Easter, but spring fancy dress is pretty  much the same sort of things: spring time bunnies, baby chicks, maybe bee costumes too! If those don’t inspire you, you could always just make a lovely garland of spring flowers for your hair, or weave flowers into a braid. A daisy chain necklace would also work well!


Depending on the age range of your party goers, there are lots of different things you could do.

What about making a fairy garden? You’ll need a tray with a big rim (the round ones from a pub work well), some soil and some small plants/grass seeds etc. You can be as elaborate as you want with this. If you want to go all out, check out these beautiful broken plant pots that have been turned into fairy gardens! This article will give you some ideas for the best plants to use.

If you don’t feel like being that organised, just buy lots of packs of bubbles and perhaps some outdoor toys like bats and balls etc. Even better, get a bubble machine! People of all ages love bubbles, and with good weather it’s always refreshing to just get outside and throw or kick a ball around.

Are you organising a spring party? We’d love to see some photos on our Facebook page!

Top 5 Fancy Dress With Hats! Comments Off on Top 5 Fancy Dress With Hats!

Posted on April 18, 2016 by Fancy Dress Ball


A hat is a great way to add the finishing touch to your fancy dress costume… or if you’re caught short (or feeling really lazy) you can sometimes get away with just plonking on a hat and calling it your costume! Here are our five favourite hats for fancy dress


1. Cowboy Hat
If you don’t have time to put together a whole outfit, a cowboy hat can be a lifesaver. A pair of jeans, pointy-toed boots, almost any sort of plain t shirt or flannel shirt and you can easily become a cowboy – or girl!

2. Pirate Hat
Ok, well you do need to put a little more effort into this one to make it a complete outfit but at a real push, you can just wear dark or ripped clothing and a pirate hat and tell people you’re a pirate. The biggest part of being a pirate is talking like one any way! Check out our blog post on how to talk like a pirate!

3. Animal Ears
Ok, so not strictly a hat – but a great way to get away with not having a proper costume! Dress all in black, stick on a pair of cat or dog ears and paint your nose black! Job’s a good’un!

4. Viking
Everyone knows what a viking hat looks like; it has horns! There’s no mistaking what you’ve come as if you’re wearing a viking hat, right? The rest of your outfit should probably involve a sheepskin or leather waistcoat and… er… brown trousers? See? Nobody knows what vikings wear, other than the hat! Vikings are all about the hats.

5. Charlie Chaplin
You could be almost anyone wearing a black suit… but draw on a little moustache and don a bowler hat and hey presto – you’re Chaplin. Everyone know Charlie Chaplin, even if they’ve never seen any of his movies and know nothing about him. It’s an iconic image and easy to pull off.


Do you have a go-to hat for fancy dress emergencies?

Today is Dr Seuss Day! Comments Off on Today is Dr Seuss Day!

Posted on March 02, 2016 by Fancy Dress Ball





Today is Dr Seuss’s birthday! Did you know that Dr Seuss would have been 112 years old today? He died in 1991, but his spirit lives on in his books and characters.

Dr Seuss wrote more than 60 books over the course of his career, but perhaps the most famous was the Cat in The Hat which was originally published in 1957.

Why not throw a Seuss-themed party to celebrate this special day? Here are some ideas to help you on your way:



Check out this recipe for Cat’s Hat Parfait – it’s simple to make but very effective!



Click the picture for 12 fantastic Cat in the Hat activities

This blog post also has some fantastic Dr Seuss themed ideas.

And finally, of course, here is a tutorial for Cat in the Hat face paint:


If you’re celebrating Dr Seuss Day, don’t forget to share some photos on our Facebook page!

Most popular children’s book costumes Comments Off on Most popular children’s book costumes

Posted on February 24, 2016 by Fancy Dress Ball

WorldBookDay Children's Costumes

With it being World Book Day next week, we thought it might be fun to look at popular children’s costumes for the day…

We have loads of costume ideas on our World Book Day page, but here are some of the favourites:

Willy Wonka Costume



Willy Wonka

Everyone’s favourite chocolate factory owner, and instantly recognisable by his crazy outfit and top hat. A brilliant choice for World Book Day – and double points if you finish the outfit with a box of chocolates!









Alice in Wonderland Costume




Alice in Wonderland

Another instantly recognisable costume – in fact, possibly the most recognisable of all! Everyone loves Alice in Wonderland, right? Why not dress up as her!






The Cat in the Hat





The Cat In The Hat

We looked, and we saw him step in on the mat, we looked and we saw him – the Cat in the Hat! Is there a person alive who’s not read this book? We doubt it! It’s fun to have fun, but you have to know how – and this is the perfect place to start.





Mary Poppins child costume




Mary Poppins

She’s practically perfect in every way – which is probably why she’s so popular on World Book Day! Not just one for the adults; lots of children love to dress up as Mary Poppins too. Extra points if you can find a carpet bag to finish the outfit!






Have you got your World Book Day costume sorted out yet? There’s still time to get a really great outfit put together! Don’t forget you might also need things like face paints to complete your look!

Today is Pop Music Chart Day! Comments Off on Today is Pop Music Chart Day!

Posted on January 04, 2016 by Fancy Dress Ball


Today is Pop Music Chart Day! When was the last time you investigated the pop music charts? Well, today is the day! Not just for looking into what’s at number 1 right now, but celebrating chart music throughout the years!

The UK Singles Chart was first compiled in 1952; since then there have been over 1200 chart toppers, so there are plenty of songs to choose from. Why not choose a chart topper to dress up as for the day?

Here are some of our favourite chart music fancy dress ideas…


It has to be Elvis, doesn’t it? Can you believe The King had no less than 21 UK number ones. The most recent was in 2005, but his very first was in June 1957 with All Shook Up. He stayed at the top spot for 7 weeks!


Can you guess? The Beatles, obviously! With 17 UK number ones, they were almost as big as Elvis. Their first was in May 1963 with From Me To You.


Abba had seven number one singles in the 1970s – and more importantly, they’re super fun to dress up as!


Madonna – it has to be Madonna, doesn’t it? She had six number one singles in the 80s and her look (in the 80s, at least) had 1980s written all over it!


Ooh, now this one is a toss up between the Spice Girls and Take That, both of whom had 8 number ones in the 1990s… but the Spice Girls are so much more fun to dress up as – and so much more instantly recognisable!


Westlife had the most number one singles in the 2000s, with 11 chart toppers. But unless you’ve several mid-20s Irish heart throbs to stand behind you crooning, they can be a little tricky to pull off… Next on the list is Eminem – and he’s a little easier to dress up as! Or you could always do an updated Madonna look, since she managed 5 UK number ones in the 2000s.


Hmm, this decade is literally only just half way through. So far the artist with the most number ones is Bruno Mars. Although he did go through a phase of wearing that funny hat, he’s a bit tricky to dress up as and everyone know who you came as. In fact, this decade doesn’t really have a fancy dress front runner… let’s hope things pick up in the second half!

Nativity Play Costume Help! Comments Off on Nativity Play Costume Help!

Posted on November 23, 2015 by Fancy Dress Ball

nativity play costumes

It’s that time of the year again… Brace yourselves, we’re going to use the “C” word…

Christmas is coming!


And that can only mean one thing: it’s nativity play season!

When we were kids you could get away with a net curtain poncho for an angel or mum’s tea towel shoved over your head for a shepherd – but these days, nativity play costumes are all together more professional!

You can of course buy a costume – but what about the competitive parent in you, who wants your child to turn up for the play in a perfect, bespoke costume hand-made by their loving parent?

That competitive parent is currently wishing they’d learned to sew, right? Wishing your crafting skills were Pinterest-worthy? Don’t panic! Fancy Dress Ball is here to help! We’ve scoured the Web to find you some simple nativity costume tutorials to help you to fulfill your inner crafty (competitive) parent…


Back in the day, our mums would put us in a long, weird dress thing they just happened to have in the cupboard (why??), shove a clean tea towel on our heads and shove us into the line-up. Not any more!

Here’s a great tutorial to show you how to make a shepherd headdress out of an old pillowcase or other piece of material.

And this thrifty mum managed to make an entire shepherd outfit for less than £2.50!

Does your shepherd need a beard?


Sometimes the shepherds bring a sheep with them, right?

This costume looks like brilliant fun to make!


Here’s how to make an angel costume from an old pillow case.

These wings are a little tricky, but also probably more comfortable for your little angel to wear/fly in.

Or we love these wings made with coffee filters!

And of course, all angels need a halo!


Here’s a super easy tutorial for a no-sew Mary costume


We love this quick and easy Joseph costume

3 Kings/Wise Men

The wise men wore crowns; here’s a great tutorial!

And here’s a tutorial for the rest of the costume


And finally…

This article has tutorials for no less than eight nativity costumes!


Are your children in the nativity play this year? We’d love to see some photos of your home-made creations!



Bonfire Night Costumes to Keep Warm Comments Off on Bonfire Night Costumes to Keep Warm

Posted on November 02, 2015 by Fancy Dress Ball

bonfire night costumes to keep warm

Halloween is over for this year… but Bonfire Night is just around the corner!

With all the blood and guts of Halloween cleared up and put away for another year, Bonfire Night is another fantastic opportunity to show your fancy dress capabilities. Where we tend to dress to scare on Halloween, Bonfire Night is more about just having fun – but also keeping warm!

If you’re going to a bonfire event, you’ll want to make sure you don’t freeze your toes off! We’ve our fingers crossed for a dry night, but it’s still likely to be fairly chilly!

Here are some ideas for costumes that will allow you to stay warm:

A Mummy!

You can wrap yourself up all warm and cosy, and then just wrap bandages (or toilet roll) around yourself on top. Warm and toasty all evening long!

A Pirate

Pirates sailed the seven seas in trousers, boots, pouffy white shirts (good for wearing layers underneath) and jackets! Perfect outfit for standing about for a bonfire event.

A Zombie

Everyone loves a zombie, right? The brilliant thing abou being a zombie is that a person might have wrapped up warm for an evening at a bonfire party, with gloves and everything – and then been bitten by a zombie and become one themselves!

A Doctor/Surgeon

Doctors tend to wear loose-fitting scrubs and/or a white coat – you can wear layers underneath to keep warm!

A Onesie

Ok, so a onesie is not technically a fancy dress costume – but most onesies are characters like a bear, a crocodile or a cow. If you have one in a larger size you can wear a layer or two underneath.

A Superhero

Superheroes tend to dress in skintight lycra outfits… but the thing about lycra is that it’s stretchy – so you can probably stretch it over a pair of tights and a thermal top!

If you’re dressing up for Bonfire Night events this week, don’t forget to share your photos on our Facebook page!



DIY Children’s Halloween Costumes Comments Off on DIY Children’s Halloween Costumes

Posted on October 19, 2015 by Fancy Dress Ball



Halloween is on its way! Have you been invited to a Halloween party yet? These days lots of schools and nurseries allow children to come in wearing a costume, and then there are parties at youth clubs, and Brownies or Cubs or whatever else. And if you’re not doing any of that, you’re still not off the hook – because they will need a Halloween costume to go trick or treating!

Fear not! Here are X DIY Halloween costumes for children that you can knock up without too much bother…

1. Ghost

We thought we’d start with the most obvious and easy. All you need is an old bed sheet – and perhaps a belt to hold it in place. We won’t insult your intelligence by telling you to cut eye holes…

2. Skeleton

You’ll need old black trousers and a long sleeved top. You can buy a cheap plastic skeleton mask from your loal pound shop. Find a picture of a skeleton (Google “cartoon skeleton”) and use white paint or chalk pen to draw the bones onto the costume. Don’t forget to draw the bones on the back as well as the front!

Extra points if you use some creepy glow in the dark paint  for the bones!

3. Olaf from Frozen

We’ve found this super easy tutorial for making a DIY Olaf costume. All you need are white clothes to wear underneath!

4.  A Cat

This one is easier than you think. Find brown or black trousers and top for the body of the cat. For the ears, you can either buy a cheap set from the pound shop, or make your own using pieces of cardboard stuck to an alice band. Draw on some whiskers using an eyeliner or eyebrow pencil. You can make a tail using an old piece of brown or black material; either just cut a long strip and sew onto the back of the trousers, or sew a wider piece into a tube and stuff with cotton wool or old tights.

5. A Witch

You’ll need a black skirt and long-sleeved top for this one. Accessorise with a black cloak – if you don’t have one, an offcut from the fabric shop will do. You can get a witch’s hat from your local pound shop, and can use green face paint to really add to the look!

6. A White Rabbit

You’ll need an adult’s old white sweatshirt for this: the larger, the better (unless your child is very small!). Take a look at the full tutorial here.

7. Raining Cats & Dogs

This is one of those genius costumes that looks great, but is actually really simple. Find a rain poncho or old waterproof. The sort of thing you buy cheap at theme parks is perfect. Next you’ll need an old umbrella and some cuddly toys – cats and dogs, obviously. If you don’t want to hang your cuddly toys from the umbrella (poor pussies and pooches!) then you can use cut-out pictures stuck onto card. You can use a template, print it out, colour it black and stick it to card. Then you use thread to tie the cats and dogs to the umbrella. The final piece of the costume is, of course, welly boots.


So there you have seven super-simple DIY Halloween costume ideas for children. If you decide to try any of them, don’t forget to send us a photo on Facebook or Twitter!

It’s Bring Your Teddy to Work/School Day! Comments Off on It’s Bring Your Teddy to Work/School Day!

Posted on October 14, 2015 by Fancy Dress Ball



Don’t pretend you don’t have a beloved teddy that you could take to work with you today. We all have that one special teddy, don’t we. Well, some of us have more than one! Today is the day to let your teddy get out and about and explore your world!


Ok, let’s say for argument’s sake you don’t have a teddy bear… we’ll believe you! How about dressing up as a teddy bear instead? That’s guaranteed to brighten your co-workers’ day! Even better if you work in a bank or a shop – brighten everyone’s day!

If you have children who’ve already gone to school, why not surprise them at the school gate with their teddies, and have a teddy bears’ picnic in the park on the way home? Or, if the weather is rubbish, you could have a floor picnic at home.

Here’s a really easy tutorial for a teddy bear cake you can make as a centrepiece for your picnic. Use a biscuit cutter to cut sandwiches into teddy bear shapes. Of course, honey sandwiches will work best! We love the ideas in this blog post for teddy bear picnic food.

You could all make teddy bear masks using paper plates: paint them brown and use cake cases for ears. Cut holes for the eyes, and use a pom pom for the nose!

Of course, if you bring your teddy bear to work with you, you can also bring teddy bear sandwiches and masks and encourage all of your coworkers to join you in a big  picnic in the staff room! What a brilliant idea!

Celebrate World Farm Animals Day Comments Off on Celebrate World Farm Animals Day

Posted on September 30, 2015 by Fancy Dress Ball



This Friday, 2nd October is World Farm Animals Day.

The day was actually created in memory of Gandhi, who believed in treating all living beings with respect. The idea is to highlight the poor conditions suffered by some farm animals, and to promote awareness in the hope of improving their lives.

That all sounds quite bleak and miserable, doesn’t it. We can also celebrate farm animals though. A great way to do this is to visit a farm. We’re always seeing in the news that children these days think milk comes from the shop, or eggs just magically appear in a box. These days many children genuinely don’t know where there food comes from and a visit to a local farm can help with that.

Here are our top ideas for celebrating World Farm Animal Day:

  • Community farms are great to visit because they often have initiatives where children can get involved in the farming process – by feeding animals or collecting eggs. This helps them to become familiar with the idea of a farm and farm animals. And by spending time with the animals, they will be more inclined to see that farm animals deserve respect and care, just like their pet dog or cat.
  • If you can’t get out to visit a community farm, we have a fantastic idea for a way to celebrate World Farm Animals Day. You’ll never guess what it is… fancy dress! You could create your own farm at home, school or work. Each dress as a different animal, paint your faces and really get into character.
  • If you don’t want to paint your face, check out these brilliant farm animal mask printables.
  • Make a donation to an animal protection charity in honour of World Farm Animal Day
  • Use your initiative and artistic skills to decorate farm animal cupcakes or biscuits. Mini marshmallos make great sheep wool, and chocolate buttons are great spots for fresian cows!
  • Failing all of that, just watch this suer-cute video of mini pigs:


If there is anything in this world more cute than a mini pig enjoying having its belly scratched, we don’t know what it is!

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