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Are you ready for Christmas Jumper Day? Comments Off on Are you ready for Christmas Jumper Day?

Posted on December 16, 2015 by admin


Christmas Jumper Day is a fairly new phenomenon, but the shops have really caught on to it and you can get some amazing jumpers – or knit your own!

Christmas Jumper Day takes place this year exactly one week before Christmas – yes, this Friday 18th December is Christmas Jumper Day! A lot of schools will be breaking up this Friday, and offices often join in with the fetivities too, raising money for Save the Children who first set up the campaign in 2012.  The idea is that we all wear a Christmas Jumper and donate money in order to “make the world better with a sweater.”

This year, ITV have teamed up with Save the Children and all of the channel’s presenters will be wearing a Christmas jumper on the day.

You can sign up for your fundraising kit here – it’s a fantastic way to raise money for a great cause as well as getting your Christmas spirit well and truly (and literally) on in time for the big day!

The only question now is… which Christmas jumper will you wear?

Well, as you may have noticed we’re a teensy bit obsessed with fancy dress. So of course, we’re going to advocate the full-on-Christmas-fancy-dress approach to Christmas Jumper Day.  What does that entail? Well, for a start you need more than just a jumper. You need accessories and shoes and tighs and hats and… you get the idea?

If you’re going all out for Christmas Jumper Day this year, we’d love to see your outfits! Why not share a photo on our Facebook page?


One Month til Christmas! Comments Off on One Month til Christmas!

Posted on November 25, 2015 by Fancy Dress Ball


Not sure if you’ve noticed, but today is November 25th – and that means there’s only one month until the big day!
If you need some help keeping track of how many days are left, why not bookmark this page which will give you a real-time countdown to Christmas!

So are you all ready for Christmas, or do you still have loads of things left to do? Here’s a list of the things you’ll need to get sorted…

  • Buy an advent calendar of some description. These days toy advent calendars seem to be really big – which might seem a bit extravagant but is probably better than essentially starting the day with a mouth full of chocolate every day for a month!
  • Stock up on Christmas biscuits and treats – there are always loads of offers in the supermarkets in th run-up to Christmas, so start early and buy things when they’re on offer!
  • Mince pies! You can either make them or buy them, but you can’t have Christmas without them! Have you had your first one yet?
  • Christmas cake – you probably should have made this some time ago… but you can always just pop to the shop and buy one… then ice it yourself and pretend it’s home made – nobody will know!
  • Crackers – you need to have crackers. Preferably the ones with those little red plastic fish in them. You know, the ones that curl up on your hand and tell you you’re incredibly selfish/beautiful/funny/gullible?
  • Christmas tree – is yours up yet? Ours has been up for a while, of course!
  • Decorations – of course!
  • Drink – we’re not advocating raucous drunkenness, but Christmas is the time when a lot of us indulge in the odd glass of sherry. Christmas is that time of year when we drink the weird drinks, isn’t it. Advocaat, sherry, port…
  • Batteries – even if you’ve not bought any gifts that require batteries, you can bet that at some point on Christmas day, something will be unwrapped that requires a gazillion AAs. Stock up now.
  • Christmas stockings – do you have special family ones that have been passed down through the generations? Hand made ones? Or do you need to go out and buy new ones after the dog ate them last year?
  • Christmas Fancy dress costumes – er… you knew we couldn’t make a Chrismtas list without including fancy dress!
  • Oh, yeah – CHRISTMAS PRESENTS! If you’ve not finished your Christmas shopping yet, do keep an eye on your favourite shops in the next few days, as Black Friday now seems to be a week-long affair with bonkers deals on all sorts of things!

Most importantly, get your Christmas jumper ready for Christmas Jumper Day on Friday 18th December!

Nativity Play Costume Help! Comments Off on Nativity Play Costume Help!

Posted on November 23, 2015 by Fancy Dress Ball

nativity play costumes

It’s that time of the year again… Brace yourselves, we’re going to use the “C” word…

Christmas is coming!


And that can only mean one thing: it’s nativity play season!

When we were kids you could get away with a net curtain poncho for an angel or mum’s tea towel shoved over your head for a shepherd – but these days, nativity play costumes are all together more professional!

You can of course buy a costume – but what about the competitive parent in you, who wants your child to turn up for the play in a perfect, bespoke costume hand-made by their loving parent?

That competitive parent is currently wishing they’d learned to sew, right? Wishing your crafting skills were Pinterest-worthy? Don’t panic! Fancy Dress Ball is here to help! We’ve scoured the Web to find you some simple nativity costume tutorials to help you to fulfill your inner crafty (competitive) parent…


Back in the day, our mums would put us in a long, weird dress thing they just happened to have in the cupboard (why??), shove a clean tea towel on our heads and shove us into the line-up. Not any more!

Here’s a great tutorial to show you how to make a shepherd headdress out of an old pillowcase or other piece of material.

And this thrifty mum managed to make an entire shepherd outfit for less than £2.50!

Does your shepherd need a beard?


Sometimes the shepherds bring a sheep with them, right?

This costume looks like brilliant fun to make!


Here’s how to make an angel costume from an old pillow case.

These wings are a little tricky, but also probably more comfortable for your little angel to wear/fly in.

Or we love these wings made with coffee filters!

And of course, all angels need a halo!


Here’s a super easy tutorial for a no-sew Mary costume


We love this quick and easy Joseph costume

3 Kings/Wise Men

The wise men wore crowns; here’s a great tutorial!

And here’s a tutorial for the rest of the costume


And finally…

This article has tutorials for no less than eight nativity costumes!


Are your children in the nativity play this year? We’d love to see some photos of your home-made creations!



Tomorrow is LEON Day. Comments Off on Tomorrow is LEON Day.

Posted on June 24, 2015 by Fancy Dress Ball


No, not the French assassin who calls himself a cleaner.

Leon… Leon… Think about it…

LEON is NOEL spelled backwards. Tomorrow, June 25th, marks six months until Christmas!

If this were a conversation, we would leave a space here for you to groan.


Come on, where’s your festive spirit? You’ve only got six months left to plan your perfect Christmas – and more importantly, to plan your Chrismtas party!

This is also a big day for those of us who are partial to a little crafting. with lots of people beginning to plan all the fun and fabulous Christmas crafts they’ll do for this year’s festive season. Start saving your cotton wool, the insides of toilet rolls, anything shiny you come across.

Practise your Christmas cake recipe, research how to roast a turkey. It’s time to begin your preparations! You know what they say: fail to prepare, and you prepare to fail!

You might think this is a bit of a gimmicky day, and you may well be right – but it’s worth noting that people who work in many industries, especially PR, retail and the print media, are already looking ahead to Christmas. The big toys for this Christmas have already been chosen by the shops, who are already planning their big window displays. Magazines are probably already working on their Christmas editions and next month many PR companies will host big “Christmas in July” events to show off their clients’ wares ready for the Christmas season.

Here at Fancy Dress Ball, we’ll jump on any excuse to dress up – and Leon Day seems as good an excuse as any other, to be honest. The weather’s a bit up and down at the moment, but we think perhaps it might be a little warm for a full-on Santa suit. How about an elf costume or perhaps a Christmas fairy? Go on, we dare you! Celebrate Leon Day in style, and relish in all the funny looks you’ll get, walking down the street in a Christmas costume, mid-June.

And now, in honour of Leon Day, here’s a Christmas classic to get you in the mood…

Right, now if you’ll excuse us, we’re going back to our board meeting to discuss (argue over) who gets to dress up as Santa at this year’s Christmas party.

2015: A Look Ahead… Part 2! Comments Off on 2015: A Look Ahead… Part 2!

Posted on January 07, 2015 by Fancy Dress Ball

2015- A Look Ahead (1)

Welcome to the second part of our look ahead to 2015, where we share all of the fantastic fancy dress opportunities going on…


July 1st is Canada Day, Canada’s national day. Dress as a mountie, or another famous Canadian… like… er… Avril Lavigne! The second is World UFO Day, so there is plenty of scope for alien costumes, and then it’s International Tiger Day on the 29th. Rawr!


August is a great month for fancy dress: the 8th is International Cat Day, and if you want to go a little more hardcore, the 10th is World Lion Day! If cats aren’t your thing, the 26th is Dog Day too! If you’re not into dressing as an animal, dust off the Christmas costumes and celebrate Be An Angel Day on the 22nd.


September is Chicken Month! It’s possibly not practical to dress as a chicken all month… but for part of it? If you’re not really feeling the love for the chicken costumes, what about waiting for Teddy Bear Day on the 9th? The 13th is Roald Dahl Day, which is definitely something to look forward to. Of course, everyone knows the 19th is Talk Like a Pirate Day – obviously, you’ll already have that one marked on your calendar. And then, we round off the month of fancy dress fun on the 26th with Lumberjack Day!


As the weather turns colder, the fancy dress outfits become more fun, right? October has plenty of opportunities for bonkers fancy dress outfits, with World Farm Animals Day on the 2nd, and World Animal Day on the 4th. Then we have Mad Hatter Day on the 6th, World Octopus Day on the 8th and a definite favourite: Punk for a Day Day on the 25th! Of course, October is also the fancy dress high-point of the year, with Halloween on the 31st! We always look forward to this one!


November is fairly quiet for fancy dress, aside from the obvious Guy Fawkes Night. The 3rd is Jellyfish Day – that would be a fun costume to put together! And the 10th is Sesame Street Day; which character will you dress as?


December is a fantastic month for fancy dress. Aside from all the festive fancy dress opportunities, there is World Wildlife Conservation Day on the 4th – why not dress as a panda? International Day of the Ninja is on the 5th; the 14th is Monkey Day, and the 21st is International Dalek Remembrance Day. Imagine the fun you could have getting a costume together for that one!


And there we have it: 2015 in a nutshell. We hope you’ll stick around and see what else is going on through the course of the year!




Great DIY Christmas Outfits Comments Off on Great DIY Christmas Outfits

Posted on December 15, 2014 by Fancy Dress Ball

Great DIY Christmas Outfits

Holidays are coming…

Still not got your Christmas outfit sorted? Running out of time and money in the run-up to the Christmas party? Fret not! We have some great suggestions here for how to get your Christmas outfit sorted!


Find some wire pipe cleaners and fashion them into a circle for your halo. You can add fluff/glitter/whatever if you like.  Make another circle of pipe cleaners to fix to your head, and use one straight between the two to make the halo stand just above your head.

For your wings, cut out wing shapes from a piece of cardboard (tip: fold the cardboard in half and draw/cut out the wing shape; then you’ll have two the same size and shape). To make them look more angelic, you can cover them in folded coffee filters (unused!), or white material, tinsel, net curtain, whatever you can get your hands on.

For the main outfit, all you really need is to be dressed in white and/or silver. If you don’t have anything suitably angelic, wear the lightest colours you have, then wear one of your gran’s net curtains as a poncho.

Job done!

Father Christmas/Mrs Christmas

This one might be a little more tricky, if you’re not the sort of person who wears a lot of red. For the men, you want red trousers and a red jacket or jumper. For women, a red skirt with red jacket or jumper. You can possibly get away with wearing black trousers/skirt, but you will need to dress it up more so that people know who you’re supposed to be!

For the beard – cut out your basic beard shape in paper or thin card, and add elastic to attach it to your head… then cover it with cotton wool.

Trim the rest of your outfit in cotton wool – along the bottoms of the trousers or skirt, down seams, along the edges of the jacket or jumper.

Find a red bobble hat (steal one from your son/daughter/brother/sister/niece/nephew if you don’t have one) and trim it with cotton wool, then cover the bobble in cotton wool too.

Christmas Tree

This one is the most fun to do! You’ll need two large sheets of cardboard. Cut them both into a large Christmas tree shape – large enough to go from above your head to your knees, or there abouts.

Paint the entire thing green.

Cut the top triangle shape off the trees. Make a head band from a strip of cardboard and stick the tree tops to either side. This will be your hat and the top of the tree.

Now decorate the entire tree – either with real tinsel and baubles, or amazingly artistic, painted ones. Don’t forget to have a star or angel on the top!

Get two more strips of cardboard to use as shoulder straps, and attach to either side of the top of the main tree. You might want to use a couple more further down, to make the tree more secure on you and less likely to wobble about.

Now all you need is a green top underneath (you can also wrap tinsel around your arms if you like), and brown tights or trousers to be the trunk.

Christmas Present

Again with the cardboard boxes! This one is super easy and requires zero creative spirit. Find yourself a large, square cardboard box. It needs to be reasonably sturdy; removal boxes are good for this.

Cut the top flaps off your box, and turn it upside down. Cut a hole in the bottom large enough to fit your head through comfortably, and a hole in each side for your arms. You might also want to put cardboard shoulder straps inside of the box to make it more secure when you’re wearing it.

Now all you need to do is get some of your favourite wrapping paper, and wrap the present up! Don’t forget to leave the bottom open so that you can get the box on!

Finish your outfit with a ribbon around the box – and a matching one in your hair!

Other great ideas

If you’re not in the mood for a full-on Christmas outfit, you could cover a dress or jacket in those bows you get for presents (you can get massive bags of them in discount shops at this time of year).

Or, if you have an old fake Christmas tree hanging about at home, liberate some of its branches and use them to make yourself a skirt!


Of course, if you’re not feeling the slightest bit crafty, you could just look at our fantastic Christmas fancy dress section and buy yourself a ready-made outfit with minimal effort required!

Have a Fabulous Alphabet Party, From A to Z! Comments Off on Have a Fabulous Alphabet Party, From A to Z!

Posted on July 28, 2014 by Fancy Dress Ball

Screenshot 2014-07-27 at 20.19.30

Alphabet parties are  all the rage at the moment.

Whether you choose B because your name is Brian, or G because your name is Xavier and  nobody will come dressed as a xylophone,  a letter is a great way to inspire people to use their imaginations and come up with fabulous fancy dress ideas.

Of course, with an alphabet-themed party, everyone will be singing ABC-related songs… this one is our favourite at the moment:

A Grade “A” Party

A is a very popular letter for a party theme – because there are so many great ideas!

Here are a few…

Screenshot 2014-07-27 at 20.31.19

Screenshot 2014-07-27 at 20.35.03

Screenshot 2014-07-27 at 20.39.10

Screenshot 2014-07-27 at 20.43.09

A-Grade Music

If you’re having an A-themed party, you will need to think of musicians beginning with A. Here are a few:

  • Abba (durr, obviously)
  • ABC (this band are good for ALL alphabet parties!)
  • AC/DC
  • A-Ha
  • Peter Andre (don’t pretend you don’t know any of his songs)

A Zed-Tastic Celebration

You might think there aren’t many costumes beginning with Z… really though, you just have to think a little more creatively.

Why not challenge your guests…

Screenshot 2014-07-27 at 20.46.03

Screenshot 2014-07-27 at 20.50.47

Screenshot 2014-07-27 at 20.57.14

Screenshot 2014-07-27 at 20.53.47

Zedtabulous Music

Can’t think of any musical acts beginning with Z? Fret not; we have inspiration for you right here!

  • ZZ Top (obviously!)
  • Zero 7
  • The Zombies
  • Frank Zappa (oh yeah!)
  • The Zutons

If you’re planning an alphabet-themed party, don’t forget to check out our website for some great ideas!

Get the Look… A Very Glam New Year’s Eve Comments Off on Get the Look… A Very Glam New Year’s Eve

Posted on December 20, 2013 by admin

Header Image

When the presents have been opened, the last of the mince pies have been eaten and the excitement of Christmas is behind us, there’s still one more celebration to look forward to before the festive season comes to an end.

New Year’s Eve is the best time to shed that onesie you’ve been wearing for the past week, throw on a fabulous dress, some heels and glam make-up to complete the look.

If you’re in search of fantastic make-up ideas to add the final touches to your NYE outfit, then look no further! We have some great ideas for you right here.

Shimmering Purple Eye-shadow

Christmas is all about gorgeous gold, bright emerald and ruby reds. So when it comes to New Year’s Eve you can opt for colours that are a little less festive and more subtly glamorous.


This shimmering purple eye make-up is a stylish look with a small amount of glitter for that extra touch of NYE glam.

The products

Using a combination of dark and pale shades works well to create a multi-tone shade. The use of glitter and a white shadow works well to highlight the brow line and corners of the eye.

Product Image

Lilac greasepaint will work well to sustain the look throughout the night (and the morning for those partying ‘til dawn). Used alongside this purple, pink and white pallet you’re sure to create a long-lasting and dramatic look.

Alternative looks

If you’d rather have something little less subtle and go for a glitterier look to see out the old year, then check out this silvery eye-make up using a combination of grey, silver and white eye-shadows and completed with a touch of sparkle.


If you don’t want to use a Christmassy gold colour for your NYE make-up, then how about opting for something a little more neutral such as this shimmering bronze colour?


Another great idea is to ditched the bolder eye-shadows and concentrate on creating a more striking look with eye-liners. Start by sweeping a subtle, pale shade across the eye-lid, then use a combination of black eye-liner to create the dramatic wing-effect and gold glitter liner to highlight the wing and corner of the year.


Get the full look!

If you fancy going for a look that’s glam, festive and long-lasting then check out this excellent make-up tutorial from LoveLaughAndMakeup

This subtle yet elegant look is attained simply by combining a number of different shimmering and matte eye-shadows and completed with a bold red lipstick.

There are simply loads of ways to complete your glam NYE looks. If you’ve got some great make-up ideas then why not share them on our Facebook page?

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Get the look… Traditional Christmas Comments Off on Get the look… Traditional Christmas

Posted on December 13, 2013 by admin


A traditional Christmas look incorporates everything we love about the holiday period: a touch of magic, a sprinkle of good joy and a great big handful of glitter! Whether you’re looking to create a Christmassy look for a party, a night on the town or for Christmas day itself, we’ve got the low-down for every part of the look.

Think cheesy Christmas jumpers teamed with fluffy Santa hats, Victorian hairstyles with a little extra oomph, bright colours on your clothes and for your make-up, but most importantly, a whole lot of glamour.

The make-up method

The traditional Christmas make-up look is all about having fun with your products. For those who can feel a little intimidated by bright colours, Julia Graf has put together a brilliant video for an evergreen look.

The bright colours blend well with the glitter to give the make-up a deeper, more developed appearance. The combination of the two also work to make the eyes pop and are sure to compliment a whole range of skin tones.

This particular make-up combination is suitable for day or night time events and with a variety of hairstyles. Thick curls or ringlets will work well with the look for night time looks, while daytime would look brilliant with a top knot or bun.

The products

A highly pigmented eye-shadow will work well for this look, but for something with a little more edge that will last a lot longer, stage make-up will have a much brighter finish.


Red and green are the traditional Christmas colours and adding a touch of red glitter to small features on the face will help to give the look an extra touch of magic. Green grease paint will work especially well for those wearing the make-up whilst out on the town, while choosing even brighter neon green face paint is sure to make the look truly stand out from the crowd.

The alternative looks

There are plenty of fun ways to change this look according to your favourite Christmas colours. Just remember: the brighter, the better!

look one

This neon make-up manages to be both understated and astonishing as the eyes and lips gently draw attention to the most flattering areas of the face. The pink works incredibly well with the green, while the lips are beautifully bright.

look two

If you fancy yourself as Santa’s little helper this year, this look is as fun as it is well-executed. The lips are the perfect shade of red to really stand out, while a touch of silver or green glitter would really finish off the design around the eyes.

look three

A little more Gothic but not less festive, this look is inspired by the traditional elf design but uses defined eye-liner to add an extra edge. The false eyelashes have brought attention to the design and the darker colours have created the ideal night-time Christmas look.

What do you think to our traditional Christmas look? Why not leave us a comment on our Facebook page and let us know what you’re wearing this Christmas!

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Get the look… Christmas party Comments Off on Get the look… Christmas party

Posted on December 06, 2013 by admin

Xmas Party Header Image

The work Christmas party is the ideal time to let go and celebrate the festive time of year with your co-workers. It’s also a great time to show off your ‘out of work’ style and show a different side of yourself that is rarely seen in the office environment.

Whilst you’re dressing up in your gladrags, throwing on a sparkly dress and strapping yourself into your favourite killer heels, you’ll also want to ensure that you’re looking fittingly Christmassy to celebrate the holidays. Whether you decide to go all out or include a subtle Christmas style to your outfit, there are lots of ways to add a little festive spirit to your Christmas party outfit.

The make-up method

The make-up you choose to wear can add a Christmassy element to your chosen outfit. Beauty and lifestyle vlogger Lisa Gregory has created this wonderful look that everyone can achieve relatively simply.

The make-up creates the impression of a fresh, healthy face with a focus upon naturally red cheeks and bright eyes, along with the very seasonally appropriate shade of red lipstick. The look is the perfect balance between natural and glamorous with an understated face and bold lipstick.

The products

To apply a base before the foundation, it’s important to ensure that you are not creating creases by using the fingers – sponges will create a much more even finish that will effectively cover the entire face.

product image

A wonderful way to bring the festive look to your outfit is to wear a Santa hat. There are a huge range to choose from as Santa hats become increasingly popular; a smaller, fascinator style may be best for those with large curls, while those looking for something a little more extravagant may prefer something that covers the whole head.

The alternative looks

Whatever your style, it’s really easy to adapt and change this Christmas party look to go along with the kind of clothes you feel most comfortable in.

Image one

As this image shows, you may choose to emphasise the eyes rather than the lips. By using a light colour on the lips, they are defined but not prominent, while the eyes use a combination of smoky make-up with a silver shimmer for the perfect Christmas look.

image two

Of course, some people prefer to really make their lips stand out and this design is the perfect way to do so. The lipstick is incredibly bold and is finished with an even glitter effect that is sure to grab attention. Blend some of the lipstick in with a blusher and keep the eyes minimal to balance this bold look.

image three

If you love this Christmas make-up look, you’ll want to complete it with some complimenting nails. The white base coat ensures that the deep red glitter stands out and looks almost like a reverse snowing effect. This is surprisingly easy to achieve; all you need is a steady hand!

What do you think of our Christmas party look? Why not leave a comment on our Facebook page to show us what you’re wearing at this year’s Christmas party?

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