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Awesome Bonfire Foods for Bonfire Night

Posted on November 03, 2014 by Fancy Dress Ball



These days more and more people are throwing their own, private parties for bonfire night. What better way to ensure you get to see the fireworks you want, at the time you want, in the place you want, without having to stand in a cold, muddy field and queue an hour to use the toilets! So long as you’ve a big enough garden to accommodate a bonfire, and space for the fireworks, you can have your very own Bonfire Night party, complete with fancy dress (of course!) and your own choice of fantastic foods.

Here are some of our favourite foods for a Bonfire Night Celebration:

1. Baked Potatoes

No need to mess with a classic; bake them beforehand in the oven, wrap in foil and hand out to party-goers with a plastic fork. You can provide a selection of toppings for them, from plain old butter and cheese, to baked beans, chilli, tuna mayo or whatever you fancy. The world is your oyster! These are the perfect foods for Bonfire Night; warming and tasty, and convenient to cook with minimum effort!

2. Fireworks Biscuits

These are so easy, and great to get your guests involved in while they wait for the fireworks. If you’re feeling particularly domesticated you can bake some biscuits; otherwise, invest in a few packs of Rich Tea beforehand. Make up (or buy) several bowls of brightly coloured icing and toppings, and invite your guests to decorate their own fireworks biscuits.

3. Hot Dogs

Fire up the old barbeque and get some sausages cooking! Hot dogs aren’t just for summertime fun, you know; they make a fantastic, warming treat on Bonfire Night too! Serve with sauces, relish, and of course, onions.

4. Edible Sparklers

Buy a packet of chocolate fingers. Dip the end of each one into some icing, and then some coloured sugar strands. Hey presto, edible sparklers! Yum!

5. Mini Toad in the Hole

Use batter and mini sausages in muffin tins to make mini toad in the hole – perfect for your guests to nibble on without making a mess. If you really want to spoil them, you could make a gravy dip for them – just make your gravy a little thicker than normal so that it doesn’t drip everywhere!

6. Bonfire Cup Cakes

Make normal cakes (or buy them!) and make up some bright orange icing (for the flames). Butter icing will work better for this as it’s more solid. put a lump of icing on the top of your cake, and use Matchmakers chocolates around it (kind of like a tee pee) to make it look like a bonfire.

7. Sausage Roll Rockets

Buy a sheet of ready-rolled shortcrust pastry, and cut thin strips. Wrap each strip around a sausage in a “swirly” fashion and cook.then poke a wooden kebab stick through the length. when it comes out the top, pop a piece of red or orange pepper, cut into a triangle shape, on the end.

8. Toasted Marshmallows

You can’t have a bonfire without toasting marshmallows! You need a big bag of marshmallows and some kebab sticks. If your bonfire is on the large side, find some longer sticks for safety. Then toast away!

9. Pulled Pork Rolls

Everyone seems to love pulled pork these days! All you need is a tray of pulled pork and some buttered rolls, maybe some sauces, and your guests can help themselves to a fantastic snack!

10. Hot Chocolate

If there’s anything better than a nice, big mug of hot chocolate on bonfire night… we don’t know what it is. Make up a big batch of it on the stove, and provide mini marshmallows and cocoa to sprinkle on top. Save on washing up by having your guests all bring their favourite mug.


Did we miss anything? We’d love to know what your favourite food for a fireworks display is!

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