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80s Fancy Dress Alternatives to the New Romantics and Neon Queens

Posted on May 18, 2011 by admin

You say ‘eighties fancy dress‘, you think ‘neon fishnet, big hair and crazy make-up!’ Not everyone lived through the 80s quite so merrily, so if that’s not really your cup of tea, here are a few of our favourite alternatives that pay homage to the great decade of ridiculousness!

Cartoon Character 80s Outfits
If you’re a child of the 80s you’ll know just how difficult it is to choose a favourite! But, if we’re forced to choose a Fancy Dress Ball favourite of the day, it has to be the time honoured partnering of He-Man and She-Ra (He-Man kind of makes sense as a name, but why She-“Ra”?)  The He-Man costume features a full body suit (so no need to panic about just wearing a pair of what are, essentially, red trunks!)

80s Female Twister Costume

Tasty Delights
For many, the 80s was a decade of weird processed foods! We love fancy dress costumes that focus on all the weirdo food present in the average 80s household. Our food of the day is… SPAM! The Spam Can Costume is an awesome costume alternative!

Games and Fun
Our two 80s games of the day – Super Mario and Twister! Take your pick from the bunch of Super Mario characters we stock, including Princess Peach, Toad and the revered Italian super plumber himself! For couples (or just folks obsessed with Twister!) there’s the brilliant option of male and female Twister costumes, both featuring a dapper Twister board headdress!

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