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A decade that changed music & Film forever! let’s celebrate the 1980's in style! Admire our sexy Ghostbuster costumes! Who you gonna call? Fancy Dress Ball of course! The 80’s was a decade of cultural, social and of course political counter-revolution. Hi De Hi fancy dress campers! Dun dun DUNNNN! Don your satin cape and mask and become.... Captain Chaos! 80’s popstars galore, beautiful Baywatch babes, neon tutu kits! Do you feel the need? The need for spectacular 80’s fancy dress! A decade of music legends, screen icons and of course, the unforgettable ‘ultra style’... With such a plethora of possible fancy dress events, we’re confident we’ll have the ideal costume for you! Gentlemen, no one hassles the Hoff in our Baywatch themed fancy dress outfits, you can’t touch our MC Hammer costumes (alright, you can!) and for all you Tom Cruise fans, let’s play the Maverick with a Top Gun Costume! Why not rock your 80's themed event in some silver or gold metallic disco leggings! Maybe reserve the shell suits for special occasions and even then only if you really must! Complete the look with neon wigs, UV nail polish and light up sunglasses. Perfect for late night bike rides! Trippendicular! Bodacious prices and next day delivery, buy today!

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