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Adult Skeleton Gloves

Adult Skeleton Gloves

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Adult Long Skeleton Gloves in a Display Pack.

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To say this costume is badly made and made from cheap material would be an understatement, first the stripe top only came halfway down my torso which I would have been okay with as the apron covered my front however it did not cover half of my back so I had to wear a t-shirt underneath which looked terrible. The shirt was also made from cheap itchy polyester which was made worse by the very itchy Velcro collar at the back of the neck, the collar also had a flap which folded in the inside which kept getting loose and fold-out, this should have been stitched down. The sleeve garters wouldn't stay on my arms at all as every time my arms went straight they would fall off, I tried to double loop them but the elastic inside wasn't elastic enough to squeeze them on my arms so I couldn't wear them in the end. The apron was thin and flimsy, it also had a Velcro strap at the back of the neck which was hard to adjust and keep in place as the Velcro from the strip shirt kept rubbing against the Velcro from the apron and made my neck itch like crazy. The belt was the only thing I was okay with as it looked fine and it did what should, which was stay on my waist and hold shot glasses so no complaints with the belt. I would also like to note that no one had any clue who I was supposed to be even with full on make-up, and I wore this costume behind a bar where I work on Halloween to be ironic which was a good idea but a bad costume.

Reviewed by Chetan from London on 20 November 2014

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