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90's Fancy Dress Costumes

“Girl Power” “Mad For It” “Come On...We’re ‘Avin It” - 90s fancy dress costumes are here! The 1990s represented one of Britain’s greatest decades when cool Britannia ruled the airwaves! The 90s delivered great music with some cool outfits too; a style which harked back to the sixties and made you proud to be British again. Relive your hedonistic days of being “Mad For It” and screaming “Girl Power” with some amazing costumes from our range of 90s fancy dress.

1990’s Costumes - Order Now!

Time to spice up your life with Britpop 90s nostalgia! Whether you’re posh, scary or a bit of a baby, our 90s outfits will be the perfect getup for ‘avin it large! 90s dress up is about celebrating all things British. What way to show off Britain better than to go out in the iconic union jack dress? If Ginger Spice doesn’t push your buttons, then grab your glow sticks, because a raver costume will have you ready for an all-night fancy dress party. It wasn’t all quiet over the pond. 1990s America matched the raver look with Jim Carey’s mad and manic Mask costume; it’s a sure-fire route to laughs! If you want to side with the stars and stripes, why not try out a Mr Motivator costume and get your mates lunging on the dance-floor? Once you’ve got your 90s dress up perfected, it’s only fair to the 90s that you go ‘mad for it’!

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