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Wolverine Costume

Wolverine Costume

From Marvel comics The X Men™ we bring you the original comic book  style ofyellow and blue, X-men favourite Wolverine Costume. Half an half Adamantium (his metal like skeleton) the wolflike logan with his  knuckle protruding claws and self healing abilities is a force to be  reckoned within the Marvel Comics universe and the perfect guise for  the fancy dress universe, though...you will have to grow your own logan styled hair and sideburns!

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Wolverine, another of the long list of fictional characters published by Marvel Comics, first appearing in an episode of The Incredible Hulk in October 1974. Commonly know as Logan, Wolverines real name is James Howlett, is of Canadian origin and was created by Len Wein who has always denied that the character was created as a mutant wolverine cub and that the Wolverine character as now known was suggested by others long after he was no longer involved.

When the Wolverine character was first introduced it revealed very little beyond him being a superhuman agent of the Canadian government. Wolverines appearance as we know now, was created by accident in 1975, when an illustrator for Marvel accidentally drew his mask with larger headpieces, this followed by an artist called Dave Cockrum drawing Wolverine without his mask along with the distinctive hairstyle that has become a trademark of the character.

Logan on leaving the mining town where he grew up, lives for a time in the wilderness among wolves, returning to live with indians and on the death of his loved one, joins a Canadian military unit, he serves in World War II followed by a period with the CIA before being recruited by Team X.

He suffers being experimented on in both Team X and Weapon X adventures before he breaks away and joins Department H and works as an intelligence operative for Canada. During this time Logan becomes Wolverine, one of Canada’s first superheroes.

Wolverine, is one of the very few characters in the X-Men to be included in every adaptation of the franchise, including film, computer and video games as well as televison. Wolverine is the only character to have it’s own video games , X2:Wolverines Revenge amongst others.

The X-Men film trilogy, based superhero characters, focuses on Wolverine played by Hugh Jackman, the films also developed subplots based on the comics' Weapon X storylines. More of a spin off than actually being part of the series includes the most recent release in  May 2009 of the X-Men Origins:Wolverine film. The fiilm however is shrouded in controversy, when in March 2009 a full length DVD quality working print of the film with minor alterations to the actual finished article was released on the internet, by an unknown source, this prerelease version of the film was downloaded 4.5million times before 20thCentury Fox could have it removed.

Wolverine Costumes from Fancy Dress Ball are featured in our Mens Superhero Costumes category including fancy dress costumes in both standard and plus sizes as well as Deluxe Wolverine Muscle Costumes recreate the superhuman qualities of your selected mens superhero costume  for your fancy dress party.

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