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Spiderman Costume

Spiderman Costume

Spiderman, Spiderman, Does whatever a spider can. Spins a web, any size, Catches thieves just like flies. Look out...Here comes the Spiderman Fancy Dress costume! From the Marvel Comics universe we bring you the friendly web slinging neighbourhood super hero...Peter Parker! Ordinary schoolboy by day, street swinging villian catching hero by night....that could be you at your next party! Ordinary civilian by day web slinging party boy by night with our Spiderman costumes and Spiderman accesories!

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Aunt May said to Peter Parker “you do too much, college, a job...all this time helping me, you’re not Superman you know” well thats true Aunt May he’s not...he’s Spiderman!

Spiderman is a fictional comic book superhero created by Stan Lee and published by Marvel Comics and is one of the most popular and commercially successful superheroes, appearing first in 1962 in comic anthology Amazing Fantasy which began as Amazing Adventures and is best known for its introduction of Spiderman.

Spiderman otherwise known as Peter Parker started out life as an orphan and was raised by his his Fathers brother and wife Uncle Ben and Aunt May, after his parents died in a plane crash, They raised Peter as their own as they were childless themselves, Peter never knew the truth about his parents and thought it was his fault that they had ran away from him as he had done something wrong and was constantly working hard looking for reassurance and approval from his Uncle Ben...though he need not as they loved him as though he was their own.

Spiderman...sorry, Peter Parker was a shy student with very few friends as his quiet nature was seen as snobbery by other students...his intelligence did not help either being seen as a know it all, and his wimpy nature opened him to bully’s and didn’t have much luck with the girls either. Ironically he suffered from vertigo too...going for a book on the top shelf made him feel sick and dizzy. Though a class trip to a science exhibition was to change all this, following a bite from a spider that accidently came into contact with a radioactive substance he transforms overnight, he gains all the attributes of a spider such as agility, strength and stamina, also his vertigo has gone as well as his eye sight dramatically improving thus being able to live without the aid of glasses. At first Peter doesn’t use his “spidey” skills to fight crime but rather than that of a means to make money so he becomes a professional wrestler wearing his self made Spiderman costume and devices he made with his scientific knowledge to create his web slinging devices he shows off his skills on television and wrestling shows. Though his love for the dollar would end in tragedy when faced with the opportunity to stop a fleeing thief he ignores it but this indifference catches up with him as later the thief robs and kills his Uncle Ben...Spiderman eventually subdues the murderer, but to little consolation to Peter though with his new understanding of his powers he realizes...with the famous line from Stan Lee “With great power there must also come-great responsibility” and from that moment on he Peter uses Spiderman for the will of good!

Spiderman is Marvel Comics number 1 superhero and is one of the most popular and easily recognizable from the world of superheroes always in the top five of comic book polls with other superheroes like Batman and Superman. Peter Parker created Spiderman’s outfit from old body suits and leotards thrown out at a midtown dance school, spent a few hours screen printing the webbing and created some skin tight gloves and boots and a mask with the eyes created from some one way mirrors he found in an old prop box. The Spiderman costume has certainly gone through some changes since its humble comic book beginnings to its blockbuster movie appearances where he was played by American actor Tobey McGuire where he faces enemies such as The green Goblin and Dr Octopus as well as his own demons, guilt and issues. Spiderman’s outfit became a much more slicker and sophisticated looking outfit though always staying true to its origins of bright red and blue and being made of a spandex and lycra combination with big silvery white eyes and a black spider symbol on the chest. The upcoming film (judging by the screenshots) looks to be taking a leaf out of Batmans book and going back to its roots and reinventing the franchaise with a more gritty look. Spiderman now played by Andrew Garfield still sporting the classic look of “spidey” of red and blue the suit seams to be made more of rubber and latex than that of spandex, a more robust looking suit looking able to deal with the situations Spiderman faces day to day and not not being torn to shreds by his foes as was seen in other movies!
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