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Batman Costume

Batman Costume

Batman & Robin are without doubt the most famous superhero combination and are a popular for fancy dress. We have traditionan Batman Costumes, Sexy Batgirl & Robin Costumes and Kids Batman Costumes. If you fancy dressing up as a Villain? Then check out out great choice of Joker Costumes too.

He was created more than 70 years ago, but the fictional comic character of Batman undoubtedly remains as popular as ever.

Initially debuting in DC’s Detective Comics in May 1939, Batman would see many changes to his personality and traits throughout the years.

In his early days, he was commonly seen solving petty crimes with his eager accomplice Dick Greyson, or Robin, as he was more commonly known. Nowadays, he’s foiling complex criminal schemes, thwarting the plans of dangerous baddies and generally being moody and mysterious. He’s the perfect choice for a fancy dress party.

For a Batman costume, there’s a wide range of outfits from which to pick. Go for the more muscle-bound version of the Caped Crusader with a buff muscle chest costume, or go for the more traditional look of the 60s TV series with a muscle-less getup. If you want to be more in-keeping with the dark, brooding character of the recent blockbuster films, go for a Dark Knight costume and really bring the outfit to life with a pair of Batman gauntlets.

And it’s not just Batman himself that’s joining the party; ladies can go for a sultry Batgirl costume or slip into a stylish Catwoman outfit. There’s also the option to go for trusty sidekick Robin, or become a villain with Joker or Bane costumes.

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