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The novel was so popular at the time of publication that the author wrote a further 13 Oz books, though it is the original that is so loved and remembered by many.

Dorothy is perhaps a character only matched in cultural status by Alice in Wonderland. Each generation can relate to Dorothy as we may all understand the desire to escape to a new land, but once this escape is found, they may wish to return home.

It was July Garland who made the character so iconic and we now attribute the character with childish beauty and an ability to sing wonderful songs!

Why not get a group of four friends together and take on one of the main characters each? Dorothy, the Tin Man, the Scarecrow and the Lion are great group costume themes, though you could base an entire party around the book as there are so many interesting and outrageous characters to choose from!< We even have a mini Toto in a basket for the wannabe Dorothy to take out!
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