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Child Deluxe Darth Vader Costume (882014)

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Child Deluxe Darth Vader Costume (882014)

Our Child Deluxe Darth Vader Costume features the All in One Black Jumpsuit with a 3-D Molded EVA Collar, Boot Tops and Chest Piece. Completing the Costume is the Black Injection Molded Helmet Mask, Long Cape and 3D Belt.  

Costume Sizes Available:

Size Age Chest Waist Length
Small 3 - 4 years 24'' - 26'' 20'' - 22'' 44''
Medium 5 - 7 years 26'' - 28'' 22'' - 24'' 49''
Large 8 - 10 years 30'' - 32'' 24'' - 26'' 54''
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Customer Reviews

Overall Rating: 5 stars Excellent (1 Reviews)

Excellent Purchase - So Happy!  Excellent

I bought this costume as a Christmas gift for my godson, I'm in Australia and telephoned to order over the phone. The staff were so helpful over the phone and even called me back, so thank you. I was also able to pay with a foreign credit card.My godson was ecstatic when he opened the present - he is 3 and his comments which really do say it all were (whilst running upstairs to his daddy who was in bed) : "It's not actually Darth Vader daddy it's me" and he took off his mask. Excellent quality and perfectly sized.

Reviewed by Nicola from Milsons Point on 05 January 2012

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