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Stag Do Costumes & Accessories

Are you going on a stag party? Perhaps you’re responsible for organising it. It seems more and more people are opting for a fancy dress stag party these days! Don’t worry though; we have all bases covered. Whether you want to go as a flasher, a vicar or even Miss World, we’ve got the costume for you! A stag party, a bachelor party, a bucks night, a maanhaar partytjie (if you’re South African); whatever you call it, you can bet it involves three things: inappropriate clothing, scantily clad women, and too much booze. We can definitely help you with the first one!

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Traditionally stag parties are a party held for a man before he gets married, to celebrate his last night of “freedom.” However, possibly through worry about men actually getting to their weddings on time (and fully clothed) they’re often held a week or two before the wedding these days. They are also often longer than just a night, with a stag weekend type event becoming more popular. These can entail all sorts of shenanigans and often include a trip abroad. There are whole companies and websites these days to help you arrange the perfect stag party for your groom to be! One thing that hasn’t changed though, is the tradition of stag party fancy dress! What better way to celebrate the end of your friend’s life of singledom, by having him dress up as a cheerleader and parade through an international airport? (with chanting/singing, obviously)

The main aim with a fancy dress stag party, is to have the stag look as ridiculous as possible. We can definitely help with that! We have prisoner costumes, baby costumes, fake boobs, cock costumes, mankinis, muff divers, fake muscles… even a banana. Or you could go for a slightly different approach, and dress as Alan from The Hangover… Perhaps your stag wants to be a little more low key, and doesn’t want to wear a whole fancy dress outfit. Perhaps he imagines his stag party being an altogether more classy affair… who’s he trying to kid? Compromise by getting him a set of antlers to wear on his head for the duration. Or a headband with flashing boobs and pink fur. Remind him that classy is not a word that belongs at a stag party! And of course, every stag party needs a blow-up doll and/or an inflatable sheep, otherwise you’re in danger of it not being a proper stag party. 
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