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The Playboy Bunny costume originated in the early 1960’s when Hugh Heffner opened his worldwide chain of Playboy Clubs that were open up until 1988. In 2006, at the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas a revised version of the Playboy Club was opened. ‘Bunny’s’ wore a costume called a ‘bunny suit’, which was derived from the Playboy rabbit mascot.

The Bunny Costume was the first uniform worn in a ‘service industry’ to be registered as a patent in America. The original Bunny Girl Costume was made from rayon-satin on a merry widow corset. To complete the look it had satin bunny ears, fluffy cotton tail, a wide collar with bowtie and cuffs complete with cufflinks. Worn with black mesh tights and black patent high heeled shoes, each Bunny Girl would have a name badge on a stain rosette pinned on her right hip. All the Bunny Girl Costumes being custom made for each waitress, whenever the clubs wre open a seamstress was on call to make any repairs or alterations as required.

Each club had a ‘Bunny Mother’ who was in charge of ‘the Bunnies’, she was responsible for all employment matters. The Club Manager only had two responsibilities with regard to the Bunnies floor service supervson and weigh in. Before every shift each bunny would be ‘weighed in’. Bunnies were not allowed to gain or lose more than a pound in weight, to ensure that the Bunny Girl Costume always fitted perfectly.

A Bunny Girl had to learn a number required walks and poses to get employed, including  the "Bunny Stance", a stance  that was essentail in front of customers (stand ing with legs together, back arched and hips tucked under). Or when resting or while waiting to be of service,  do the "Bunny Perch" (sitting on the back of a chair, sofa, or railing without sitting getting too close to clients). However,the most famous manoeuvre of all was invented by a girl called Kelly Collins and named the "Bunny Dip". The Bunny Girl  gracefully leans backwards while bending at the knees with the left knee lifted and tuck behind the right leg. This pose allowed the waitress to serve drinks while keeping her low-cut Bunny Girl costume in place

Debbie Harry of ‘Blondie’ and Patricia Quinn who played Magenta in the cult movie ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’, are  just some of a number of notable ex Playboy Bunny Girls before becoming famous in music and acting.

Playboy, occasionally sell old stocks of  original Bunny Girl Costumes on their auction site or via EBay, genuine Bunny Girl Costumes in good condition have been sold for over £6,500.00, there are only two original Bunny Girl Costumes on display to the general public and these are both in museums in the USA.

Here at Fancy Dress Ball with our massive range of Fancy Dress Costumes, we have a selection of Bunny Girl Costumes including Hostess Costumes, Sexy Bunny Costumes and Bunny Babe Costumes and to complete the look in our Fancy Dress Accessories section all those additional extras to make the final effect stunning for your Fancy Dress Party.

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