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Zombie Costumes

Zombie Costumes
Halloween Costumes 2013

Every dead body that is not exterminated, becomes one of them. It gets up and kills! The people it kills, get up and kill!" From the original shuffling zombie mumbling braaaiins to the aggressive fast running screaming hoards of the undead. Zombies are a great theme for Halloween Fancy Dress and here at Fancy Dress Ball, we have a vast range of Zombie Costumes, wigs and accessories to choose from. From Zombie Nurses and Doctors to Zombie Lollipop ladies we have all walks of societies undead covered. Not forgetting the all important blood and gore to complete the look, spray on blood and latex make up are a must to create the decayed look of the walking dead!


Zombies…aaaaargh they want our brains "but why mine I'm not that smart, eat his" doesn't matter, they are bereft of consciousness and feel no prejudice against what brains they devour! However a zombie was not always the brain munching creature it is depicted as today. Ancient folklore in various African and Haitian cultures believed a corpse could be re-animated by mystical means such as witchcraft or Voduo (commonly known as Voodoo) particularly in Haitian folklore and come back as a Zombie though as ethnobotanist Wade Davis a Harvard graduate claimed it was not witchcraft nor was the person dead but under the influence of a powerful toxin which made the subject believe they were in a deathlike state and at the will of the sorcerer known as a Bokor and basically a slave and to cause the subject to believe that their identity as that of a zombie as they knew themselves to be dead, belief of this state of being a zombie was reinforced within the society with the individual hanging around in graveyards.

Zombie Origins
Zombie Movies


The evolution of the Zombie…although they share similarities with that from the religion of Voodoo, though their modern links to ancient folklore are a world apart. The modern Zombie we are more familiar with owe its beginnings to George A. Romero's film The Night of the Living Dead released in 1968…creating a creature that was a hybrid of a living corpse and vampire, a plague infected being that would attack and spread the curse. As Dr Foster famous quote says in Dawn of the Dead, the sequel to Night of the living dead, "Every dead body that is not exterminated, becomes one of them. It gets up and kills! The people it kills, get up and kill!"


From the mid 80's to present day Zombies are seen to be created from bio engineering and mutated gases and toxins as seen in the 1980 film Hell of the Living dead directed by Bruno Mattei and Stuart Gordon's Re-Animator released in 85 based on HP Lovecraft's Herbert West's Re-Animator.
After the 80's the genre went underground with only the hardcore zombie enthusiasts paying attention. The turn of the Millennium seemed to spark a fear of armageddon and the apocalypse and coincidently the Zombie experienced a resurgence in films such as the Resident Evil series and Dawn of the Dead remake and the homage to genre came in comedy form with zombie fan Simon Pegg's Shaun of the Dead, this new interest inspired George A Romero to create 3 more films in his series Land of the Dead, Diary of the Dead, and Survival of the Dead. Zombies even now have their own TV show in the form of The Walking Dead.


Zombies were often seen as slow, brain dead lumbering creatures until films like the Dawn of the Dead remake they became much more scary, they were faster, agile, stronger and more intelligent than their ancestors. Films like 28 Days later and its sequel and World War Z released in 2013 show an apocalyptic world where mankind has been wiped out by mind and body altering pathogens and zombies are living humans much like in the ancient beliefs of voodoo but these zombies are more aggressive, void of all emotion with the only desire to kill.


If a zombie apocalypse ever arose the strong will become extinct and only the ‘geek’ will survive! After hours of running and scavenging around old mansions, forests and cities taking out hoard after hoard of the undead the geek would be well equipped with the skills to save mankind. Video games have taken a huge leap forward over the years and are now lead the market above music and even cinema in terms of entertainment. The arrival of the Playstation in 1994 it brought a level of depth to the genre with titles like Resident Evil and Silent Hill it was like playing your way through a horror movie and the horror genre has gone from strength to strength with each generation, zombies even appear in a side game of the hugely popular Call of Duty series! Even the television series of The Walking Dead has its own game, though by far the most successful in the genre is Capcom's Resident Evil series created by Shinji Mikami, which began when a series of bizarre murders occurred on the outskirts of Raccoon City, with signs of cannibalism on the victims' remains a task force Alpha and Bravo known as S.T.A.R.S was sent in to investigate but after contact was lost with Alpha , Bravo task force was sent to investigate their dissappearance and upon arriving found Alpha teams grisly remains and were then themselves attacked by a pack of ferocious dogs they seek refuge in a large mansion believed to be empty but upon further investigation discover it to be populated by zombies and after navigating their way through the mansions zombie filled corridors and traps they discover a facility run by a clandestine research team known as The Umbrella Corporation and discover the creatures and zombies are the results of bio engineering and a biological agent known as the T Virus.

Zombie Games
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