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Skeleton Costumes

Skeleton Costumes
Skeletons Origins

Dem bones, dem bones, dem dancing bones. Dem bones, dem bones, dem dancing bones. Dem bones, dem bones, dem dancing bones. Doin' the skeleton dance.
The foot bone's connected to the leg bone. The leg bone's connected to the knee bone. The knee bone's connected to the thigh bone. Doin' the skeleton dance. Children and adults love doing the skeleton dance as its a great to teach them about the human body in a fun way! Dressing up as skeletons is also a fun way to party at Halloween and get them dancing bones shaking, rattling, rocking and rolling! And as you can see we have a great selection of skeleton costumes for you. For the ladies we have the sexy fever skeleton range or the longer skeleton tube dress or if ya fancy adding a bit of colour to the occasion theres the neon costumes for both ladies and men, though if the men fancy being a bit darker on the occasaion we have the grim reaper and soul reaper costumes. So unleash those skeletons from the closet and get them bones rocking and rolling this Halloweens eve....tho they may be rattling the next day if youre over doing it on the skeleton dance!


Skeleton comes from the Greek skeletos 'dried body' 'mummy'. the main body part that forms the structure of an organism like us, we'd be bags of blood with a face without it! 206 bones make up the human skeleton in an adult whereas newborn babies have over 270 bones but fuse together within 20 years when it is fully developed at that time.

Since the middle ages the animated skeleton has been used as a personification of death in western culture. Mexico's The day of the dead festival which takes place in November and is also celebrated around the world which is a national holiday in Mexico is a celebration of remembrance and the passing of loved ones where it is traditional to honour the deceased with sugar skulls, it is common to see images of skeletons depicted doing routine things and to see peoples faces and bodies skeletons artistically painted during the festival. Probably the most feared supernatural skeleton is The Grim Reaper, Death itself depicted as a dark robed hooded skeleton carrying a scythe, also with an hourglass depicting that our time is running out. Death also appears as a skeleton riding on a horse along with his team members in the four horsemen of the apocolypse. Skeletons are depicted in Pieter Bruegel the Elders' painting The Triumph Of Death in what shows an army of skeletons slaughtering an entire town. So really does look like the skeleton and the grim reaper is the perfect mascot for death though you could argue and try and outwit him, just like Bill and Ted in their Bogus Journey….dude!

Down to the bare bones…


There have been some great examples of using the undead skeletons in movies and a big fan of using them seems to be Tim Burton who always seems to have a penchant for the dark and quirky with his gothic look reminiscent of Robert Smith From The Cure he has Created some true classics for the entire family, such as the corpse bride and The Nightmare Before Christmas of which he wrote as it originated as a poem whilst an animator for Disney and co produced are both stop-motion-animated fantasy-horror films with the latter being directed by Henry Selick, The film tells the story of a character called Jack Skellington known as the Pumpkin King who lives in Halloween Town, a nightmarish world filled with all kinds of strange deformed creatures, a miss mash of werewolves goblins and vampires. However upon the fall of Halloween Jack is bored of the same tired old shenanigans and leaves the town, its here that he stumbles upon the portals for all the different festive occasions, including Christmas and once entered he becomes fascinated by it all and decides to take over Christmas with him taking the role of Santa Claus with disastrous consequences as children weren't really expecting shrunken heads and huge snakes for presents!

Undead skeletons have been portrayed in fantasy films such as The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad (1958) and Jason and the Argonauts(1963), Using old stop-motion animation effects way before the arrival of modern CGI created byRay Harryhausen. In Jason and the Argonauts after Jason kills the Fleeces guardian Hydra they are pursued by King Aeetes whom corners them on a cliff top, it is here that he sows the teeth of Hydra after praying to the goddess of Hecate, after a short while to Jason's horror the teeth begin to produce armed skeleton warriors from the ground after an epic and for its time visually stunning battle in a film that Tom Hanks declared at a speech at the Academy Awards in 1992 to be the greatest movie of all time, Jason jumps from the cliff into the sea drowning the skeletons and making his escape!


The children's classic Funny Bones written and illustrated by Husband and Wife, Allen Ahlberg who was the writer and Janet Ahlberg who illustrate the books was a story of a family of skeletons. Big, Little, and Dog are three skeletons abroad in a dark, dark town full of skeletal folk. They actually live in a dark, dark cellar at the bottom of some dark, dark stairs inside a dark, house, that's down a dark, dark street in that dark, dark town. Big and Little make a jolly pairing. They're inseperable, even sharing the same bed at night (or is that day?). Big wears a bright red bowler hat, and has a triangular hole where his nose should be, whereas Little sports a round button hole for a nose. Plus, of course, Big is slightly taller than Little. Their faithful pet Dog is a skeleton terrier who simply loves to chew on bones whenever he can - though not those of Big and Little, thank goodness.

Darkness aside, Big and Little's dark, dark town is just like any other. It has a pet shop, a dinosaur museum, a dark, dark seaside not far away and lots of fun and bones ahem...sorry...games to be had by our the bonesome three.

The skeleton was also favoured by pirates who used as it a symbol of fear on the high seas in the 17th to 18th century. Raising a flag that consisted of a skull above two bones in the shape of a cross to warn other vessels that Pirates were on that ship and they were about to attack, It was raised to send fear into those that were about to be attacked and to give them the chance to surrender their vessel without a fight. Today the symbol is used as a sign of danger on products that are lethal like common household toxins and poisons. It is also used as an insignia by military units to show themselves to be as ruthless, ferocious and as tough if not more so than pirates!

Skeletons - Funny Bones
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