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Girls Halloween Costumes

Girls Halloween Costumes

If you’re looking for girls Halloween costume ideas, you’ve come to the right place. We’re cooking up a whole host of outfits in our costumes cauldron for your little girl to frighten the socks off everybody in town at Halloween. The trick-or-treating will most certainly go to plan with a scary witch costume from here.

There is something about Halloween which as the years have gone by has really captured the imagination of children. Today Halloween is an excuse for kids Halloween costume parties, horror films, haunted houses all themed around ghosts, witches, Dracula, werewolves and almost anything supernatural  and of course ‘Trick or Treating’. Children love to be in fancy dress costumes and from door to door trick-or-treating collecting sweets and gifts and sometimes money.

But why, trick or treating dates back to the medieval times, when poor folk would dress up in Costumes receiving food in return for prayers for the dead, the more modern variation was for the activities of mischievous Halloween spirits to be blamed for mischief supposedly playing some minor or witty ticks on adults. Trick or treating before the 1980s was little known in the UK and was originally regarded as an unwelcome and for sometime an unwelcome from our American cousins.

What sets Halloween costumes apart from most other celebrations is that the design is set to imitate supernatural and scary beings. Children’s Halloween costumes have been traditionally those of vampires, ghosts, skeletons and witches, in more recent years Harry Potter fancy dress and science fiction inspired characters such as aliens and superheroes have become increasingly popular. Here at Fancy Dress Ball we have a huge selection of  Halloween kids costumes to choose from, many of them new designs for 2009, they are probably ‘little horrors’ for most of the year, so why not put them into a Halloween costume to suit!

2009 sees Halloween falling on the weekend, a fantastic time to arrange a fancy dress party for your children and their friends.  Play the traditional game of ‘apple bobbing’ or have a Halloween witch hunt, pass the pumpkin these along with  many other children’s games can make their night and have fantastic fun.

Add to the thrill and the spookiness of the night by finishing off their Halloween costumes from our accessory range from witches cauldrons, brooms, spiders and pumpkins and of course not forgetting for that truly authentic look the blood and gore , so on Saturday 31st October, make it an unforgettable ghostly night for the kids and all the family.

Don’t forget that here at Fancy Dress Ball, we offer a 14 day no quibble returns policy ensuring that the Halloween costume you want is also the one that they want, their fickle little so and so’s at times! But don’t delay each year the demand for children’s Halloween costumes gets bigger and bigger.

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