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Devil Fancy Dress

Devil Fancy Dress
Devil Origins

"When the Jews return to Zion, and a comet rips the sky,and the Holy Roman Empire rises,then you and I must die.From the eternal sea He rises,turning armies against either shore, turning Man against his brother.Till Man exists no more.""Here is Wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is 666." Lucifer, Beelzebub Satan the dark lord of all that is evil…and horny! we all have a little devil on our shoulder more some than others but never the less he's always there, whether its "oh shall i have that last bit of chocolate" to the flipping and blooming language that comes out of us in traffic jams etc. Without evil, thee would be no good…so be that little horny devil at this years Halloween Party and let us help you look good whilst doing it!


The Devil, Lucifer, Satan, he who walks backwards is believed in many cultures and religions to be the personification of all that is evil a supernatural entity that is the enemy of god and humankind. Lucifer whose name means light bearer, was described as the highest of all angels, the most beautiful of them all, Lucifer not content with his position yearned for more, he wanted to be god himself and take over the the rule of the universe Lucifer rebelled against god and coveted the throne himself and all the worship, a war then broke out in the heavens. Lucifer was beaten along with a third of the angelic host by archangel Michael and was cast out of heaven and down to earth where he became known as Satan which translates as adversary and devil, accuser of the brethren.
The story of the devil or who or what it is differs greatly amongst all religions and cultures being the opposite of all that is good and opposed to god the creator and his creator battling in an eternal struggle for souls in the afterlife to that of a figure of fun an aspect of a mischievous person…as in "oh, you little devil" or "oh you sexy little devil"! We all have a devil...and an angel on our shoulder whisper temptations into our ears!

Even the devil was once an angel
The Devil Holds many forms


Probably the most popular films depicting the anti christ and one that many would say if asked is The Omen released in 1976, it was considered by many critics as one of the best films of that year as well as one of the best horror movies ever made. It focuses on the family of an American Diplomat Robert Thorn played by Gregory Peck and his Wife katherine played by Lee Remick, Who lose a child during birth in an hospital in Rome. Unbeknown to his wife Robert is convinced by the hospital chaplain to adopt a child from a mother who coincidentally dies during childbirth, they name the child Damien. mysterious events surround the famiy, animals fear the child, upon nearing a church Damien reacts violently, his nanny hangs her self after saying Damien this is all for you at his with birthday party. Robert is warned by a priest that Damien isn't human but is actually the anti christ after more traumatic and fateful events Robert travels to Rome to investigate Damien's birth. After a while he is led to an ancient Etruscan cemetery where they find a grave containing the remains of a jackal and a child with a shattered skull, it is Damien's mother and the remains that now transpire as that of a murdered child, murdered so that Damien could take its place. Robert later is convinced that the child is bearing a birthmark the mark of Satan, the numbers 666 the anti-christ and must be killed by seven mystical daggers from Megiddo. Upon returning home he finds the numbers 666 on Damien's head and sets out to kill him but is killed in the process by a police officer and the film ends with the funeral of Katherine and Robert with the final shot focusing on Damien smiling menacingly.


Other Great Depictions of the Devil in movies are The Devils advocate in which Al Pacino plays John Milton the devil incarnate working in one of the worlds biggest law firms in Manhattan with Keanu Reeves playing his prodigy Kevin Lomax who later transpires to be the son of John Milton after he raped his mother, Kevin confronts John, who wants Kevin to conceive a child with his sister to conceive a child the anti christ, Kevin rejects and commits suicide and receives absolution from god, giving him a second chance and reverting his life back to his old life…however the Devil appears again but in the form of a reporter who tells Kevin he will be a star, the film ends with the reporter shape shifting into John milton, The Devil. The sexiest Devil to appear on film is definitely Elizabeth Hurley in Bedazzled a comedic take on the dark lord.


Sympathy for the Devil was a great track by The Rolling Stones, the opening track from Beggars Banquet released in 1968, Rolling Stone magazine placed it at #32 in the list of 500 hundred greatest songs of all time, the song also features at the end of Devils Advocate when Al Pacino says at the ends the film "Vanity…definitely my favourite sin". Without a doubt music, especially rock and roll would not be the same without him…him being The Devil, Keith Richards compiled an album of music that inspired him from blues, soul and rhythm and blues classics entitled The Devils Music.

The comedy duo band Tenacious D featuring Jack Black and Kyle Gass with drumming supplied in the studio by Dave Grohl from Nirvana, created a film called Tenacious D and The Pick Of Destiny, a comedy rock opera of sorts, about two slackers who dream of becoming rockstars and find out that all rock legends used the same guitar pick.

A pick crafted from the tooth of Satan for a blacksmith who helped a dark wizard defeat the Devil by weakening by knocking out said tooth. The pick gives the holder supernatural guitar skills…just like Slash from the guns and Roses. The pair find the pick however they are tricked by the Devil played by Dave Grohl, who regains the pick and transforms it back into his tooth becoming complete they are forced to challenge the Devil To a Rock Off of which they lose and the Devil shoots them with a bolt of lightning which bounces back from the duos mother of pearl fret inlays which blows off satins horn weakening him and sending him back to Hell.

Though not actually about the devil, Devil May Cry focuses on the theme of Demons and Demonic powers destroying the world. Devil May Cry is a video game Created by Japanese software giants Capcom, an action adventure released on the Playstation 2 in 2001, The story focuses on Dante, a demon hunter in a fictional setting called Mallet Island where Dante gets his revenge on demons after losing his mother and brother to avenge their death.

The Devil amongst us
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