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TV & Film Fancy Dress

Step into the world of glitz, glam and the spotlight with our TV and film fancy dress costumes. We’ve got a massive range of outfits, with everything from classic movie stars like Marilyn Monroe to cartoon characters and TV presenters. From Baywatch to Shrek, we’ve got everything covered - so whether you’re a lover of the silver screen or the small screen, come take a look.

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We absolutely love TV and film fancy dress costumes, because there’s just so much to choose from.  This collection comes from a real, deep love for all things screen related. We love TV; we love movies; we love fancy dress. Put the three together, and you’re in for a bumper crop of awesome.
Obviously, when you think “film star” you think Marilyn Monroe, or perhaps the iconic Blues Brothers. When it comes to movie fancy dress, we’ve got it all covered - even the costumes you’ve not thought of yet! Think of your favourite film… Ghostbusters? Why not go as Slimer! Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Why not go as a sexy Oompa Loompa! You could be Gomez Adams, or even Fiona from Shrek - or Shrek himself! We pride ourselves on having costumes a little out of the ordinary too, so while you can get Ali G and The Mask, we also have a Jamaican Bobsled Team costume from Cool Runnings, and Ted from… well, Ted.
And when it comes to TV, we like to think we have the best range going. There are so many iconic TV stars out there. Things from your childhood like Timmy Mallet (without Magic, obviously; he’s retired now) or Seasme Street characters (Big Bird? Cookie Monster?), or more recent characters like a bridesmaid from Gypsy Weddings - or the actual bride! You could be a muscular body guard from Baywatch (don’t worry, the muscles are included in the costume), or Mister T. Your dog could go as Mister T too… yes, you read that right - you can get a costume for your dog.
If TV Presenters are more your thing, we’ve got a bang tidy Keith Lemon costume, and even a Harry Hill costume complete with bald cap! Which is better? There’s only one way to find out!
We’ve got loads of cartoon characters too: Yogi Bear, Woody Woodpecker, Danger Mouse, Top Cat, even Hong Kong Phooey and Officer Dibble! If you’re a little young to remember those, how about a Teletubby? Eh-oh!
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