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Posted on January 21, 2011 by admin

70s fancy dress parties can be the perfect opportunity to really let your hair down and have some fun. You can let your inner disco diva out and dance the night away, and if you’ve got the perfect costume you’ll really feel like you’re stepping back in time.

There are plenty of options you could go for as well, with Abba-esque costumes, cat suits and mini-skirts all being well worth considering. Think psychedelic prints, bright colours, flares, glitz and anything else that will make you stand out from the crowd, and you’ll have no problem turning heads when you arrive.

Black Sequinned Mens Disco Suit

And let’s not forget the all-important accessories. It’s often the finishing touches that make all the difference, and if you really want to have some fun then why not consider wigs? They can be the perfect addition to your outfit, and make sure to spend some time thinking about the shoes, the bling and anything else you could need to make your 70s fancy dress costumes shine.

So, make sure to go all-out when you’re planning your 70s costumes and don’t be afraid to unleash your inner diva. Picking the outfit could well be half the fun, and if you want to see the type of options available make sure to see what we’ve got to offer here at Fancy Dress Ball. With so much to choose from we’re sure that you’ll find just what you’re after, so come to us today and get ready to find the perfect outfit for that 70s party.

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Posted on January 04, 2010 by admin

The 70s are fashionable again. Back in the day nobody knew what a mobile phone was and Blackberry and Apple were only fruits. Space hoppers were cool and platform boots for both men and woman could induce a bout of vertigio on sight! As a decade of fashion, 70s outfits have been unsurpassed for those iconic images and crazy garments – many of which are still popular today, albeit usually in a more watered down form.

However the Seventies vibe is still strong on the party circuit and many events and nightclubs hold 70s fancy dress parties. So much so that many people are discovering the advantages of buying your own fancy dress costume rather than hiring one out repeatedly. Often, it can actually cost less to buy than the charge for renting one and it’s guaranteed to be in your size.

We at Fancy Dress Ball specialise in 70s fancy dress. For the ladies, we can have you looking like a member of Abba, a disco diva or even Miss Whiplash (if it’s that sort of party!) and whatever you choose, that 70s feel is back with a bang.

The men needn’t feel left out. They can turn up looking like John Travolta from ‘Saturday Night Fever’, or we can provide you with a range of ridiculously patterned satin shirts and flared trousers and you can come up with your own special 70s fancydress look.

At Fancy Dress Ball, we can even provide the wigs if you need a 70s fancy dress afro to complete your look. We also have a fantastic selection of beards and moustaches to round it off.