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80s Music Inspired Fancy Dress Comments Off on 80s Music Inspired Fancy Dress

Posted on March 24, 2010 by admin

In recent years there has been definite resurgence of 80s music styles, from electro-pop to power ballads, which means that 80s style has never been more in vogue. They say that fashions are cyclical and if this is the case then it is safe to say that we are truly undergoing an 80s revival!

80s music isn’t just remembered for its innovative musical styles and its revolutionary use of synthesizers and electronic music, but it also saw a simultaneous reinvention of the fashion industry. This makes 80s music is the perfect inspiration for 1980s fancy dress!

With bands like The Cure, the 80s saw the birth of gothic fashions and saw men’s styles that drew upon feminine influences; lead singer of the cure Robert Smith in particular adopted a feminine style of make-up and teased hair and eye-shadow, that was not only ultra-cool, but also ultra-simple to recreate; this makes Robert Smith’s style ideal of a 1980s fancy dress costume.

As well as flamboyant gothic styles, there were also plenty of ultra-masculine styles that would be great for a man’s 80s fancy dress costume. Bands like Spandau Ballet, for instance, dazzled with their rolled up sleeves and power suits. In order to recreate a  Spandau Ballet inspired 1980s fancy dress costume, all you need is an over-size suit with the sleeved rolled up!

One of the main reasons why 80s fancy dress is so popular is the fact that it can mean many different things; and can give the option to be super-extravagant, super-stylish or both!

The Best 80s Movies Comments Off on The Best 80s Movies

Posted on March 22, 2010 by admin

It is true that 80s saw a reinvention of ideas regarding fashion, and the burgeoning of a brand new pop-culture. The main component driving this change was, of course, movies. Like no other age, films in the 80s and 80s film-stars truly defined the style of an age.

There is a reason why the 1980s stands out in the imagination, and this is due to a particularly vibrant pop-culture. Indeed certain 80s movies stand out in the mind even now – two decades later, as masterpieces of popular cinema. Culture in the 80s undoubtedly inspired 80s outfits, particularly their recent surge back in popularity.

Dirty Dancing holds a special place in any 80s girl’s imagination, and it inspired whole new ideas about fashion and filmmaking. In terms of fashion it helped kick start the trend for exercise gear – such as head bands and legwarmers – and it showed us the potential for big hair styles! This makes Dirty Dancing the perfect inspiration for any 80s fancy dress costume and a great way to recreate its styles is with leggings and teased hair!

For boys, one film defined the decade – Ghostbusters! Perhaps not the most stylish film in the world, but a perfect cast and iconic styles means that it holds a special place in the imagination. The iconic nature of Ghostbusters means that it is perfect for an 80s fancy dress costume – what 80s kid doesn’t secretly want to be Egon or Peter Venkman?

80s movies were not only great pictures, but were also trendsetters and offer some of the best and most iconic ideas for 80s fancy dress costumes and 80s themed parties. Luckily, Fancy Dress Ball have a range of 80s outfits that are extremely authentic, making them a one stop shop for fancy dress.

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