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Posted on April 25, 2011 by admin

Fancy dress costumes are the perfect way to really let your hair down. You can be someone else for the evening and let go of all your inhibitions, and there’s something incredibly appealing about stepping into someone else’s shoes. You might like to emulate a film star, pretend to be a superhero or turn yourself into your favourite music icon – whatever you want to achieve you’ll be able to do it with fancy dress, truly giving you a night to remember.

There’s no end to the options available to you, and whether you want to opt for fun and light-hearted or all-out sexy you’ll find the costumes to suit. You could step back in time with 70s or 80s fancy dress or be the life and soul of the party by impersonating the latest music star – no matter what your preferences may be or who you want to be for the night, with the help of the right costume you’ll be able to achieve the perfect look.

Captain America Deluxe Muscle Costume

Often, the success of a costume comes down to its accessories. They can make all the difference and can really make you feel like you’ve hit the right note, and whether you’re after accessories or complete costumes you need to come to us. We’ve got men’s and women’s fancy dress costumes of all kinds as well as all the additions you’ll need to really make the most of it, so come to us today and you’ll soon be letting your hair down in the costume that’s perfect for you.

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Posted on April 15, 2011 by admin

Whatever the theme of your bash, a few hints and tips never go amiss!

•    Plan ahead. OK, OK, we know you’re not idiots, but leaving party plans until even a week before the party is the ideal recipe for stress! The only thing you can count on getting sorted that fast are your fancy dress costumes!

•    Go for broke with the theme. Throwing an 80s fancy dress party and not coating the place in silly string, 80’s movie posters, neon everything and throwback snacks is party sin numero uno!

•    Provide a private place (with a mirror!) for party guests who perhaps a) didn’t want to take the tube in their 80’s costumes, or b) didn’t fancy sitting through eight hours behind a desk decked out like Freddie Mercury!

80s Pop Bride Costume

•    Make your bash an awards ceremony! Most Convincing Madonna, Biggest Hair, Most Committed Partygoer, Best Moustache – reward your party guests for their ingenuity, creativity and downright bravery!

•    If some folks don’t want to dress up… throw them in the pool! Only kidding! Fancy dress is meant to be a fun, silly way to add an edge to an event. Some people don’t like to make a scene, maybe some have a professional image to uphold, and maybe some poor individual is on-call throughout your party and doesn’t fancy attending an emergency situation dressed as Oscar the Grouch! Whatever the reason, if some folks don’t feel comfortable dressing up, leave them be and let them enjoy the shindig with everybody else.

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Remember the days of making witch fancy dress costumes out of bin liners and superhero costumes out of painted old cardboard boxes? We shudder to remember such dark days! Providing great value, creative, diverse kids and adult fancy dress costumes was our dream for years… and now it’s come true! It’s almost like a real life pantomime genie granted our wish (and we didn’t ruin it by being the type of person who said “I wish for three more wishes”!)

Anyway, we understand that you might not get much of a chance to wear those 70s fancy dress flares, dirty costumes, ladies 80’s legwarmers etc, so we do our best to keep cost to a minimum. By including accessories with an outfit we aim to save a few pennies on your behalf too (and man hours trailing the market for neon leg warmers!)

70s Mens Liquid Design Suit

If you’re not really up for investing in an entire outfit, the thrifty option of just buying a few telling accessories, wigs, masks or face paint is always an option. Check out the relevant areas (you can find them on the left-hand menu near the bottom) and see if you can’t spot the ideal frugal solution to all your fancy dress woes.

Fancy dress should be fun, creative, exciting and accessible to all, so don’t panic about your budget, just browse our website for the perfect cheap solution.

Our top tip of the day – a red hooded tracksuit top, plus jeans, plus E.T mask equals the easiest fancy dress costume ever!

Animal Adult Fancy Dress: We Mean (Funny) Business! Comments Off

Posted on April 04, 2011 by admin

There are many occasions in life where releasing your animal instinct is inappropriate, and you can’t let loose as much as you would like. However, one time you can be proud to be a fully fledged member of the animal kingdom is when the fancy dress fairy comes ‘a’ knocking and invites you to a costume-theme event!

All-in-One Fancy Dress Costumes

Furry all-in-one animal fancy dress costumes are ideal for men or women, and come in a… shall we say “creative” range of guises. Be a bunny, a monkey, a penguin, a lion, a tiger, a meerkat, a spider, a gorilla, or any of the other crazy animals we have locked up safe in our all-in-one menagerie!

Tiger Costume

Our range of light weight animal adult fancy dress outfits ranges from the ingenious Shark Attack Costume (whether you wear a bathing suit is up to you!) to the naughty Petting Zoo Costume (the llama spits!). Choose the most fitting hilarity of nature for your inner animal!

Ladies Fancy Dress

Pretty as a Light Weight Peacock Costume? Beautiful as a Queen Bumble Bee costume? Delightful as a Daisy Bug Costume? If you don’t fancy going full-fur, we recommend flashing the flesh a little in any of our animal-themed sexy costumes! And don’t forget the signature sexy animal of fancy dress folklore – the sexy Kitty Kat Costume!

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Posted on February 28, 2011 by admin

Fancy dress costumes for Seventies Theme nights and parties are perennially popular, and at Fancy Dress Ball, we have a great selection of 70s outfits to suit everyone. From flares to open-necked shirts to platform shoes and short skirts, there was a sense of freedom and nonchalance in seventies fashion which blended perfectly with the joie de vivre and decadence of the disco era.

Our men’s 70s fancy dress costumes look great for any party or theme night, and our selection includes sequined shirts which will flash as you spin around the dance-floor, loud and proud disco suits with matching groovy-patterned shirts and flared trousers and even reggae man costumes with smock shirt and matching hat with dreadlocks attached.

Disco Godbrother CostumeOur ladies 70s fancy dress outfits are also stunning and look great on disco kittens of all ages.  From dancing queen costumes in pink or green spandex to 70s paisley pattern go-go dresses there is something for everyone. We also stock mini Kimono costumes which look sexy and subtle as well as a selection of flared trousers, pimp lady costumes and disco diva costumes with matching afro wigs.

So, if you are hosting a 70s themed party or are going out with friends to a 70s retro night at your local discotheque, and you’re struggling to find authentic seventies styles which look great and won’t break the bank, please peruse Fancy Dress Ball today, where you can get your groove on all day long! We deliver nationwide and our payment system is safe and secure, so Saturday Night Fever is only a click away.

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Posted on February 27, 2011 by admin

Fancy dress as a phenomenon is rising in prominence. In the past such attire was largely restricted to parties and much of it was homemade.

Now, however, it is common to see groups of people out and about for drinks in towns and cities across the country wearing such gear. Plus, because retailers have increased the variety of products they offer, some of the fancy dress costumes are highly elaborate and impressive.

So, the number of times you will come into contact with revellers dressed in such unusual clothing is rising all the time.

Perhaps therefore, you should start to take a greater interest in what particular ensembles say about their wearers.

Iron Man Deluxe Muscle Costume

For example, if you meet a man or woman sporting 1970s fancy dress, you might be able to glean that the individual is up for a laugh and is not self-conscious. After all, such getup is bound to ensure they are noticed.

Meanwhile, if you see someone who is adorned is sexy fancy dress, you may guess that they are after attention from the opposite sex. This also implies they are confident about their body.

On the other hand, when a person enters a pub wearing a superhero costume, it is fairly safe to suggest they do not take themselves too seriously and may well be a bit of a joker.

Of course there are always those people who opt for understated outfits. It is probable that they do not like to be the centre of attention.

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Posted on February 22, 2011 by admin

If you have taken the time and made the effort to source a fancy dress outfit, the last thing you want to happen is for it to get spoiled by horrible weather.

This is not as unlikely as it may sound. For example, if you are heading to a party in fancy dress costumes you might get caught in a sudden deluge of rain. If you are wearing face paint or have a fake moustache on, the results of this could be drastic.

Meanwhile, parts of your ensemble may be a little loose and if you step out into strong winds, bits may get blown away.

Entering the bash looking like a drowned rat, with paint smudged all over yourself or a moustache that will no longer stick,  or indeed realising that part of your all important cape has become detached and is no longer with you, is disastrous.

Buccaneer Beauty Costume

So, to avoid such calamities, you should check the weather forecast before you head out. If there is a possibility of inclement conditions, you should take appropriate action. This may be as simple as picking up an umbrella, or you could go further and book a taxi to take you right to the door of the event.

But whatever you do, do not leave this issue to chance. There is no point in investing in men’s or women’s fancy dress costumes if you are not going to make this last extra little bit of effort.

And by looking after your outfit, you will ensure you can use it on future occasions.

Who Says Cartoons are Just for Kids? Comments Off

Posted on February 16, 2011 by admin

Cartoons are a favourite of many children around the world. They can be funny, exciting and cute, and they really seem to appeal to the imaginations of youngsters.

However, there is nothing to say that this fascination with such animations should necessarily be abandoned once we reach our adult years.

After all, life can be all too serious and so having a little light relief of this nature is sometimes a great way to unwind.

This is one of the reasons why fancy dress outfits based on cartoons are popular among grownups in the UK and many other countries.

Such ensembles often steal the show at social gatherings and ensure their wearers are centre of attention.

Spiderman Costume Muscle ChestFor example, here at Fancy Dress Ball we stock a range of cartoon fancy dress pieces. Among these are items from our Disney collection, such as our fetching Mickey Mouse outfit and our Tigger showpiece.

There is something highly comical about combining the concepts of cartoons with adult fancy dress. The sight of a grown man or woman wearing such an outfit brings a smile to the faces of all those who see them.

Also, it is often the case that the wearer will start to imitate the traits of the character they are portraying. This can bring some added fun to a party.

So, next time you get the opportunity to take part in a fancy dress event, don’t rule out the possibility of cartoon creations simply because you are the wrong side of 12 years old!

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So, the festive season has come to an end. You have taken down the tree, the tinsel, the Christmas cards and finally cleared your fridge and cupboards of all those tasty snacks you bought.

This time of year can leave you feeling a little flat. After all, the parties have come to an end and the country is still in the depths of winter. Indeed, it may seem as though, for the interim, there is relatively little to look forward to.

However, this need not be the case. Just because December 25th and 31st have passed, you do not have to retreat into a time of boredom.

Instead, you can set about organising events to look forward to. All you need to do is find an excuse for having a party. Whether you know someone who is about to celebrate a birthday, have had some positive news at work or anything else, you should seize the opportunity to throw a party.

Dancing Queen Pink Costume

And to ensure the event has the great atmosphere you are seeking, you should consider making it fancy dress.

Whether you choose a theme for the fancy dress costumes or not, you are bound to succeed in generating a fun-filled evening.

The sooner you start planning the bash the better. This means guests will have longer to source their outfits, whether they are 70s fancy dress, ensembles inspired by the movies, superhero costumes or anything else.

Also, it means you will have a date to look forward to, which could lift your spirits.

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Posted on July 27, 2010 by admin

Fancy dress isn’t all about looking good, but that doesn’t mean that your sense of style has to completely fall by the wayside. Whilst the 1980′s has given us some truly ridiculous looks, it also gave us some really great fashions. Therefore, by choosing 80′s fancy dress costumes it really is possible to have fun – and look good doing it!

First things first, your eighties costumes aren’t going to cut the mustard if your hair and makeup isn’t up to scratch, and with this in mind you should take your inspiration from some of the most stylish people of the decade. For example, if you are planning on donning a Madonna costume then you owe it to the queen of pop to get the hair right – whether your going for that “Holiday” Madonna look with some teaseled hair, or your going for a sleeker look based on a later period.

Whilst by getting your eighties hair right you’re well on the way to great 80′s fancy dress costumes, achieving an 80′s look that you’ll actually look good in can be a real challenge – or so you’d think. In fact, there are plenty of ways to make an eighties outfit look great.

For example, rather than going completely 80′s why not incorporate some 80′s features into a contemporary outfit. For example, some leg warmers can be enough to create some great 80′s fancy dress costumes without making you look too ridiculous!