80s Fancy Dress for Men Comments Off

Posted on April 27, 2010 by admin

80s fancy dress is easy, and with a few carefully chosen details you can create the perfect 80s outfit for the discerning man. There are a few very different styles to think about, and as long as you pick one and run with it you won’t go far wrong.

The easiest is probably the suit and tie approach. This can be a bit boring unless you pay attention to details, but there is an instantly recognisable 80s fancy dress outfit with a suit (big shoulder pads and loose cut for preference) and tie (skinny and usually white) as the key components. If it doesn’t look quite 80s enough, add some chunky white grill sunglasses and reach for the hair gel.

On the casual end of the 80s fancy dress spectrum, there is the sporting theme. Again, this one is pretty easy. All you need is a fluorescent pink or yellow tank top, or muscle shirt and baggy short shorts. Complement the clothing with a set of stylish sweatbands and away you go. This is an ideal 80s fancy dress costume to add a fake bushy moustache and mullet wig to.

The other option is to go outrageous. Two of the best 80s costumes are the punk and MTV glam rocker type. For the punk, you want a mohican wig, ripped denims and as much leather and spiked metal gear as you can get your hands on. For the other, think Adam Ant and Michael Jackson. Have a look through our website and you’ll find plenty of ideas.