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Style Icons from the 80s for the Ladies – Part 2

Posted on April 06, 2010 by admin

Annie Lennox – should definitely be a contender in one of your 80s fancy dress icon ideas, as Annie herself was an entirely different icon to all the others. Completely unique in her fashion, Annie was as bold and outrageous as the rest and is often referred to as the “androgyny diva” (dressing to both male and female fashions) which was also incorporated in Boy George’s fashion. Annie Lennox isn’t only someone that should remain confined to the 80s fancy dress party as she her fashion trend can still be seen to this very day.

Olivia Newton-John – this style icon gives you a whole host of possibilities. If you take her career as a singer, you could find yourself covered from head to toe in lycra. Or, you could adopt her super sexy style from her character Sandy in Grease, again wearing spandex trousers and tight tops. However, if you’d like to tone down the outrageous dress sense of the eighties fancy dress party you could also dress in the classic Sandy costume from Grease, with the chic girl-next-door look.

Molly Ringwald – she was so 80’s, with her glamorous attitude both in the film Pretty in Pink and in real life celebrity stardom. Everyone wanted to be like her, so why not take the opportunity to now?

If you’ve been invited to an 80s fancy dress party, it’s the ideal opportunity to dress like the childhood icons you all loved and adored. With glamorous costumes, Fancy Dress Ball offer a wide range of 80s fancy dress outfits for you to choose from, so you’ll soon be an 80s style icon in your own right!

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