Plus-sized Fancy Dress Outfits

Posted on March 15, 2011 by admin

Carrying a little extra weight is no barrier to enjoying parties, and there is a huge range of fancy dress outfits available in bigger sizes. There are even some that will help accentuate the positive features of a larger physique. We stock plenty of ladies and men’s fancy dress costumes for bustier and curvier fancy dress fans.

Traditionally the place to start was with loose-fitting outfits. Cartoon characters like Tweety Bird allow lots of room for comfort and easy movement. We’ve got Tweety, Bugs, Tigger, and all your old favourites – even Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog. This kind of costume is suitable for anyone, no matter what size or gender.

Nurse Knockout 3 piece Costume (FC)

Bigger men can make the best of their bulk with superhero costumes. Batman and Robin outfits with sculpted chest panels are great if your six-pack is well hidden under a few layers. You can use extra weight to your advantage and become a truly formidable caveman or aim for comedy value with our men’s Ugly Sisters outfits. There is even a special page for men’s plus size costumes under the general men’s section.

Curvy ladies don’t have to miss out on sexy fancy dress costumes. We recommend taking a look at those outfits that come with a corset – this will help reduce the waistline while giving you a profile that will really get noticed. The skinny girls will envy you and any eligible bachelors in the room will certainly take a second look! Check out our Racy Red Riding Hood outfit or the Medieval Tavern Wench for two good examples.

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