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Posted on May 25, 2010 by admin

The 1980s was the decade of icons, from iconic bands like Duran Duran, to iconic TV stars like Mr T. The 1980s, however, is perhaps most famous for its iconic film stars, which makes it the perfect template for a fancy dress party.

In particular 1980s film stars offer some great style ideas for men’s 1980s fancy dress, and, if your struggling to come up with an eighties fancy dress costume, dressing like an 80s male style icon is a great way to go.


Perhaps the most iconic of all the 80s films is Ghostbusters, and therefore it is easily one of the best eighties fancy dress costumes available. Whether you want to go as a Bill Murray’s “Peter Venkman” character or Dan Ackroyd’s “Ray” character, a Ghostbusters’s costume is a simple but highly effective way to make an 80s impact.

Patrick Swayze

If you feeling particularly flamboyant you might opt for Patrick Swayze’s “dirty dancing” look, which consists basically of a black leotard. Of course this eighties costume is not for the faint hearted, but it will make dancing that little bit easier! Also, the dirty dancing look is best pulled off by a twosome, so is a great option for a couple.

Mr T

Although technically not a film icon, Mr T deserves a special mention, basically because he is just so iconic. Not only that but he is also the perfect template for 1980s fancy dress, as not only is his look instantly recognisable but it is also pretty easy to pull off with some fake gold chains.

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