Halloween Costumes for the Girls

Posted on September 23, 2010 by admin

Girls have always loved fancy dress, and the opportunity fancy dress parties give you get to really dress up! Halloween in particular is a great time for girls to dress up, as quite frankly it gives them a chance to really push the style boundaries – for better or for worse!

You might assume that just because some of the best horror characters in history have been male that this means women are slightly left in the lurch when it comes to Halloween costumes. However, this definitely not the case, and Halloween can be just as fun for the girls – and probably a little more so!

Devil Costume

So, why not take those male monsters as inspiration but give them a feminine twist. For example, at Fancy Dress Ball we stock loads of great female devil costumes, which just ooze sauciness – as well as being a little bit scary!

Of course, girls have plenty of lady-monsters to look up to! When looking for ladies halloween costumes why not look towards some classic female creatures for inspiration? For example, probably the most ubiquitous of Halloween costumes is the witch costume, which like a female devil costume can be both scary and a little bit sexy too!

If you’re struggling to find womens fancy dress costumes for Halloween or for any other fancy dress party for that matter, why not visit Fancy Dress Ball? We have a huge abundance of great costumes – for the guys and the girls!

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